Al Thaman Episode 40: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

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Al Thaman Episode 40: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Al Thaman (Source: MBC Shahid)

Al Thaman is an ongoing Arabic series, ready to air its upcoming episode on Sunday. We are here to assist you with the details like the release date, recap from the previous episodes, and guide to streaming the episode of Al Thaman. It is a romance and family drama tv show. It is already a popular series among drama lovers.

Al Thaman is an Arabic adaptation of the famous Turkish series ‘Binbir Gece,’ also known as ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ (2006). The series first premiered on January 8, 2023. It features well-known actors from the industry; Bassel Khaiat, Razane Jammal, Nicolas Mouawad, and Sara Abi Kanaan.

The show has ranked among the top ten Arabic television series in the MBC Shahid India region. The story is about Sarah, a strong independent single mother who faces many challenges alone while managing her life and career.

Al Thaman Episode 40: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Top 10 Tv Shows (Source: MBC Shahid)

Al Thaman Episode 40: The Plot

Al Thaman’s plot centers on the two main characters, Sarah and Zein. Sarah is a single mother living with her little son, Ibrahim. She is an Architect who is struggling to find a job. Tima, Sarah’s best friend, has references for her in the construction company she is working. Sarah is ready for the interview, and Zein is her interviewer, not Karam. Karam and Zein are business partners in the construction company.

Al Thaman Episode 40: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Sarah from Al Thaman (Source: MBC Shahid)

Karam has a sweet, understanding, and soft personality, whereas Zein is the opposite. Due to unpleasant past experiences, Zein doesn’t trust women and love. He doesn’t like anybody in the company. Tima warns Sarah not to reveal her marriage and children because it could be her last chance at a good job. She lies about her relationship status for the sake of her son.

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Sarah’s son, Ibrahim, is a Leukaemia patient. He is under regular treatment and medications. Sarah pays frequent visits to her son, who is in the hospital. Meanwhile, because Sarah is late for the meeting, Zein has formed an unfavorable opinion of her.

Sarah needs to collect a large amount of money. She doesn’t get any support from anyone. Finally, Sarah approaches Zein for the money. But under the condition that she spends the night with him if she wants the money.

Al Thaman Episode 40: Recap

In the previous episode, Sumayya, Zein’s mother, and Mr. Ibrahim are against Sarah and Zein’s relationship and closeness. Tima has asked Jimmy to help and support her in finding work, but Jimmy takes advantage of Tima. Zein and Sumayya argued about her behavior. Following their heated argument, Sumayya devised a new plan that surprised everyone.

Al Thaman Episode 40: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Sarah & Zein from Al Thaman (Source: MBC Shahid)

Because of Sumayya, Zein rushes to the hospital to check on her. M’tasem, on the other hand, has taken advantage of the situation and is attempting to target Sarah. Ibrahim is kidnapped, and police are searching for him.

Mo’tasem to contact Sarah to inform them about her son’s abduction. Zein tries to win back Mr. Ibrahim’s trust. Sarah and Zein have decided to keep the police out of this case for Ibrahim’s safety. Zein is ready to put his life on the line to save Ibrahim. Mo’tasem flees with the money once more.

Al Thaman Episode 40: Release Date & Time 

Episode 40 of Al Thaman will air on March 5, 2023. Every day except Friday and Saturday, new episodes are available to watch at 6 am EST through the MBC Shahid channel. The runtime of each episode is approximately 50 minutes. Viewers from other countries can check out the time details below to watch Al Thaman in your region on time.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 3:00 am (March 5, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time: 5:00 am (March 5, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 4:30 pm (March 5, 2023)
  • China Standard Time: 7:00 pm (March 5, 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time: 8:00 pm(March 5, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 9:30 pm(March 5, 2023)

Al Thaman Episode 40: Where to watch it?

Viewers from UAE can watch the episodes of Al Thaman on the MBC Tv network channels. Al Thaman is available on the MBC Shahid. It is a platform to watch exclusive Arabic series, movies, and other content. To enjoy the benefits, you need to subscribe to a VIP package which starts from 11.19 USD.

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