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Spoilers And Preview: Hello, Me! Season 1 Episode 5

Spoilers And Preview: Hello, Me! Season 1, Episode 5
Still From Hello, Me! Episode 4

Another soothing rom-com that has been blessing the television so far. Taking the cue from the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-Jung, KBS Drama Production brought us Hello, Me! A lighthearted rom-com experience for a lazy evening watch. With only four episodes on its arms. Hello, Me! serves as pretty good binge-watch material for those looking for a short, light-hearted experience until more episodes arrive. Starring Kim Young-Kwang, Choi Kang-hee, Eum Moon-Seok, and Kim Yoo-mi in the lead, the series premiered on February 17, 2021, through KBS2. Much like a range of Korean Dramas, a door for an international audience was opened for Hello, Me by Netflix. You can stream the first ongoing season right now with more episodes coming in.

Hello, Me! follows the story of Ban Ha-ni played by Choi Kang-hee, who accidentally meets an alternate version of hers. An enthusiastic, passionate, and fearless younger version from the time she was 17. With a chance to heal her old memories and mistakes, she helps her 17-year-old figure out things about life. So, let’s take a look at what happened previously on Hello, Me! episode 4 and what we can expect from the upcoming fifth episode.

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Recap: Hello, Me! Episode 4

Unlike previous episodes, in the fourth episode of Hello, Me!, we saw Ban HAi-ni taking cues from her younger self and learning more about her mistakes. So, the episode opened up where it almost left with Ban Ha-ni and Scarlett coming across their sister Ha-Yeong. All three are left shocked while Ha-Yeong concludes that she is Ban Ha-ni’s daughter, but it takes the battle between the sisters with Scarlett grabbing and pulling out Ha-Yeong’s hair.  Scarlett being Ban Ha-ni’s daughter works well for Ha-Yeong, who now moves on.

Spoilers And Preview: Hello, Me! Season 1, Episode 5

Still From Hello, Me! Episode 4

The young Scarlett or Ha-ni enjoys a bubble bath while thinking of going back to where she came from. Then she stumbles upon a thought of having their own place. Scarlett visits Ha-Yeong and asks for help with the money. They both Ha-ni’s get a house from it, but that’s not a place they thought it would be like. There are other people living there too.

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On the other side, Anthony meets up with a writer. He is hoping to get cast in the drama she is writing. Initially, she doesn’t want to take him in due to the negative image he has built. At the end of the day, she agrees to put him in one of the candidates for a role.

After a while, Ha-ni stumbles upon Han Yu-year. As they are now neighbors, he asks her for a drink. Ha-ni, on the other hand, clearly declines. There is literally no spark between them. Also, in response, the younger Ha-ni, as in Scarlett, replies with arrogance and tells Han Yu-year to stay away from her mother. Also, it seems like Ha-ni’s apartment is indeed haunted.

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Spoilers And Preview: Hello, Me! Season 1, Episode 5

Still From Hello, Me! Episode 4

The next day, both Ha-nis protest outside the Joa Confectionery building and get their jobs back. They later celebrate the victory over dinner and shopping until Scarlett witnesses a scar on Ha-ni’s leg, which forms a stiff between them. Later on, there is a scene with the mother when Ha-ni realizes how she treated her grandmother and tells the younger version of herself to tell her grandmom how much she loves her every day.

The episode ends with a rumor at the Joa Confectionery regarding nepotism at the place. The chairman, Oh Ji-Eun is annoyed until Ha-ni walks in. Plus, they both recognize each other.

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Hello, Me! Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Hello, Me! Season 1 Episode 5 is all set to release on Netflix on 3rd March 2021. The official promo coming from KBS2 suggests that we might still be seeing a boom in the relationship between Ha-ni and Han Yu-year. Well, he is clearly not ready to give up on her yet. On the other side, it seems like an advertisement for Joe Confectionery is being addressed. You can check out the preview below.

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Also, the consequences will be faced by Ha-ni for joining in Joe Confectionary. Especially due to the fact Oh Ji-Eun is her boss, and her hiring is now rumored to be under nepotism. For teen Ha-ni aka Scarlett, we are wondering if she is taking cues from her older self. We might be looking forward to her struggling with the ghosts at her apartment too. All in the upcoming fifth episode of Hello, Me!

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