New Posters of Twinkling Watermelon are Out! A Refreshing Dose That Triggers Curiosity

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Twinkling Watermelon Poster Revealed
Twinkling Watermelon Poster Revealed(Credits: tvN)

Twinkling Watermelon New Posters have been revealed recently, and it has created a buzz. The new K-drama of September is giving another sneak peek into its different concept. The youth drama is budding curiosity with its catchy themes: fantasy, romance, and time travel.

Too much in one go? Maybe not, as the South Korean network tvN has decided to give this combination a shot with its new television series Twinkling Watermelon. As the drama is written by Jin Soo Wan, the writer of Chicago Typewriter and Kill Me, Heal Me, the hype is on.

The star cast of the youth drama includes names like Ryeoun, Choi Hyun Wook, Seol In Ah, and Shin Eun Soo in lead roles, while Choi Won Young, Cheon Ho Jin, Seo Young Hee, and numerous others have bagged supporting roles.

The series is going to hit the screens soon, but tvN is still not done with the pre-release promotions. It looks like the posters that just came out will draw many more eyes and ears toward the series. Let’s find out what made these posters grab attention and how the expectations continue to soar for the beautiful concept.

The New Colorful Posters Of Twinkling Watermelon are Out: It is Literally a Watermelon!

If you think “Watermelon” was just linked to the name of the drama, you got it all wrong as the new poster has this fruit as the center of attention. The big and colorful watermelon slice, along with a guitar on the side are, not only trigger curiosity but vividly eye catchy.

The beach view with vast stretches of water and several young lads on top of the watermelon is a refreshing take for a youth drama. Another poster has a smile on the watermelon. The third poster is a white t-shirt sundrying with the same watermelon theme and carefree youngsters roaming on the beach.

Three Posters of Twinkling Watermelon Revealed by tvN
Three Posters of Twinkling Watermelon Revealed by tvN(Credits: tvN)

“Youth is a Twinkling Watermelon”: the translation of the caption of the tvN’s poster reveals post points towards its hidden significance. It also points towards the crashing waves and warm sunshine that are symbolized in the posters.

Twinkling Watermelon: A Youth Drama Like No Other

The story of this drama will revolve around a high schooler from 2023 named Eun Gyeol (played by Ryeoun). The studious child becomes a night owl due to his passion for music. He is a guitarist who is a part of a band. His love for music drives him towards a music store, which takes him to the time of 1995.

The tide of time has flown backward as the 2023 high schooler is now in the time his father and mother used to be in high school. He gets to meet his father Yi Chan in his youthful years. When Eun Gyeol calls him dad, Yi Chan thinks he is a lunatic. With time, they get along to form a band named “Watermelon Sugar” with Se Kyung and Cheong Ah.

Yi Chan has a crush on Se Kyung, which is surprising for the future child, Eun Gyeol, as his mother is Cheong Ah. The latter is hearing impaired and not as social and loved as Se Kyung, the Cello Goddess. Eun Gyeol takes it up to himself to unite his future parents and set things right. Amidst all this, will he ever return to the 2020s, the question remains.

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Twinkling Watermelon: Updates and Premiere

The show is going to drop on Monday, September 25, 2023, at 8:50 PM Korean Standard Time on tvN. It will be a Monday-Tuesday drama of 16 episodes, which will take the place of one of the most successful currently on-air K-dramas, My Lovely Liar.

Considering the time slot and success of My Lovely Liar, it will be crucial for the upcoming drama to do well to retain the audience. The episode run time of Twinkling Watermelon is expected to be 70 minutes. The streaming platform TVING will also make the show available for the local audience, while Rakuten Viki is doing the job for the international audience by providing the episodes with English subtitles.

The Instagram handle tvn_drama also dropped some posts giving introductions to the characters. A few hours ago, the preview of Watermelon on the Ladder gave us hints about the specialty of four people. We have a guitarist, cellist, painter, and singer, and by now, you can guess who fits in what role. Since there is some time left before the drama premieres, more updates are expected on the way.

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