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Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Release Date: Nasa Gets Drunk In Love

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213
Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 reveals the unconditional love between Nasa and Tsukasa. Nasa has proved that he can do anything for Tsukasa from the bottom of his heart. Tsukasa has learned that Nasa is her destiny, and Nasa is the love of her life she has been waiting for many years. After tricking each other into sharing a wonderful romantic moment, Tsukasa wakes up in the morning and realizes she is shy.

She thinks about things that happened last night. Tsukasa realizes that she is the one who started it after kissing Nasa. Tsukasa realizes that she was not planning on doing such things, but love happens in mysterious ways. But she is glad that Nasa also played his part and nothing is surprising since they are a lovely couple.

Tsukasa realizes that one thing led to another, and since they are deeply in love after such things happen, they become shy with each other. Nasa returns to the room and sits near Tsukasa. Tsukasa looks at the wall plug as if she wants to charge her phone, but she knows she is shy. Nasa didn’t hesitate to touch her and pulled her closer to him.

Tsukasa realizes that Nasa is drunk in love, and he acts like a naughty boy. Nasa shower Tsukasa with lots of love, and Tsukasa realizes that when it comes to love, Nasa’s feeling changes when she is around him. Nasa tells Tsukasa that he won’t stop himself, and Tsukasa also says the same thing.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213


Tsukasa and Nasa embrace each other, and the cat feels shy and hides its head under the carpet. But Tsukasa and Nasa didn’t notice that since they were busy. Tsukasa feels shy and asks Nasa to turn off the light since she prefers to be more romantic when the room is dark. 

Previously on Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 212

Nasa was disappointed after receiving a phone call from someone, and Tsukasa realized that Nasa was on another level that she could not handle. Nasa picks up the phone and finds that his mother is calling him. He realizes he can’t ignore his mother even though it might be a worse call to disturb a beautiful romantic moment.

But Nasa was too smart and sent a text to his mother that he couldn’t talk and that if she needed something, she could text him. He realizes that he can’t wait to return to the same bed as Tsukasa. Nasa’s mother apologizes and asks if he is doing something naughty that stops him from answering his phone.

Nasa realizes that his mother always guesses things correctly and wonders how he will convince her that he is busy with a science project that he wants to finish soon. He tells his mother he will talk with her tomorrow since she wants to greet them. Tsukasa asks Nasa if he is okay since he seems disturbed.

Nasa said nothing and thought they could continue, but someone arrived at the door. Kaname wonders if she is disturbing Nasa and Nasa realizes that Kaname is like his mother. But Kaname decided to leave since she had noticed that Tsukasa’s face was red and the two were having fun. Nasa goes to her and realizes he has lost the mood but finds Tsukasa waiting for him.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213

Nasa’s Mother

Tsukasa is dressed beautifully and talks about putting futons away. Nasa’s mood lightened up since Tsukasa was hot after a shower. He realizes that the party can begin and notice that Tsukasa is holding her cell phone. Tsukasa realizes that she can stop Nasa no matter what since they were disturbed earlier.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Release Date

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 will be released on 10 November 2022. Nasa played his part as meant and took Tsukasa’s cell phone away. Tsukasa has no say and follow Nasa lead. The chapter ends with Nasa and Tsukasa showering each other with lots of love. Check out Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 latest update below. 

Read Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Online – Raw Details 

You can read Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 online on Viz and other official websites. But Viz is offering the previous volume since the manga has yet to return, and other websites release a single chapter weekly. Tsukasa realizes that it is Dejavu. Let’s meet after Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 is released. 

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