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Do Revenge Ending Explained: Driving Off Into the Sun

Do Revenge Ending needs an explanation and we are here to assist you with the same. The film has just released in 2022 on Netflix is not your average Netflix high school drama. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has directed the film for Netflix. We see notable actors such as Camila Mendes and Maya Hawkes in the lead roles along with Austin Abrams and Alisha Boe. In one of the interviews, the director revealed the inspiration behind the film which is from Strangers on a Train by Alfred Hitchcock.

Coming right into the plot of the film, we see it starting with a very popular girl named Drea Torres. She is about to be a senior at the Rosehill Country Day High School in Miami. Drea has a perfect life which she has curated since she was a little kid. Recently, she has also got a feature in Teen Vogue. Unlike all of her friends, she actually comes from a middle-class family as her mother is single and works as a nurse.


Drea is in a perfect relationship with Max who later releases her naked video. Soon, as her entire social life has been destroyed and obviously Yale knows about the incident, she has nothing to lose. Drea becomes friends with Eleanor who is a new student at the school. She left the place years ago when she was 13 after Carissa shared rumors of her forcibly kissing her.

Do Revenge Ending Explained

A still of Eleanor and Drea from Do Revenge

This destroyed her life and this is why the two get together in order to take each other’s revenge. We see Drea getting close to Carissa and soon find out that she is illegally growing drugged mushrooms in the school greenhouse. She makes the entire school high and anonymously tips off the principal about the mushrooms which get Carissa expelled.

Eleanor works hard as well as she tries to take revenge on Max by getting close to him. While in the process, she starts falling for his sister Gabbi but their relationship is not official to anyone, even them. Eleanor soon leaks Max’s chats with a lot of girls whom he has been cheating on Tara with, his actual girlfriend. This makes his reputation go down. Although, in order to make things right, the couple announces that they are progressive polyamorous. This makes him even more popular.

Do Revenge Ending Explained: Who is Eleanor?

Well coming back to the story of Elanor and Drea, the two fall out at Eleanor’s birthday party when she does not invites Drea over. It was obvious that Eleanor was hurt because her only friend did not even remember her birthday because she was too caught up in the revenge plan. Soon, it is revealed that Eleanor is actually Nosey Nora who hit on Drea.

It was Drea who started the rumors about her, not Carissa. When she confronts Eleanor about the same, she threatens to frame Deea’s mother for possession of drugs. When Drea is driving away, Eleanor hits her with her car to give her a sob story to get into the good graces of her friends and be invited to the Admissions Party which only has people going to Ivy Leagues.

Soon, we see that Eleanor and Drea start to make up as the latter apologizes for everything that she has done. Although, Max hears everything and threatens to use this information against them. Eleanor records a confession out of Max where he admits to leaking the video of Drea. They air this clip all across the party and thus, Max is expelled and obviously, Yale rejects him.

Eleanor and Drea make up and drive off into the sunset. In the end, we see that Drea makes up with Russ who liked her but was disappointed because she was the one who framed her best friend Carissa for drugs. Later, Eleanor too makes up with Gabbi, and the two kiss. As for Max, he joins a highly patriarchal and problematic support group.

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