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What Happened To Stiles In Teen Wolf?

Teen Wolf

When the world was going through a teen vampire supernatural genre trend in the 2010s with the release and hit of The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, etc., MTV saw an opportunity and wanted to dip its own hand into this trend and made Teen Wolf. Now, Teen Wolf is a very loose adaptation of the 1985 movie of the same name starring Michael J Fox; where it was a cheeky comedy about a high school student named Scott who used his new-found vampire powers to dunk on people in basketball and be the popular kid in the school.

The film had a short and simple story with the vibe of the 80s so a TV adaptation wouldn’t have been possible with the original story. The TV show totally writes a new plot for the show with a modern adaptation, created by Jeff Davis and released in 2011 on 5th June, and the show was aired only on MTV. So let’s see what find out what happened to Stiles in Teen Wolf and how the show did in general.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf poster, 2011 (credits: MTV)

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Stile’s Story In Teen Wolf  

Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski, played by Dylan O’Brien, is the goofy side character of the show that most of the audience will love, so let’s see who and what this character is about. The story begins with Scott McCall, a 16-year-old high school kid who lives in the fictional town of Beacon Hills in California.

Scott and his best friend Stiles, a turbulent kid who likes to poke into people’s business, decided to go look for a body the police are currently searching for. After a while of searching, Scott was attacked by a mysterious wolf and got bitten, resulting in him turning into a werewolf. This is where the show fires off and sets the character’s personalities and nature.

Stiles is portrayed as the loyal best friend who will get you in for having a very curious mind but will responsibly keep you safe if danger comes. Stile’s character is more interesting than Scott’s as he is the one who gets the plot rolling and keeps the show interesting in many places when things are looking bland.

Also, the fact that he doesn’t have any supernatural powers like his best friend but still manages to lead and grow his pack larger makes up for the sometimes slow-paced narrative and stereotypical character writing. Fans were outraged because one of their favorite characters was hardly in Teen Wolf season 6 for the first ten episodes, despite the fact that it was their final chance to witness Stiles and Scott come together for the final haul.

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Stiles and Scott in Teen Wolf

Stiles and Scott in Teen Wolf (credits: MTV)

What Happened To Stiles In The Show

Dylan O’Brien, who plays the character of Stiles in the show, was filming as the lead character for the movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which unfortunately coincided with the filming for Teen Wolf. As a result, he was barely present on the screen, and it was painfully visible that scenes where his character should have been present to make the story better weren’t, and the writers are to be blamed for this.

The fans thought that this would be taken care of for the later half of the show, which was potentially the finale of the entire show, but to their surprise, things got worse as Dylan suffered a serious injury at the sets of Maze Runner, which rendered him bedridden and unable to shoot for the finale season. 

The injury forced the creators of Teen Wolf to temporarily halt the production of the final season as Stiles was a very important and fan-favorite character; they couldn’t conclude the show without him. When they were able to film with Dylan, the production quickly took off and showed Stiles as the hero who saves the day by getting the authorities involved at the right moment to save his friend’s life and eventually save the small town of Beacon Hill and its people alongside Scott.

The showrunners are to be given the props, as they managed not to give in to the pressure and setbacks that could have ended the show on a very bad note. The conclusion was satisfying for the fans as the characters got justice for what they were going through the entire show and didn’t end up in a mess.

As of now, as a fan of the show, what you can expect is that they ringback the character of Dylan in the film about this show which is not very likely, or they will make another season or a spin-off with the legacy characters. The show did pretty well when it came out but went downhill, according to the fans, by the end of it.

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