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One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1059 Release Date: Revolutionary Army Makes Their Move!

One Piece Chapter 1059 Release Date Details
One Piece Chapter 1059 Release Date Details

Unfortunately, One Piece Chapter 1059 is scheduled to release a week later than usual due to Oda taking a break to catch up with his health. While we cannot wait for new One Piece Chapters to arrive as soon as possible, we must also consider the author’s health and how much work pressure they have to deal with to deliver chapters back to back. A well-deserved break in between 2-3 chapters allows them to do better and keep their mental health in check. Anyways, let’s talk about One Piece Chapter 1059 until it is released. It’s only been a chapter since Wano and there are a lot of things occurring at the same time.

Well, this is very typical of Oda displaying one important event after another after an arc focused solely on straw hats ends. The development in these few chapters is more than any arc given up to the point. I reckon it will still take more than a chapter or two for our straw hats to arrive on a new Island. Meanwhile, we are going to other important matters like the revolutionary army and its apparent hero “Sabo” the flame emperor who hasn’t made contact with the army since his rumors that he killed the king of the Arabasta. Let’s get into detail about what may occur in One Piece Chapter 1059. However, let’s first quickly review One Piece Chapter 1058. Here we bring you the latest One Piece series updates.

One Piece Chapter 1058 Review

One Piece Chapter 1058 titled “New Emperor” was an absolute 10 with a ton of information regarding the new organizations, revolutionary army, and one of our most awaited moments, the bounties of straw hats and other significant characters. With Luffy now being an emperor, the straw hats are officially known as the nine commanders of the Straw hats. Fun fact is the sum of the straw hats’ bounties is more than 8.5 Billion Berries with Zoro’s bounty being higher than the rest of the commanders of the straw hats. It was expected but we did not Jinbei’s bounty to be higher than Sanji’s.

One Piece Chapter 1058 Recap

Mihawk, Buggy, and Crocodile!

The straw hats are on their usual routine with Luffy being scolded by Nami for his stupidity and even being caged up while the rest of the straw hats enjoy their voyage. Buggy’s scam of being an emperor was finally displayed and it was as fans were expecting. It was surprising to see that Mihawk is also known as the “Marine Hunter” and his bounty which is in the top 10 bounties revealed so far was well-deserved given that he is an independent pirate and if he wanted, he could have a claim of “Emperor” anytime he wants. 

The revolutionary army is making moves and we even saw Monkey D. Dragon asking whereabouts of Sabo and asking for a reason if he has killed King Cobra or not. Whereas, Kuma who saw everything will probably tell the tale of Sabo in One Piece Chapter 1059.

What to expect from One Piece Chapter 1059?

Oda is very unpredictable these days and none of the fan theories are coming true at this point. When we were 100% sure that Yamato was going to join the straw hats on their voyage, Oda disappointed us by making Yamato stay in Wano. Nonetheless, the least we can expect is where the revolutionary army is going and why there is a sudden call from Sabo.

Meanwhile, we also expect to see the rest of the former warlords like Boa Hancock, Weevil, and also one of the current emperors of the Sea, Blackbeard. Fans on the internet are predicting that his bounty must have gone higher as well. Well, let’s wait and see what One Piece Chapter 1059 will bring us.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Expectations

What did Sabo do?

One Piece Chapter 1059 Release Date

As previously mentioned, One Piece will be on break this week due to Oda taking his scheduled break. One Piece Chapter 1059 is now scheduled to release on Sunday 11th of September in shonen jump’s 41st issue. Spoilers will start to emerge starting from the 7th of September or even before it. Make sure to check our website to find One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers.

Read One Piece Chapter 1059 Online

You can read the latest chapters of One Piece on various platforms like viz media, manga plus, and Shonen Jump’s official website once it is released.

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