Review: Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1 ‘An Almost Perfect Pilot’

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Poster for the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)
Poster for the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)

Developed by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti, Superman & Lois is a superhero series based on the DC comics character Clark Kent aka Superman, and Lois, a journalist. The show premiered on February 23rd, 2021, and released its third season on March 14th, 2023.

Initially created as a part of the Arrowverse, the makers of the show decided to make it a separate series on a separate parallel Earth timeline. The show sets its premise in Smallville and how when Superman and Lois return to the place, their lives get uprooted completely because of some evil forces.

The show stars Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent, husband to Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch, and a superhero on the side. Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang, friends with Clark, and Erik Valdez as Lana Lang’s ex-husband, Kyle Cushing. The series has Wole Parks as the bad guy, The Stranger, who is on the same Earth as Superman, trying to prove to its people that they no longer need him to protect them.

The series Superman & Lois has taken a different approach to the whole superhero gig and focuses more on the human aspect of Superman’s life. The show revolves around how Clark Kent and Lois Lane try to live their normal lives as parents of two boys, all the while facing their biggest struggle, raising the said two boys, Jordan and Jonathan Kent.

Obviously, the show is not just about their mundane lives and also includes Supervillains trying to get in his way. The show recently released the first episode of its third season and has managed to garner positive reviews from both critics and viewers.

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)
Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in the show Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)

Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1 Storyline

The previous season saw certain obstacles, like Ally Allston and her lackeys, get in the way of Superman’s peaceful living. His sons are now in high school, and the urge to protect them is higher than ever. The last season saw the world almost come to an end, but thankfully Clark saved the day. 

Episode one of the new season kicks off twenty-seven days after the world was almost ruined. Lana, Lois, Sam lane, and Clark are all working to better their lives. The recent battle was like a life lesson; everybody has a newfound love for their lives. The two boys are at a sensitive age, and Lois hints to Lana and then to Kent that she might be pregnant again.

Kent is not totally excited about having another baby, but Lois is in utter joy. We move on to celebrate the twins Jordan and Jon’s sixteenth birthday, which is just a small party. Kyle and Lana have had a troubled marriage for quite some time now, and Lana had not signed the divorce papers till now.

Chrissy and Kyle end up sleeping together, and finally, Lana signs the divorce papers, too. Later in the episode, it is revealed that Lois is not pregnant after all, which is a relief for Clark. We also know that Jordan has his own powers, and when trouble arises in the form of a construction crew, he tries to fix it with his unstable abilities but ends up ruining things even more. His father has to, once again, come and save the day.

Sam Lane and Natalie share a wholesome moment in this episode, mainly Sam trying to get close to Natalie, but we know the Earth Natalie is from; in that place, Sam is her grandfather. He wants Natalie to move out of Smallville to a place where she can make full use of her talent. Natalie, who has been trying her best to find herself a family, is hurt. 

While Sam is apologizing to Natalie for intruding, Clark finds himself in Metropolis, fighting with Atom man, played by Henry Miller. He had been let go from jail three months before because he had a brain tumor. Though even before Superman can do some damage to him, Atom man gets shot by someone unknown.

Superman tries to use his hearing powers to find anything that might have killed Atom man, but the supervillain Onomatopoeia uses his power to manipulate sounds to get the former off his back. With Superman confused, the latter’s lackeys get Atom man’s body and take it to Onomatopoeia’s hideout to bring him back to life.

The episode ends with hints regarding a huge showdown battle between the supervillain Onomatopeia and Superman, in the future episodes of the season.

Main Cast of the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)
Main Cast of the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)

Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1 Review

The series, Superman & Lois, is a family-focused version of Clark Kent’s story. It is a new outlook on the lives of superheroes who have been around for a long time. The show is based in a small town, Smallville, and has more of a slice-of-life vibe to it. This is not to say that supervillains have decided to leave the Earth alone but that the show does not just focus on how Superman always comes and saves the day.

Instead, the show, along with the battle scenes, also explores the lives of the people around Clark Kent. We are introduced to his wife, Lois, their two sons, Jordana and Jon, and their friends, Lana and Kyle. Overall, the series is more of a family drama than an action-packed generic superhero show.

With the pilot episode of the third season, we get an insight into Clark Kent’s well-established life that he is desperate to protect. We start off with Lois’ narration while Jordan and his father are at the Fortress of Solitude, spending a happy time together. The scene where Jordan tries to fix the construction crane from falling by himself but ultimately requires Clark’s help, and Clark eventually scolds Jordan for doing it alone, reflects on Clark’s parental capabilities.

He is a fun father who enjoys spending time with his sons but also does not back away from holding them responsible for their actions. With Jonathan and Jordan’s birthday celebrations and half the town attending the party, the show definitely felt like family melodrama rather than a superhero show. 

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizbeth Tulloch are wonderful as a couple on screen. The entire episode was proof of the chemistry the two have as Superman and Lois. This episode set the premise for most of the characters introduced, along with the introduction of a new villain in town.

Actor Michael Bishop took over the role of Jonathan, and the swap between the actors felt really seamless without much effect on the chemistry between Jon and Kent. The episode felt like a full package with quite a few wholesome, hearty moments and some contrasting action scenes.

The episode really did not waste any time stretching things unnecessarily; instead just rolled with the story. Lana and Kyle’s relationship had run its course, and Lana finally signed the divorce papers. As sad as it was, the two are clearly in different headspaces right now. Lana is busy dealing with Mayor Dean to clean up the mess in the city, and Kyle is busy moving on with Chrissy.

The episode was a complete emotional rollercoaster with Lois’ pregnancy scare and the end of Lana and Kyle’s marriage. Jordan and Jonathan, the two sons, are also an important part of the story, and we get a glimpse into how different the twins are. Where Jordan wishes to be like his father and is training to be his side help, Jonathan aims for the little things in life.

Where one relationship ended, a new bond between Sam Lane and Natalie forms, though problems arise very soon and get resolved even sooner. The entire episode felt like a melodramatic genre, but right before the credits could roll, the episode revealed a new villain in town.

A face-off between Atom man and Superman takes place, but the real villain is someone else. An iconic villain from the DC comics is revealed, Onomatopoeia, who is here to stir things up and bring Superman back to the battleground. Season three of the show Superman & Lois started off with what the show actually claimed to be, a family-centered drama with a sprinkle of action and evil guys. 

Jordan and Jon in the show, Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)
Jordan and Jon in the show Superman & Lois (Credits: The CW)

Our Verdict

The episode did really well with setting up stories for important characters, be it Lois or Jordan or Jonathan or Lana or her ex-husband Kyle. The characters of the show seem to have grown over the season, and refreshing to see. The episode ended perfectly with Mannheim’s narration which felt like it was referencing Lois’ voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

The first episode itself hinted that dangers to Smallville might not be all that far off and that things could go south very quickly. This season already feels like it would be bigger and better than any of the previous seasons of Superman & Lois, and rightfully so. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the next episode, which is scheduled to release on March 21st, 2023.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.2/5).

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