Scream 5 Filming Locations: Where Was The Sequel Filmed?

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Scream 5 Filming Locations
Ghostface and Jenna Ortega in Scream 5 (Credits: Paramount)

Scream 5 or even called Scream is a 2022 American crime, slasher movie starring Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Mason, Gooding, Marley Shelton, and David Arquette as the main cast from the previous installments. It is the fifth movie in the Scream Film series and let’s not forget to talk about its successful response from the audience. It was released by Paramount and received maximum positive responses both from viewers and critics in every aspect. It was a success that collected $138 million and the movie was just $24 million. 

The fifth movie narrates the story, which takes you twenty-five years later after the original Woodsboro murders, and this time, Ghostface targets a teenage group. The members of the group are indirectly linked to the original story’s killings, hence, they are in danger. The shooting of the movie took place in various distinct locations. The production of the movie began in 2020 in North Carolina. 

Scream 5 Plot Summary

The movie starts with Tara Carpenter, who is alone in her home, the ghost-face appears from nowhere, and they fight. He leaves Tara in a dying situation. She somehow reaches the hospital and her older sister arrives. Tara’s estranged old sister, Sam Carpenter got the news about the attack by Wes Hicks (Tara’s friend). Sam’s boyfriend, Richie accompanies Sam and both of them arrive in Woodsboro where Tara was residing. They arrived at the hospital and met Tara’s friends, and they all reunited. In another murder, Liv’s ex-boyfriend is killed at night by the same Ghostface.

The next day, Sam faces Ghostface at the hospital when she was alone in a room but fortunately, she is alive. Sam tells Tara that she has been dealing with weird hallucinations. She was hallucinating about Billy who was her biological father. She further elaborated on the situation that her true parentage resulted in the separation of her parents. This was a big thing, and because of this, she had to turn away from Tara. Sam now wants to stop Ghostface from killing, so she visits Dewey Riley, divorced from Gale Weathers. Now, Sidney Prescott is informed that Ghostlike has returned. A short get-together is held at Mindy and Chad’s home, where all of them discuss what is Ghostface up to.

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Scream 5 Filming Locations
Ghostface (Credits: Paramount Pictures)

Ghostface enters the scene, Wes and his mother Sheriff Judy Kicks were at their home when he arrives and kills both of them. Wes even tried to fight with him but couldn’t make it. Dewey and Gale get united when Gale arrives at the town to investigate the situation. Ghostface arrives again, but this time in the hospital, and attacks Tara and Richie. But, Dewey and Sam arrive just in time and save them. Sam, Tara, and Richie escape but Dewey tries to kill Ghostface but gets killed himself.

Sidney gets into the town when she learns that Dewey is killed. She asks Sam to help her get rid of Ghostface but Sam refuses and chooses to leave the town with her boyfriend and sister. Sidney and Gale follow them. As the movie continues, we see the previous seasons’ cast on screen, and there’s a fight. At the end of the movie, Sam and Tara get closer and Sidney who helped them later, covers the news of what happened in the house where there was a fight.

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Scream 5 Filming Locations

Scream 5 production began in 2020 and it included places from the original killings that happened in the previous instalments. The filming was done in complete secrecy, and the production house didn’t let anyone know about a single place for a long time. The movie begins by showing a beautiful house where Tara was attacked. It was from the first movie, and it isn’t clear if the house is the same house, but it is said to be the house of Casey Becker in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Scream 5 Filming Locations
Casey Becker’s house (Credits: Twitter)

When Wes informs Sam about the attack on Tara, the production is shifted to Williston Middle School. This school was depicted as the teenagers’ school and became Woodsboro High. It was from Woodsboro Unified School District.  

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Scream 5 Filming Locations
Williston Middle School (Credits: Twitter)

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