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Alchemy of Souls Episode 8 Recap & Summary

Alchemy of Souls episode 8 recap
Alchemy of Souls episode 8 recap

Let’s talk about the Alchemy of Souls episode 8 recap. This South Korean TV series developed by the Hong sisters tells the adventures of two sorcerers as they must face the troubles arising from hell, earth, and heaven. It initially dropped on tvN, now it’s on Netflix. Divided into two parts, this recap article will cover the eighth episode of part one.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alchemy of Souls, it is about the love and development of young warlocks as they overcome their twisted fates as a result of a magic spell known as the “alchemy of souls,” which allows souls to switch bodies. It is set in a fictional nation called Daeho that does not appear on historical or physical maps.

Alchemy of Souls episode 8 recap

Let’s recap this episode. Spoilers ahead

Alchemy of Souls Episode 8 Recap

Alchemy of Souls’ eighth episode opens with the sky turning a fiery red and what appears to be the beginning of the alchemy of souls. Kil-Joo summons his abilities, causing particles to dissolve all around him and reach upward. Jang-Uk appears prepared to do so. Until Mu-Deok, wearing a blindfold, can grab his hand and bring him back. When Jang-Uk wakes up, he discovers himself on the ground without a blue mark on his chest. His soul hasn’t changed at all. What on earth happened, then? Well, it seems like Kil-soul Joo is still inside the same body.

Till she discovers the truth, Mu-Deok violently shakes Kil-Joo while thinking Jang-Uk is inside of him. She notices that Jang-soul Uk’s hasn’t changed when she looks deeply into his eyes. However, there is a difference. He no longer needs the bracelet to restrain his powers because the Soul Ejector has helped boost his energy. Kil-skin Joo begins to gray, but just before he passes away, he tells Mu-Deok that Cho-Chung, her father, was also a soul shifter. He killed his family after going crazy and killing everyone back then.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 8 recap

What went down in this episode?



It appears that Jin-Mu is not the real Danju who is out there. Kil-Joo crashes into Mu-shoulder Deok’s and scrambles away before revealing exactly who it is, turning her cut black with poison. Mu-Deok dashes through the forest to flee after her father makes the reveal. There, however, is Yul, who manages to catch up with her after spotting the blood on her chest. Yul tries to heal her by using his magic. As for Jang-Uk, he moves through the city but encounters Young Lady Heo. She thinks he is following her until Jang-Uk resolves that sticky situation. However, Kil-Joo disperses the group and eventually clashes with Jang-Uk. But the latter has the advantage. Jin-Mu is furious when he learns what took place. He gives his mages the assignment to find Kil-Joo. However, they are not the only ones pursuing him.

To track down the real Danju he mentioned earlier in the episode, Jang-Uk follows Kil-Joo. Kil-Joo stumbles toward the Royal Temple and appears to be about to cause serious harm. Until Jang-Uk charges in. He employs the Tansu move to bring his opponent to his knees. Is the real Danju present there? He queries. However, Kil-Joo doesn’t respond. He ends up petrifying and passing away immediately.

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Park-Jin and the others arrive in the morning in front of the palace steps to confront the adversary who attempted to thwart them. When Park Jin recognizes Kil-Joo, he challenges Jin-Mu and starts to inquire about the specifics of the mage’s actions. After returning the bracelet Yul found earlier in the episode, Jang-Uk leaves the house and searches the woods for Mu-Deok. Yul remarks on how he has developed his skills and is astounded by how unharmed he is.

Dang-Gu tries to console Cho-Yeon at the same time by letting her know that not many people are aware of the failed wedding. Only two people arrive, and they inquire about the marriage right away. So it only makes sense that Dang-Gu reverses course and admits that he and Cho-Yeon will be getting married. Speaking of misunderstandings, the locals start selling blue clothes honoring Naksu’s life after becoming convinced that she has passed away. All of this is incidental to the main drama taking place here. Just as planned, the big duel between the Crown Prince and Jang-Uk takes place. Jang-Uk is cunning this time and uses the guidance Mu-Deok instilled in him. He uses Tansu and brings down the Crown Prince with Mu-assistance. Deok’s The battle is won by Jang-Uk.

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