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Big Mouth Episode 3 Release Date: Will Fate Be On Chang Ho’s Side?

Big Mouth Episode 3
Big Mouth

The crime thriller Big Mouth will head towards Episode 3, and Chang Ho is all set to go into a deeper set of problems, especially when a surprising factor of his identity comes up.
In prison, where just like the rest of the world, power and position holds an important grip, Chang Ho finds the attitude of people changing towards him after they found out that he can be possibly the greatest conman in the crime world, Big Mouse.

The series also goes back and forth between the past and present scenarios where glimpses of his personal life are also taken into account. With an amazing set cast and an enthralling tale, Big Mouth ep 3 will surely level up to the expectations that the audience has.

What To Expect From Big Mouth Episode 3?

It seems everything is going west in Chang Ho’s life. From getting into the hospital after engaging in an accident to bearing the burden of the accusation, which, if anyhow proven, will land him in serious trouble, the good news is far away from being seen. Big Mouth ep 3 may showcase how through desperate attempts, Chang Ho tries to change the perceptions of him not being the genius conman Big Mouse.

When Chang Ho finds himself with no luck, his wife Mi Ho acts as his ‘liquid luck’ as she was the only constant in his life who supported him whatever the circumstances may come. It has remained the same throughout since they were in high school. Big Mouth ep 3 may have many other such moments of Mi Ho standing rock solid beside Chang Ho.

Big Mouth ep 3

A Still From The Series

Mi Ho always has Chang Ho’s back and was present at the hospital when Chang Ho gained consciousness. However, his struggle has just started. Chang Ho got arrested as his blood test report suggests that he has been into substance abuse.

Everything just seems part of a setup where each person works with a motive. When the Regional Investigation Unit conducted research, they found traces of a massive amount of wealth that included arms, cash, and even gold. It was also reported that the genius conman conducted a theft from Ji Hoon. Now, the incident that changed the entire game of this crime thriller was when a revelation surprised the entire ton. For the longest time, the identity of Big Mouse was under wraps, and many were intrigued to witness the greatest conman. It was revealed that it was Chang Ho. Naturally, his wife took a stern stand against any such claim as she has always done.

A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, such a predicament led to a serious toll on Chang Ho’s mental health. He was trying to make people understand that there is no such connection between him and Big Mouse; however, the media reports show evidence otherwise. He tries to die by suicide; however, somehow or the other, he doesn’t succeed. However, the ending of the episode gives a rather chilling ending where Chang Ho demands the guards to shoot at him. Will he survive, or something terrible will happen in the heat of the moment? All will be disclosed in ep 3 of Big Mouth.

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Where To Watch Big Mouth Episode 3? Streaming Details

Big Mouth ep 3 will be aired on its original network MBC. However, the international audience doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Big Mouth Episode 3 will be available on Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, and Wavve. To avail of the drama on these apps, you need to have a subscription. After that, you are all set to enjoy the lives of the people who have their footing in the world of crime.

Big Mouth ep 3

A Still From The Series

Big Mouth Episode 3 will be available in India at 6:20 pm IST. In USA and Canada, it will be around 8:50 am. In the United Kingdom, it will be around 1:50 pm. In Australia, it will be around 10:50 pm.

When Will Big Mouth Episode 3 Release?

Big Mouth ep 3 will release on 5th August 2022. The role of Mayor Choi stands in suspicion, and so does Gong Ji-hoon. Being a part of the media, does he has anything to do with the news of Chang Ho being suspected of being the conman, Big Mouse? To know that stay tuned, and don’t forget to watch the upcoming episodes of Big Mouth.

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