BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date Revealed, Debuts July 31

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BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-
BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Debuts July 31 (Credits: Daily Research Plot)

‘BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy’ is back for an explosive second season! A promotional video, streamed by the official site, revealed the release date along with other exciting details, reminding fans why this series is nothing like anything we’ve seen. The video unveils the theme songs for season 2, the release date, and that season 2 will have 15 episodes, all of which will be released at once. 

BASTARD!! Season 2 throws us back into the chaotic world of magic, demons, and epic battles, where darkness spills from every corner. The story revolves around a sorcerer antihero, Dark Schneider, who has a troubled past and an unquenchable thirst for power. Dark Schneider awakens only to find himself already tasked with the daunting mission of saving the world from the darkest forces.

With dark fantasy elements, unexpected humourous moments, and an interesting storyline, there’s much to expect from season 2 as it continues the adrenaline-filled action scenes, attractive character designs, and visually pleasing animation. With the release date set, let’s refresh everything we know about this dark fantasy series. 

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Bastard!! Season 2 Debuts July 31

Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is based on the manga series of the same name. The manga was written and illustrated by Kazushi Hagiwara and debuted in 1988. It was initially serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump. Although the volumes were published in broken parts, the manga has collected 27 volumes, with the most recent chapter released in 2010. Viz Media acquired the publishing license for an English release in North America, but only the first 19 volumes were published. 

The theme songs for Season 2 will be performed by the same bands who sang the opening and ending theme songs for the first season. Coldrain will sing New Dawn as the opening theme, and Tielle will sing La Muse Perdue as the ending theme. 

You can stream the first and second seasons on Netflix worldwide. 

The Plot and Characters 

Earth, centuries ago, faced a devastating calamity caused by the vicious demon Anthrasax who was defeated by The Dragon Knight, but not before she sent Earth into a new dark age. Fast forward to today, the Kingdom of Metallicana is under attack from the wicked evil Rebel Army, who wish to bring Anthrasax to life. The high priest awakens Dark Schneider, a sorcerer who is the leader of the Rebel army. 

Dark Schneider now awakens in a 14-year-old’s body, ready to save the world, but his allies soon discover his past and his contribution to the dark age. The story continues with magic, beasts, and the mission of stopping the revival of Anthrasax. Will Schneider fall victim to his deep-rooted blood lust? Will he turn dark or stay as the only ray of light in the dark world?

Still from Bastard!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy (Credits: Netflix)
Still from Bastard!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy (Credits: Netflix)

The cast and characters include Takuma Terashima, who voices Joshua Berahia, Sho Hayami, who voices Nils John Mifune, Junichi Suwabe, who voices Yngwei von Mattström, Koji Yusa, who voices Zion Sol Vanderverg, Jun Fukuyama, who voices Macalpine Toni Strauss, Ryūichi Kijima who voices Schen Karr, and Asami Seto who voices Sheila E. Lee.

Vai Staebe, voiced by Taito Ban, Jorg Fishes, voiced by Jun Kasama, Ba Thory, voiced by Minoru Hirota, Ran Di Rhodes Stein Neubauten, voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa, Sykes Von Snowwhite, voiced by Atsushi Tamaru, Ross Zaboss Friedrich voiced by Wataru Komada, Bol Gil Bol voiced by Takahiro Fujiwara, Zakk Walder voiced by Tomohiro Yamaguchi and finally, Ida Deesna and Vlad Kills voiced by Taisuke Nakano and Hinata Tadokoro respectively. 

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Worth a Watch?

Embracing the 80s-90s vibe of loud music, sex, and bizarre aesthetics, Bastard!! Caters to a very niche, specific group of people. That being said, the series is a hit or miss. Reviews are on opposite sides of a ladder where you either like it very much or dislike it very much. If you aren’t pulled in by the plot, you might stay for the fanservice and incredibly questionable moments that keep you hooked, only to know why those moments happened in the first place. 

Carried by the music and strange yet great animation. Bastard!! Portrays itself as a series for people with a fondness for heavy metal and loud music, dramatic and intense entrances, and epic battle choreography. Catch the second season on Netflix on July 31!

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