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Different Forms of Ichigo In Bleach – Ranked

Different Forms of Ichigo In Bleach

Ichigo in Bleach is the leading character, and he is an interesting character to talk about since Bleach is about to premier another season. As we wait for premiering of this series, “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War,” let’s look at the forms of Bleach’s main character Ichigo. Bleach fans are familiar with a teenage boy named Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo is an interesting protagonist, and his presence in Bleach anime is what has made Bleach popular. This boy has many powerful forms that he possesses that we will talk about soon. But we start looking at some details of Bleach and Ichigo’s life.

Kurosaki Ichigo was born with the gift of seeing spirits, and that changed his life when a mysterious creature called Shinigami, aka Death God, appeared in his life. Most of the story arcs in Bleach revolve around Ichigo, the Captains, and other characters like villains. As a reminder, you will realize that Bleach ended a few years ago and is returning soon, early in October this year. The Shinigami governs the flow of souls between the human realm and the afterlife. We are also reminding you about Rukia, who played an important role in Ichigo’s life since Ichigo only got his powers after she came in contact with him while searching for a lost, dangerous Hollow.

Ichigo also played his part in defeating most of the dangerous Hollows. Most fans of this series are familiar with Soul Society, reminding us of what Ichigo did until the last season concluded. However, Ichigo’s story is far from over. We all know what has happened in Ichigo’s life in the previous season of Bleach, but we won’t take a look at that for now. There are many things we can talk about Ichigo, but today, we will look at different forms of Ichigo in Bleach.

7. Shinigami

Ichigo reveals his Shinigami form after Rukia pierces him with Sode no Shirayuki and transfers half of her reiatsu into Ichigo’s body. His Zankpakuto manifests and becomes an enormous blade that shoots out Getsuga Tenshou. With this form, Ichigo can defeat any Hallow that wants to kill him. But in this form, his appearance doesn’t change that much. He can go toe to toe with stronger people like Ikakku and Renji using this form.



Ichigo defeated the 11th Captain squad, Zaraki Kenpachi, using his Shinigami form. This battle was the greatest achievement when he was in Shinigami form. This is one of the interesting forms of Ichigo in Bleach. This is one of the forms that took long to appear again since Ichigo was becoming powerful all the time he obtained a new form.

6. Hollow

In this form, Ichigo’s face changes, and it is covered with a white bone that has a color that looks like blood. This is Ichigo’s dark form that he manifested during Byakuya’s fight. This form is dangerous, but it failed to kill him since the Hollow escaped his body. His face gets covered with a Hollow mask that can generate itself in Ichigo’s face. Once this form appears, Ichigo loses control of his body and mind, making him dangerous.



But it has helped him take on Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s full might effortlessly. Ichigo sometimes gains control when in this form before he kills someone, even though this Hollow form helped win many battles. Hallow form is an interesting form among Ichigo’s form, and it can be ranked as the most powerful form; this was seen early at the beginning of the first arc. It has a few names that people call it.

5. Vasto Lorde

This form appeared after Ichigo was knocked unconscious by Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa. Orihime’s cries woke him up, and he incarnated himself into the 2nd stage of development called Vasto Lorde Ichigo. This is a form that Ichigo can’t recognize well, but it helped him before Ulquiorra tried to do anything. This form is faster since he grabs his opponent’s throat in the nick of time and manages to use his bare to crush Lanza del Relampago. This form never appeared after Ichigo’s battle. A few of us are unfamiliar with this form.

Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde

4. Final Getsuga Tenshou (FGT Ichigo)

This happened when Jinzen spent three months inside the Dangai, and Ichigo obtained perfect union with Zangetsu. Ichigo discovers that he can only defeat Aizen using this form. This form changes his appearance slightly when he emerges, and his hair grows longer with a chain wrapped around his arm. Even though he took that form, Aizen was a worthy challenge for Ichigo.

Different Forms of Ichigo In Bleach

Final Getsuga Tenshou (FGT Ichigo)

Aizen morphs into a powerful Hollow form combining it with the Hogyoku. But when Ichigo releases the Final Getsuga Tenshou form, the tides changes, and he defeats Aizen. In this form, Ichigo becomes stronger than ever. FGT was not easy to master since it took too much energy, but Ichigo succeeded, which worked as a trump card during battle.

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3. Fullbring Ichigo

This form appeared after Ichigo battled with Aizen, and he lost all of his powers. Losing all of his powers awakens this powerful form. Ichigo realizes it is a new power he found, and humans can only pass it. This makes Ichigo train hard under Kugo Ginjou to master his Fullbring form. When this form appears, his body is covered with bony armor that begins from his head and reaches his toe. Fubbring has two versions, as seen in the previous season of Bleach. But both versions differed in their appearance and slight changes in appearance.

Different Forms of Ichigo In Bleach

Fullbring Ichigo

But we can see his orange hair and part of his face. This form comes with a powerful sword that has a glimmering edge. Using this form, Ichigo generates swirling blasts of reiatsu better than Getsuga Tenshou in appearance. But this form was stolen, and Rukia injected him with Shinigami. Most forms like this appear after or during an intense battle when Ichigo has reached his limits, and to surpass his limits, a new form gets awakened. This is one of the best forms of Ichigo in Bleach that doesn’t look scary since he is more human when he is in this form.

2. Bankai Rebuild

Ichigo combines his dual Zanpakutos to unleash his new form, Bankai Rebuild, which is not similar to an ordinary Bankai. The small Zanpakuto covers the hollowed-out space that appeared on the larger one. This turns the section of his Bankai white, and a chain emerges while connecting to the hilt with the blade’s edge. This is where Ichigo obtains his full powers of Bankai and changes his appearance.

Different Forms of Ichigo In Bleach

Bankai Rebuild

A horn emerges from his left temple, and one eye glow yellow. Two lines of black stripes appear on his face, and this form is better than the one he uses during the battle with Jinzen. This is one of the strongest and fared forms of Ichigo in Bleach since he has mastered many trying in this form. This form has helped Ichigo defeat countless enemies and protect countless people he loves. It is one of the forms of Ichigo in Bleach that is interesting to watch.

1. Pure Form

This form appeared in Ichigo’s final battle and was fun to watch. During the battle, Uryuu unleashes his trump card, halting Yhwach’s powers for a short time. He forged the arrowhead of still silver, and it delayed everything for a moment. But Ichigo rushes in even though his Bankai was broken while Yhwach tries to stop the attack with bare hands and succeeds in breaking off the white rim. But the sword that appeared underneath was identical to Ichigo’s original Shikai. The same sword slices Yhwach in half, ending the reign of terror for good. In this form, Ichigo fights with the pure human body and orange hair, the last battle of the orange-haired hero.

Pure Form

Pure Form

We will see new forms of Ichigo in the upcoming season of Bleach that is trending online. This will be interesting as Ichigo will obtain new different forms, and new enemies or characters will also be added in the Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Till then, you can watch the previous seasons of Bleach on Netflix. Ichigo’s form strength depends on the battle he faces, and each form is suitable for the battle he took when it appeared. However, Ichigo has many forms, some of which are unknown since they will be revealed in the upcoming season of this series. The above forms remind us of many things and the battles in which Ichigo was involved.

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