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Bollywood Romantic Movies To Binge Watch This Valentines


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we know, Bollywood movies with your significant other is just a perfect deal. We aren’t saying you’ve got to have a partner, lol no! You can binge-watch this movie all by yourself. After all, self-love comes first, isn’t it? So here we are, with a list of movies you can binge-watch on Amazon Prime Video in this cheesy aura of love. Tune in!

1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

So the story begins as it happens with most of us. You meet a stranger, and suddenly you realize, “this is my person”. Friendship kicks in, and you cognize things, you’ve never felt before. Being with certain people makes us aware of who we truly are. But it isn’t always loved, and if it is, you don’t always get it back. That’s the story of Ayan Sengar from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


Ayan and Alizeh

A novice at love and singing, Ayan meets Alizeh, a girl who knows what it is to be heartbroken. The two instantly click and become the kind of friends to each other, they never had. Ayan is immensely rich, so he never had real friends. The sole motive of people to be with him was his wealth and power. While Alizeh is a rebel who wasn’t liked by many people for her straightforwardness. But the two, although being poles apart, somehow knew, they were meant to be each other’s person. But what started as a friendship, eventually went too far, far enough for them to drift away. The two go to Paris together, after they find their significant others cheating on them. Ayan soon realizes that he’s falling for the carefree Alizeh.

On their way back, they cross paths with Ali, Alizeh’s ex-boyfriend, who wants to reconcile with her. Having a love for him in her heart, she decides to give him another chance, being completely unaware of how it would break Ayan’s heart. He gets shattered but still chooses not to tell her how he feels.


A still from the film

Eventually, one day, Alizeh calls him and invites him to their wedding. Ayan chooses to go but couldn’t help but confess. His feelings are rejected by Alizeh, who considers him just a friend. He takes the decision of walking away from her and leaves the ceremony heartbroken. At the airport, he meets Saba, a poet, who is divorced and has no room for love in her life. They soon begin living together in Vienna, but without commitments. He comes across Saba’s ex-husband Tahir Taliyar Khan, a painter, who is on good terms with Saba. The fact that he still loves her, despite being aware of Saba not feeling the same about him, nudges Ayan. Tahir tells Ayan, that one-sided love isn’t a weakness. It’s empowering because you have all the rights in this one-sided feeling.

Ayan, who has broken all ties with Alizeh contacts her and tries to make her jealous by sending her Saba’s pictures. While Alizeh visits Vienna, she is invited to a dinner hosted by Saba and Ayan. She feels that Ayan has found love in Saba and is happy for the duo. But the truth is, Ayan doesn’t love Saba. He chooses her company to escape his feelings for Alizeh. Saba begins falling in love with Ayan and since she knows he would never love her back, the duo part ways.


Ayan and Saba

Ayan continues to harbor a love for Alizeh and establishes himself as a famous singer. He meets Ali one day and realizes that Alizeh and Ali have parted ways. Ayan runs to Alizeh’s favorite spot and waits there until her arrival. Alizeh visits the spot and tells him that she has been diagnosed with cancer stage IV. The news shatters him, but the two are willing to spend their time together, in the best possible way. Ayan tries to make Alizeh love him and this upsets her. The two fight and Alizeh decide to leave. Ayan reaches the airport to stop her as she had always wished. Ayan consoles himself that he is lucky enough to have Alizeh as his best friend and is able to be with her in her last moments. Eventually, Alizeh dies and we are brought back into the present, where we see Ayan, an established singer, narrating the love story of his life in an interview. The one he’ll never get over.


Ranbir Kapoor as Ayan Sengar

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2. Meri Pyaari Bindu

Unrequited love is something that connects most people by one similar feeling. Be it crushing over someone in your teenage years or wanting someone to love you back as you grow out of your carefree life, a large majority of people have often come this way. And so has Abhimanyu Roy from Meri Pyaari Bindu, who has always been in love with her childhood best friend, Bindu Shankarnaryanan.

Abhimanyu and Bindu

Abhimanyu and Bindu have grown up together as neighbors and best friends, and Abhimanyu has loved her since the very beginning. Sweet and Simple Abhimanyu couldn’t help but lose his heart to the rebel and loud Bindu. From going to school to attending college together, the two were inseparable. He never chose to convey his feelings for her because he knew, Bindu loved him more than any friend in this world, because, for her, Abhimanyu was her home. But eventually, fun-loving Bindu’s world turns upside down. She loses her mother in a car accident and holds his father accountable for the same because he was driving the car in a drunk state. Her resentment towards her father grows to such an extent that Bindu decides to walk out from the current life she’s living. She leaves college midway and goes to Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu graduates and goes to Bangalore to pursue his further studies. However, the two initially keep in touch through letters, letting each other know about the happenings in their life. But as time passes, the usual letters turn into occasional happy birthday wishes, and eventually, they lose contact.

