Anime Review – One Piece Episode 957

One Piece Episode 957 Reverie
One Piece Episode 957 Reverie

One Piece Episode 957 marks the anime’s return from its holiday breaks as it starts to pick up the pace of its storyline. One Piece story is so vast that there wouldn’t be enough time to tell it entirely. This explains why most parts are given little attention. And why only those that drive the main story are usually explored first. With the developments in the pirate-ninja-mink-samurai alliance complete. The day of the fire festival is almost here. But as we know, significant events are happening inside Wano and in the outside world.

This week the anime takes a break from the Wano country raid and its planning. Everything is now set in motion, and the next time we visit there, it will be the beginning of the raid as the alliance has already left for Onigashima. Now the anime is exploring what has been happening while focusing on the events at Wano. We would remember that Wano is a closed country and has its own news separate from the world. So whatever that happens outside only reaches the upper echelons of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

One Piece anime will continue over the weekend with the release of One Piece Episode 958. There is surely no break in the anime for some time as their 2021 year has fully started. As usual, you will be able to stream the latest episodes online on Crunchyroll and Funimation for both dubbed and subbed episodes.

Big News Morgans Reports Events From The Reverie

One Piece Episode 957 Big News Morgans
One Piece Episode 957 Big News Morgans

The latest anime episode started right away on the events that have been happening in the outside world. The shocking news is happening right after the Reverie. Several resolutions have been reached, and the marines are in action. Garp also visited Fishman Island, escorting its leaders, and asked them not to hate the humans on the surface for what is about to happen. More events and decisions taken in the Reverie are yet to be revealed. So far, only two significant events have been shown.

We also got to see the operational base of Big News morgans, and he is about to publish everything that happened in the Reverie. But as usual, the world government has sent its spies to bribe him into twisting the news. It was interesting to see how he turned them down, which led to a fight as the spy tried to silence him right on the spot. After this, they changed their location due to safety reasons and published everything that happened.

The Revolutionary Army Hears About The Events at The Reverie

News also reached the revolutionary base army, and we saw Dragon reading the newspapers. The same copy was delivered across different places with lots of people expressing shock. Some rejoiced at the abolition of the Shishibukai system as the marines also issue warrants for their arrests. Now a lot of fleets are dispatched to capture the former Shishibukais. We saw Mihawk getting ready for a fight as the marines surrounded him and ordered him to surrender.

Another former Shishibukai like Boa and Buggy is also surrounded. So on the outer world, the marines are at war with all of the former Shishibukai. Garp also added that the marine’s hands would be full, and there isn’t much he can do to help Fishman Island at the moment. This means that the marines are now fully occupied and don’t even have enough soldiers to carry out their operations to clean the oceans free of the former Shishibukai.

Is Sabo Dead? What Happened to Him at Marie Joise?

One Piece Episode 957 Revolutionary army
One Piece Episode 957 Revolutionary army

Another major news revealed so far is about what happened to Sabo. The anime has not yet entirely told what exactly happened to him. But it is known that he was at Marie Joise at the time of the Reverie. Big news morgans also reported someone dying on the Reverie and wanted it on his newspapers’ front page. We also saw responses from those close to Sabo, saying that it can’t be him while crying.

At its simplest, this suggests that Sabo could be dead, and Dragon commented and said that the revolutionaries shouldn’t be quick to act without knowing the situation altogether. We also saw Black Beard making a move, and we wonder what he could have in mind at this time with the marines fully occupied. He said that he cant sit down and watch the Marines take over the world. And instead, he is going to take it over himself.

Now we know that Black Beard and his crew are on the move. We don’t know what he is up to. He knows about everything that happens in the world, even the Straw Hats situation at Wano. But since he said he would take over the world himself instead of just watching the marines do it, he might be up to something against the marines. But with him, you will never be sure, so we will get to see what he is up to in the upcoming episodes.

SWORD a Secret Division Within Marine Led By X Drake

One Piece Episode 957 X Drake SWORD Captain
One Piece Episode 957 X Drake SWORD Captain

SWORD, a secret division of the Marines led by X Drake, is also revealed in the new episode. So now the world knows that the two Yonko’s have joined forces. In the next episode, it seems like the marines will get to know about this news. And this spiked the long gone Rocks Pirates that Big Mom and Kaido belongs to in the past. The marines have already deployed almost all of their forces.

They were hoping that Kaido and Big Mom will finish each other as they are known to have a vendetta against each other. But the worst possible case happened, and they have now joined forces. Could this spell the change of plans for the marines? Well, we will get to see more on that in the upcoming episodes. Wano is a closed nation, and the Marines wouldn’t want to interfere even though Akainu was watching over the situation.

The Appearance of the Rocks Pirates in The Anime

The upcoming episode will look over to Rocks Pirates and the event at God Valley when Garp and Gol’D Roger joined forces to stop the Rocks Pirates led by Rocks D Xebec. Big Mom, Kaidou, and White Beard are also said to be former crew members, so it was quite a powerful one.  The next episode will air over the weekend, and we will get more on the Rocks Pirates by then. It seems like it will be a while before the Anime returns to Wano.

We know events like these happen once in a while. Now we are getting an update on how things are going out there before returning to the main Wano storyline. By the time the Strawhats make it out of Wano. There will be a lot that they will have to catch up to. But for now, let us see how these events will play through. For the latest updates on anime and manga, you can check out our Weekly Anime News, which covers headlines in the anime world every week.