What Does Real Mean On Tiktok? The Serious Yet Trending Social Media Slang Explained

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What Does Real Mean On Tiktok
Real Meaning On Tiktok Explained

What’s the meaning of Real on Tiktok? If you are active on social media, you must have come across the question: “Is this for real?” Well, the meaning of the term “Real” is known to all. It doesn’t need any explanation. But what does it signify in terms of entertainment? That’s a big question and is still confusing to many. 

Not to forget to mention, Real has different meanings in Tiktok, depending on the language and culture. Well, this slang can be used to entice young people to view your post. This would eventually increase the likes and views, and you will end up having a great audience. 

Real on Tiktok is more visible in the comment section. However, you may use it in a conversation. But what does the term mean? Some examples are also provided in this piece for better clarification. If you are looking for the meaning of Real on Tiktok, here are your answers.

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Real Meaning On Tiktok Explained 

As mentioned already, Real on Tiktok has different meanings. But, the primary one suggests the actual experiences or facts. Well, this one is related to “Is this for real?” The usage of Real becomes more prominent when the events turn out to be surprising to you. Like what?

What Does Real Mean On Tiktok
Real on Tiktok (CC: Social Media College)

Here is one example: Do you think mermaids exist? It’s a myth to some. Now, you came across a video of a mermaid in Australia. In that case, will you believe it right then? No! You will be surprised and have questions in your mind. That time, you end up saying, “Is this for Real?” This means you simply questioned whether the mermaid video is actual and makes any sense. 

What about other meanings? Real on Tiktok is also secondarily used to address kind people. Or, we may say those who have no attitude problems and are down-to-earth. They are nice! In other words, we may address them as the Real people. For example: “Samira is a real person. She is always eager to help the needy people.” 

You must be knowing that ”genuine” is the synonym for “real.” Whatever the meaning of Real is, or in whatever context the slang gets used, it remains the same. 

When it comes to the meaning and usage, here are some of the examples. 

  • Example 1: Jenny isn’t your real friend. She is so filtered. (This means Jenny is not a genuine friend but pretends to be nice with filters on. Her authenticity is questionable here.) 
  • Example 2: Sammy’s good result is the outcome of her real hard work. (This means Sammy worked pretty hard with all her concentration and finally got a good result.) 

The Real hashtag has garnered millions of views and likes on Tiktok. Are you still confused? Possibly, No! However, one thing stays! What? The benefit of using “Real” and spreading it to a larger audience on the platform. In brief, it teaches people about the value of being “genuine” and true to oneself. It’s important. 

Why are you even waiting? Now, when you are already aware of the meaning of Real on Tiktok, this is the right time to use it. Keep it trending! No matter what, it’s always recommended to stay “real” in our lives. Well, this is not just another usage example but also a lesson. 

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