Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations: The Pogues Are Back!

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Filming Locations

Season 3 of Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix. The series is getting good reviews. The locations of the movie have impressed several viewers. The series has always been known for presenting stunning locations that add to the romantic and soothing flavor of the show.

The season tracks the journey of the Pogues as they rush to the Bahamas to find a treasure worth hundreds of dollars. The treasure is hidden in the Bahamas area, and the Pogues need to fight several adversities to reach the place.

All three seasons have been filmed in similar locations. The place that featured most of the shooting locations in Charleston, South Carolina. The makers were interested in shooting in North Carolina. But some restrictions, especially the anti-LGBTQ+ law, led them to pick up South Carolina.

Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations
Season 3 of Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.

Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations

Barbados & Charleston

The latest season has been filmed in the scenic locations of Barbados and Charleston. The makers didn’t have to worry much about filming since Barbados’ landscape was perfect for almost all the scenes.

They could present the deserted island of Poguelandia. Also, the various scenes of characters rushing through the streets were captured in Barbados itself. The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, was also featured in a few scenes in the Outer Banks.

Barbados & Charleston in Outer Banks
All three seasons have been filmed in similar locations.

If you are an ardent fan of the Outer Banks series, you would remember the gorgeous mansion that the Camerons visit in the Bahamas for their holidays very well. Well, the mansion named Cove Spring House exists in Barbados. And if you have enough cash in your pocket, you can hire this mansion and enjoy your vacation just like the Camerons.

St. John Parish Church

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A stunning Gothic-inspired church has a major role to play in Outer Banks Season 3. This church witnessed some crucial events in the series. Well, this church is a popular landmark in Barbados: St. John Parish Church. It has been in existence since 1645

Was Outer Banks Season 3 filmed in North Carolina?
St. John Parish Church has a major role to play in Outer Banks

The church was a victim of a major hurricane and other disasters that led to its destruction. The current building is visited by many tourists and is a marvelous blend of Gothic architecture.

Were Outer Banks Season 3 filmed in North Carolina?

The Outer Banks is set in North Carolina. The show’s name is inspired by the islands that run across the coastline of North Carolina. These islands are lined in such a way that they appear to be like a string of pearls. The Outer Banks are located on North Carolina’s Atlantic coast.

Since the plot of the series is set in North Carolina, many fans wonder if the series was shot there as well. Well, the creator of the show did want to film a few scenes in North Carolina. Jones Pate wanted to capture Wilmington in his series. Wilmington has previously been used to film many popular movies, including Dawson’s Creek.

But anti-LGBTQ laws made them pick the southern neighbor instead. The controversial 2016 law stated that no individual could utilize a restroom that didn’t match his assigned sex by birth. Though the law has been revoked, the makers of the Outer Banks didn’t want any controversy attached. So they didn’t shoot any scenes in North Carolina.

Locations In Charleston

Season 3 is being loved by fans for bringing up all the important locations of Charleston covered in the previous two seasons. The expansive Tanneyhill Estate featured in season 3 has been filmed at Lowndes Grove.

Outer Banks Season 3 most beautiful locations
Season 3 features important locations in Charleston

This season, the characters do not remain confined to the Outer Banks. We see many of them going to the Charleston Museum. The museum scenes have been filmed at the real Charleston Museum, a museum that dates back to 1773.

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If you’re bored with your daily life and want an amazing trip, head to Barbados and Charleston. Plan a stay at the Hilton Barbados Resort, which appears in the series. Or simply walk across the sands of the stunning beaches.

Will Outer Banks Be Back For Season 4?

Outer Banks fans are overjoyed because the show has been renewed for Season 4 as well. The new season will be released next year. The creators want to know what the public thinks about the most recent season before moving on to the plot of Season 4.

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