Asteroid City Filming Locations: Where Is The Movie Filmed?

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Asteroid City Filming Locations
Asteroid City (Credit: Focus Features)

Want to know about Asteroid City filming locations? This science-fiction romantic comedy-drama film is about to release. So, what is the only thing we are left with? Patience! Directed by Wes Anderson, the trailer has already gotten released. It has garnered millions of views globally, by now. Everyone is showing their curiosity about the Asteroid City filming locations. Before discussing further, let’s have a brief look at the lead cast and plot, of course. 

In the lead, we shall come across that Asteroid City has some renowned actors from the industry. Like who? Well, it includes- Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, etc. Also, the plot isn’t that tricky but very intriguing. We shall get into that later. 

Little did you know, the trailer of Asteroid City has been loved so much that it had its world premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. When? The date was on 23 May 2023. Not to forget to mention, Asteroid City even competed for the Palme d’Or. Wow!

To date, Asteroid City has garnered appreciation from the fans. If you are wondering about the release dates, it is scheduled to release on 23 June on a wider aspect. However, in the United States, it will be a few days earlier. That’s on 16 June! 

Coming back to the Asteroid City filming locations, fans are curious about the iconic beautiful places. The pneumatic views of certain scenes earned the ultimate attraction among the fans, who are now willing to learn about them in detail. If you are looking for Asteroid City filming locations, here is what we know. 

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Asteroid City: Plot & Trailer 

Before learning about Asteroid City filming locations, one must know what the story is all about. Well, the film is centered around Midge Campbell and her husband, living near an American desert town. That’s fine. The story initiates interestingly when they and some of their mutual pals plan to attend the Junior Stargaze convention. What’s next? Make sure you visit the nearest theatres around you. Here is the trailer attached!

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Asteroid City Filming Locations 

When it comes to the Asteroid City filming locations, the primary one is in Arizona, United States. That’s the desert around Arizona. Did you not notice the big clay mountains in some of the scenes? You may relate to it now. Initially, it was planned that the film would be shot at a distinct location, somewhere near the Sonoran desert in Arizona. To be more precise, we will see Midge Campbell’s family home, being in Arizona. 

Not forget to mention, Chinchon is also one of the Asteroid City filming locations. Most of the outdoor scenes of the film have been shot in Spain. In case you don’t know, Chinchon is a city located in Central Spain to the southeast of Madrid. You will see the resemblance of a desert landscape too. In addition to that, there is a mock train station which is also highlighted in Asteroid City. Not everyone knows that for filming a movie in Spain, the core team needs a bridge with the local administrations. Even certain shots have been taken in the city of Madrid. 

Asteroid City Filming Locations
Asteroid City filming locations (Credit: Focus Features)

Well, the shooting of this upcoming science-fiction romantic comedy-drama film reportedly began in August 2021. It continued for a couple of months. Everyone knows that it was one of the terrific times for each of us. We may address the same for the entire world. That was because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, everyone at the set took safety precautions while shooting for Asteroid City. 

Next time you visit Spain, make sure you visit each of the iconic places where Asteroid City has been shot. Well, for now, save the date! 23 June 2023 it is! 

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