A still from the film

After few years, Abhi begins working in Mumbai. He visits Goa with his friends where he crosses path with Bindu, who has been engaged, the two spend a day together and regain contact with each other. After few days Bindu calls Abhi and lets him know that she didn’t get married as the man eloped. Abhimanyu tries to reconcile his friendship with Bindu and stands as her only support. He goes out of the way to be with her and even breaks up with his girlfriend. He helps Bindu regain her passion for music and she begins working as a dubbing artist and in the whole process, both fall in love with each other. Bindu gets a chance to become a singer and soon she releases her own albums. But Bindu is devastated when the album isn’t received well. The strain begins affecting her relationship with Abhi and when Abhi proposes her for marriage, she decides to walk away and goes to Bangalore.

Abhimanyu and Bindu

Years pass, and Abhi has now emerged as a writer known for his erotic horror novels. When his first novel becomes a hit, he is put under pressure by the manager to finish writing his other novels soon. So in order to take a break from all the work chaos, he visits his family back in Kolkata. A birthday party is organized for him, and Bindu comes to Kolkata as well. The two meet each other by chance, while Bindu is getting her old house vacant. But things aren’t the same for people who initially had so much love for each other since their childhood. Abhi’s Bindu is now Mrs.Nair and has a daughter as well.

The bold Bindu has now settled down and chosen a normal life, without Abhi. They visit the place that holds a special place in their hearts-the room on the attached. The same place where they met each other for the first time and since then, it has been their escape from the world. Abhi writes about his story in the form of a novel but with an ending of his choice. In real, Bindu is Mrs.Nair, but inside Abhi’s heart and novel, Bindu will always belong to Abhi. The duo remembers the times they’ve spent together. Their story ends with Abhi and his Bindu dancing together at his birthday party but in the novel, their story has just started.

A still from the film

3. Badrinath Ki Dulhania

After seeing stories of unrequited love, sit back and enjoy the story of a couple, who initially have no chance together. But their differences in personalized doesn’t become a barrier in their shared love for each other. You’re right, we’re talking about Badri and Vaidehi from Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Badri and Vaidehi

To be honest, it’s not your regular romantic comedy. It’s truly a family entertainer that hits you right at the correct spot. It deals with issues that need a voice, but with humor. So getting into the story, we’re introduced to Badrinath Bansal who belongs to a rich family in Jhansi. He is the younger son of Ambarnath Bansal, a man who is known all around the city. Badri helps his father in the money lending business and ends up meeting Vaidehi Trivedi at a wedding. He instantly falls for her charm and confidence and becomes obsessed with her. His only aim now is to marry her, but it all isn’t easy.

We’re taken through a series of flashbacks where once Alok, his elder brother was in love with a girl and wanted to get married to her. Ambar strictly disapproved of this and when Alok was about to leave his family for her, Ambar suffered from a heart attack. His love for his family didn’t let him leave. Alok is now married to Urmila as per his father’s wish. Urmila is well educated, intelligent, and professionally trained more than Alok himself. But his family’s fake dignity never allowed her to work.

A still from the film

Alok has now changed. He usually stays depressed as he was forced into a marriage with Urmila and had to leave the girl he loved. Badri doesn’t want to have a life like Alok. He fears that fate will bring him into the same situation if he loses Vaidehi. He confesses his feeling for Vaidehi, and it offends her. Vaidehi is highly educated, intelligent, and is secretly training to be an air hostess. Initially, Vaidehi showed no interest in Badri, but when Badri genuinely helped her family find a perfect groom for Kritika, her sister, she begins accepting the fact that Badri is a genuine and nice man. He even helps her family by resolving a dowry crisis.

What started as an obsession towards Vaidehi, soon turns into love for her, and Vaidehi too begins falling for the kind of person he is. She accepts his proposal and agrees to marry him. But on the wedding day, Vaidehi doesn’t show up. This breaks Badri and he starts feeling that Vaidehi has just used him. Ambar takes it as an act of disrespect and commands Badri toh find and bring her back, so he could punish her and prove his power.

A still from the film

Badri flies to Singapore where Vaidehi is attending a flight training program. Initially, they have an emotionally heated argument but soon Badri realizes his mistake. Alok calls him and informs him that Ambar has started looking for other brides. The news terrifies Badri and he confronts Vaidehi regarding the same. She is ready to marry him only if his father allows her to work, which is clearly not possible. The whole chaos nudges him deeply and in the state of being intoxicated, he creates a scene outside Vaidehi’s residential area and gets arrested, but Vaidehi bails him out. As Badri’s passport is kept under custody, he moves into Vaidehi’s apartment where she cares for him. Before leaving for her training, she prepares meals for Badri, which humbles him. Eventually, seeing her independent, he begins respecting her, which was initially missing in their relationship. As they spend more time together, the two grow even more close.

