La Reina del Sur Season 3 Episode 56: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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La Reina del Sur Season 3 episode 56 preview
La Reina del Sur Season 3 Episode 56: Release Date

Robert Stopello’s intrigue and thriller series La Reina Del Sur will soon debut as a brand-new issue, or episode 38. Things have gotten more difficult as Teresa works to foil the DEA officials’ plans while they are still free. This treatment program was made known to TV viewers in the early months of late 2011.

Even though it was founded on a book by Arturo Perez, it has gained popularity on streaming services (Telemundo); another season was not possible due to a lack of content. It was discovered that it’s still in the early planning after more than ten years.

However, the story evolved this time and included significantly more conflict, excitement, and love. Like its predecessor, the second season, which finished broadcasting in June 2019, was hugely successful. The introduction of new personalities was criticized, but overall, reviews were positive because the producers had more money to invest in higher-quality sequences this year.

La Reina del Sur Season 3 episode 56 preview

Beautiful landscapes from North Africa, lovely South America, and other areas were featured in the exhibition. Middle of October last year. The third installment of La Reina Del Sur’s broadcast premiered with its first episode. Presently featured are countries like  Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico,  and Argentina.

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La Reina Del Sur S3: A Quick Episodes’ Recap

Teresa and the team are the story’s focus, operating individually in two distinct locations. Ter tries to gain Lorenzo’s trust while they are together. With the know server’s and Landero’s help, she sets up a phony spectacle so that Lorenzo thinks he was involved in a murder that Ter saved his life.

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La Reina del Sur Season 3 episode 56 preview
La Reina del Sur S3’s crew and cast.

Furthermore, we see Epifanio’s wife being informed that he is to blame for her father’s demise. Isabella and so many others are searching for information on Matos, who is working in another field. Mateo puts them in danger, so the group switches to an alternative plan to leave the building in time.

The cast of Episode 56 of La Reina Del Sur S3

Most of the cast members are new, but some recurring characters from the first series, such as Epifanio, C. Guemes, and Sheila, continue to appear. The existing characters have developed substantially, notably Ter, who is now much more mature and knowledgeable than she was during the second season. The current cast includes:

Kate Del Castillo

Since making her debut appearance in Muchachitas, K. C. has often shown skill beyond compare. She is now learning non-English, but she’s been able to draw audiences worldwide. Kate, a shining representation of Latin America, expressed her gratitude for the chance to use her program to showcase the beauty of her home continent.

Castillo has been in several shows, like Ramona & Mentira, to mention a few. Even though her father is a well-known actor, Kate has consistently shown her talent by assuming all the starring roles. She is the sole Mexican actor to have received four American theatre prizes.

Jimenez Zurita

Humberto portrays Epifanio, a member of the main antagonists of the program. He rose to fame due to his roles in well-known 1980s tv programs and movies like Black Bird and Famous. He has won numerous awards, especially for his work in tv dramas.

Isabella Sierra

The 17-year-old Isabella can begin performing at an early age. She has appeared on other programs, such as Narcos or drug cartel-based dramas. She did, though, only play a minor role. Isabella focuses on her role in La Reina Del Sur as her main project.

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La Reina del Sur Season 3 episode 56 preview

She has proven her acting skills by skillfully playing the part of Sofia, and we might see much more of her shortly. The other newcomers to the cast for this year are  Pablo Lander or Pepe Rapzote, Edd Truco in the role of Ernie Palmero, & Sofia Lama in the character of Usana Guzman.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 56: Release Date

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 56 will air on January 10, 2023. All-new episodes of this Spanish criminal drama are shown every Monday through Friday. Each installment takes about 45 minutes to complete. Episode 56 will air on Antena 3 in Spain.

La Reina Del Sur S3 Episode 56: How To Watch

The 56th installment of the program will debut on Antena 3 at three o’clock. At 9:00 p.m. EST, Telemundo broadcasts the show (US).

In complement to Netflix, other on-demand streaming services include the NBC app, Apple TV, and YouTube TV. La Reina del Sur is also available on Netflix for viewers in India. Additionally, tiny snippets from each episode are uploaded to Telemundo’s YouTube website and are accessible to viewers everywhere.

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