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Sam And Kate Filming Locations: Where Is This Rom-Com Shot?

Where is Sama and Kate filmed
Sam And Kate Filming Locations: Where Is This Rom-Com Shot?

Where is “Sam and Kate filmed”? Where are Sam and Kate’s filming locations? This post will be a one-stop shop to help you learn everything about the shooting locations. The screenplay, created by Darren Le Gallo, served as the foundation for the American comedy-drama movie Sam & Kate, released in the fall of last year. In addition to contributing a screenplay, Darren made his directorial debut with this incredibly thrilling movie.

The plot follows Sam, a guy from America who is a middle-aged American man, as he comes home to console his father, and this is the core idea of Sam and Kate. The story becomes more complicated when the lead actor meets his true love while touring his hometown with his father.

Sam and Kate reportedly failed to achieve significant commercial success. Yet, the aggregate box office receipts were enough to satisfy the producers. Despite having a small production budget, this heartwarming movie ended up making nearly $20 million. Sam & Kate received a significant award nomination following its premiere the previous year. The film received favorable reviews from critics as well.

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What is the plot of Sam and Kate?

Hoffman and Spacek portray their real-life children’s parents in the film, and the four develop a strong bond during pivotal moments in their lives. The official synopsis is as follows: A family-centered drama that celebrates life and is set in a rural community in the middle of the nation.

Where is Sama and Kate filmed


Sam’s larger-than-life dad, Bill, has returned home to care for him and his deteriorating health. Sam develops feelings for Kate, a local, while at home. Meanwhile, Bill begins to develop feelings for Tina, her mother. True love seldom follows an easy path, and these four must face their pasts to make new love flourish.

Who will appear in “Sam and Kate”?

In the film, Sissy Spacek portrays Tina, and Dustin Hoffman portrays Bill. Each of them has appeared in several famous films, such as Hoffman’s All the President’s Men and Rain Man, Spacek’s Carrie, The Help, and The Coal Miner’s Daughter. The two Academy Award winners had never collaborated before.

Neither parent is working with their kids for the first time. Spacek and her child Schuyler Fisk have shared screen time in Castle Rock, A Long Way Home, or Trading Mom, whereas Dustin Hoffman has starred beside Jake Hoffman in Hook, I Love Huckabees, and Rain Man.

The Irishman and, most notably, Wu-Tang: An American Saga featured the younger Hoffman, whereas Fisk’s other projects include Fear the Walking Dead and Snow Day. Henry Thomas and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow are additional cast members.

Sam and Kate: Rating and parental guidance

“Sam & Kate” is a more adult-oriented comedy than a racy rom-com for teenagers. It shouldn’t be shocking that the movie is labeled R because of “some drug use and swearing.” T There is some swearing as well. Considering the R-rating, this one is rather mild and devoid of nudity or graphic sexual material. It is aimed at older audiences with a mature view of relationships.

Where is Sama and Kate filmed

North Carolina.

Where is “Sam and Kate” filmed?

The director instructed the crew to look throughout North Carolina and Georgia for possible shooting locations. Yet after going to see them, Darren ultimately chose to film his entire movie in and around Georgia. It’s important to note that while certain scenes for the film were later shot in Atlanta, the bulk of the filming took place in Thomasville.

The Big Oak at Cherokee Lake Park in Thomasville served as the backdrop for the scenes showing Sam and Kate’s first encounter. The production team needed to use specialized lighting equipment to film this scene at night.

After finishing up a few more sequences in Thomasville, the crew traveled to the next Georgia location for filming. The movie’s opening scene, in which Sam is introduced, was filmed in Thomasville. The production staff chose a medium-sized house close to the Lapham Patterson home to get the outside shots of Sam’s family’s home.

Before filming the scenes of Sam’s house and neighborhood, the production team flipped the house’s exterior around. Conversely, no changes were made to the residential property’s interior arrangements. Darren sought to replicate the aesthetic that the house already possessed.

Much of the filming took place in and around Thomasville. Therefore, following the capture of the crucial scenes, the production team headed to Atlanta. The scenes showing Sam’s former business headquarters were photographed in Atlanta’s downtown.

The production team turned a vacant office into something that resembled a corporate office. Before implementing any improvements, special consent from the homeowner’s owner was required. After that, indoor scenes showing the male lead’s prior corporate employment were captured on camera.

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