A still from the film

Badri soon realizes how wrong it would be of him to drag an intelligent girl like Vaidehi into a family, where her wings would be crippled. So he decides to return back to Jhansi, without Vaidehi. When he gets his passport back, he flies down to India and is irritated at the fact that Ambar is holding a pooja to make sure Urmila, who is pregnant, gives birth to a boy. Vaidehi on the other hand becomes depressed, as Badri’s absence hurts her. Seeing the condition of his family and how women are treated, Badri realizes why Vaidehi chose to not get married. He gets drunk and confronts his father, making him realize how wrong he has been all this while. But to his surprise, Vaidehi arrives and confesses her love for him.

Badri now takes a stand for Vaidehi and tells Ambar that they will get married and Vaidehi will work as she pleases. In the epilogue we see the couple maintaining a long-distance relationship after getting married before Vaidehi finishes her training program and returns back to India. She establishes her own flight training academy. Urmila too is allowed to work and she helps Alok in his business. Not to forget, she gives birth to two twins, a girl and a boy who are equally loved by Ambar. And the film ends on a happy note where Badri and Vaidehi unite and they have a happy family.

The epilogue scene

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4. Jab We Met

Taking you back to 2007 when the movie came out. A love story about a jubilant Geet and a depressed Aditya. A story that’s common enough to be found in real life. Not exactly depicting the drama, but how a person and his presence in your life can give you a new definition of happiness and living. The story of Geet and Aditya from Jab We Met is similar too.


Geet and Aditya

Aditya is an industrialist and comes from a very wealthy family. After his father passed away, he has to cater to a lot of responsibilities. He’s unable to cope up with the business and the workload when his girlfriend leaves him. He finds himself all alone, struggling to live. Aditya is depressed and has suicidal thoughts. Fed up with the life he’s living, he chooses to board a train, with no destination in his mind. He soon comes across Geet whose personality is in total contradiction to him. She is talkative and fun-loving, and when she sees Aditya in a messed up mood, she tries to lighten him up, eventually irritating him.

Aditya gets down at a random station and thinking that he somehow missed the train announcement, Geet gets down too to inform him, but both of them miss their train. He however rushes her to another station, but Geet misses her train again. While she is left stranded, some men try to assault her. In the process of escaping from them, she ends up finding Aditya and blames it to be the sole reason why she missed her train twice. She insists that he should personally drop her home, and Aditya, feeling partially responsible, agrees to it. The two spend the night together, getting to know each other, and Aditya finds himself in a surprisingly comfortable place with Geet.


A still from the film

The two visit her home and Geet’s family is overwhelmed with Aditya’s gesture of bringing back her daughter safely. However, Geet plans on eloping with her boyfriend Anshuman, as her family won’t let them get married. She takes Aditya too with him and the family suspects that Geet has eloped with Aditya, unaware of Anshuman’s existence. They grow close in their entire journey and Aditya falls in love with Geet. While Geet insists him to meet Anshuman, Aditya denies it and happily leaves. Nine months pass by and Aditya has established his business in a much better position. The time he spent with Geet has made him live his life differently. He enjoyed a renewed optimism towards life and everything around him. He feels Geet’s presence, every minute. Aditya reconciles with his mother too, who once chose to elope with her boyfriend, the bond she established with him in an extramarital affair.


A still from the film

Geet’s family begin contacting Aditya about Geet and how they have no clue where she is. This shocks Aditya and he promises them that he’ll bring her back. He visits Shimla and meets Anshuman, under the impression that she would be with him. He is taken aback when he learns that Anshuman rebuffed Geet the moment she arrived. Anshuman says that he never planned a life with Geet and she was the one who was fantasizing about married life. Aditya, out of disgust berates him and gets concerned about Geet. He soon finds her, but in a completely different demeanor. She is working as a school teacher and living a dull life.

Eventually, Aditya confronts Geet to get back home. Meanwhile Anshuman apologies to Geet and wishes to reconcile with her. Caught in a dilemma, Geet turns to Aditya, where he asks her to forgive him for the sake of love. The three get back home where Geet and Aditya are welcomed in a grand way and preparations for their wedding are also made as the family is still under the impression that the two eloped together. Geet eventually realizes her love for Aditya and doesn’t clear her family’s doubt. She confesses her feelings for Aditya and the two get married, while Anshuman leaves.


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I’m Suhani Rajpoot, an 18-year-old teen. I hail from Lucknow. I’m an aspiring pilot and a keen artist. I find poetry and writing as a way of self-exploration and a way to express different emotions through my eyes. My world revolves around my family, my hobbies, and a bunch of my friends.

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