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Preview and Recap: Redo of Healer Episode 5

Redo of Healer

Keyaru makes a purchase of Ice Wolf Clan girl to the merchandise who told him that he could visit anytime he likes more of them. The old geezer also told that soon they would be receiving a sizeable shipment of merchandise. Keyaru and Flare went to the nearby Inna in rest, waiting for g for Ice Wolf Clan girl to wake up. The two save d Setsuna since she was being treated as a slave. Keyaru decided to use his healing ability to restore Setsuna’s health.

He restores her health instantly, but she recalls her past when she was training with other Clan members. That day Setsuna was worried that she couldn’t become stronger. Later in the evening, when it was raining, the humans attacked her village, but she decided to take action. Setsuna tried to fight with humans, but she lost courage when others have been taken down. She realizes that she has to accept what humans are saying to save her Clan.

Episode 5 will be released on  Wednesday, 10 February 2021, at 11:30 PM JST. Redo of Healer is available on Wednesdays. You can also try this to know more about this Anime or visit HIDIVE and ANIPLUS officially.

Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

Previously on Redo of Healer Episode 4

The humans took Ice Wolf Clan and started treating them like slaves, but she got lucky when Keyaru saved her. Back to the present, Keyaru manages to use his power to see what has happened to her members of Satsuna’s Clan. He realizes that all members of the Clan were killed. Before they were killed, they ask for Setsuna to be saved, and humans sold her to a slave trader. Keyaru recalls what the old geezer told him earlier.


Keyaru now realizes that more humans take other clans as a slave and sell them to get money. He is glad that he can change the world with his powers since he has managed to save Setsuna. Keyaru is worried that Setsuna’s village was attacked, and the Ice Wolf Clan was captured. He also realized that he touched the imperial guard Leonard and saw his memories.

Keyaru reveals that within the Giral Imperial Army, there were troops dressed as mercenaries who attacked a village of half-humans. All the half-humans were sold off as slaves. He realizes that Setsuna wants to avenge her Clan and all of her friends that were killed. Setsuna wants to take down the Gioral Imperial Army. Keyaru thinks it will be fun making the princess murder the soldiers of her own beloved country.

Keyaru comments that he will make Setsuna’s desire to become true, and he drinks a magic potion. He went near Setsunba and kissed her in front of Flare, who just look away. Later Setsuna and Flare went to buy them potions from Ledra Goldman, and they are glad to do business with him. On the way, Keyaru wondered why Ledra didn’t trick him and have him surrounded by the mob.

Keyaru thought that they will b robbed since it always happens in the town they are in. Flare comments that it is nice that their deal has gone well. Keyaru comments if they are on a journey to save the world, they are not yet done. They need to buy magic or a sorcerer’s robe. When they reach back at the Inn, they find that Setsuna is still asleep. Keyaru comments that it is because Setsuna was weak when they got her.

Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

The Healer Acquires Setsuna:

He also reveals that Setsuna is regaining her physical strength, but she will wake up soon. Keyaru drinks another potion and kisses Setsuna in front of Flare, who cannot believe that it is happening again. Setsuna suddenly wakes up and slaps Keayaru for kissing her. She thought that Keyaru is the one who attacked her, but Flare clears the misunderstandings. Setsuna apologizes for slapping Keyaru, and they both introduce themself to each other.

Setsuna said she is a proud warrior of the Ice Wolf Clan, and she realizes that she has lost her family. Flare gets out of the room and head to get food for dinner. Setsuna comments that the Ice Wolf Clan is one that repays the favor to the granted without fail. Setsuna tries to attack Keyaru using ice claws, but he pins her with the bed. Keyaru reminds Setsuna why her slave collar has been removed.

He then comments that because he is stronger than her. Keyaru also said that he does not need a collar to order Setsuna since she is stubborn. He told her that her Clan is still safe, but the soldiers are arriving tomorrow. Setsuna told Keyaru that she could do anything to become stronger. Keyaru asks her about her, and she said that her true name is carved into her soul. Keyaru gets naked told her that this is her future she can accept or give up.

Setsuna satisfied the need of Keyaru so that she can acquire new powers and get stronger. Later they head out and save Setsuna’s Clan. Setsuna saw the power that she got from fulfilling Keyaru’s desires. She defeated the humans who held her clans into their custody. Later Setsuna gave a special thanks to Keyaru deep inside the woods. Her Clan is glad that Setsuna is alive.

Redo of Healer Episode 5 Preview

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