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A Jazzman’s Blues Ending Explained: Who is Jonathan?

A Jazzman’s Blues ending needs an explanation and fans are pretty excited to know more about the same. The film has been released on Netflix recently. We see two lovestruck characters in the lead named Bayou as well as Leanne. They are best friends but can not express their love in society because it is forbidden. Leanne’s mother gets to know about their romance and forbids the relationship completely.

In order to protect her daughter (at least what she thinks is protecting), she takes Leanne to Boston. Now, we see Leanne growing up into a beautiful woman. She has now married a guy from Boston itself and is a Caucasian woman. As for Bayou, we see that he has found success in his career and has become a performer. As Leanne moves into the house of her husband, she and Bayou meet again. Their romance is enlightened given the fact that they had a tragic split as kids.

Although, Leanne’s mother named Ethel gets to know of their love once again. Thus, she tries everything in her power to stop their illegal affair. This results in Bayou moving to Chicago. He is growing more than ever and has found himself as a performer at the infamous Capitol Royale. Upon getting recognized by the people there and making a name for himself, he releases a song in the memory of Leanne.

A Jazzman's Blues Ending Explained: Who is Jonathan?

A still of Bayou and Leanne from A Jazzman’s Blues


Now, we see that society during those times was very orthodox and racist. It was obvious that Bayou and Leanne can not be together because of the difference in their skin tone. They are reminded by everyone around them that by pursuing a romance like this, they would sabotage their whole life and Bayou’s career will be jeopardized. We see that Bayou has decided to flee Hopewell County. Also, Leanne is still persistent about starting a life with him and thus, they decide to run away together and live together.

Also, we see a subplot where Willie Earl, the elder brother of Bayou, despises him most of the time. He thinks he is so much better than him because when they were kids, Willie Earl learned the trumpet easily and first. Although, he does not have the passion for music that Bayou has. With Bayou signing a gig for Capitol Royale and his fame skyrocketing through the roof, it is seen that Willie Earl gets even more jealous. Their father raised them in a manner where he considered the eldest son superior to the younger one and this is why Willie Earl has an ego in him. He starts to go south and indulges in drugs and substance abuse.

A Jazzman’s Blues Ending Explained: Who is Jonathan?

Now, to take his revenge on Bayou, Willie Earl goes to the police and tells them about his affair with Leanne. He also tells them the location of his brother. This is when the police and the mob find Bayou and kill him. This was a tragic end to their love story. Now, the question arises about Leanne’s child. It was obvious that she and Bayou got into an affair even though Leanne was married to a wealthy Caucasian man. When her child is born, he has a light skin color and this is why nobody questions its origin.

Although, deep in our hearts, even though it was not confirmed, the audience knows it is Bayou’s child. Now as Jonathan, her son grows up, he dwells in his father’s footsteps and runs for mayor. He is also racist and does not know his real father yet. Hattie Mae, the mother of Bayou, comes to him to investigate his son’s murder which happened 40 years ago. Soon, the mystery begins to open to him and upon seeing her mother, he is confirmed that his father was Bayou. Now that he is doubting his own existence, the film ends on a bitter note.

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