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Ghostwire Tokyo: Everything You Need To Know

Ghostwire Tokyo features
Ghostwire Tokyo (Credits: Tango Gameworks)

Ghostwire Tokyo is one of the most anticipated games of 2021 as there have been many amazing and interesting things shown in the game that has piqued the interest of many players. The game was first introduced at E3 2019, and since then, many things have been shown about it. There are many things there to talk about, one of which is combat, which is described as “karate meets magic,” and in this, the player will be able to use magic bolts and throw them at the enemies. There will be different kinds of offensive abilities, and each will be effective against different kinds of enemies. The cool gestures that we can see in the trailer will be required to fire the projectiles, which makes it not only cool but fun to see them.

There is also going to be a bow as well as a thing that is called ‘spiritual wires’ that will allow players to perform finishing moves from a distance. One of the most interesting parts of the game is the enemies as well, which look creepy and interesting at the same time. There are many enemies, but their names aren’t revealed to us yet, and as for their appearance, there is a demon in the form of a raincoat child, suit-wearing demons, and much more. Some of these ghosts are based on the folk legends that originated in Japan, and they have been modernized. They will try to kill the player with everything they got, and they won’t stop until they are killed by the player or they kill the player.

There are a lot of small details about the gameplay, like at one point in one of the trailers, which showed one of the enemies has their clothes torn. This could mean similar to Doom Eternal, and the players will be able to the damage they have done to the enemies which is a pretty cool thing. One more thing that there is a possibility of stealth takedown features which can make the gameplay more diverse. With the type of combat in the game, players will be able to take on many enemies at once, which will make life a bit easier. The story of the game has been revealed, which starts when 99% of Tokyo’s population suddenly vanished without any trace while leaving all their clothes behind. As it happened, the streets of Tokyo are filled with Ghosts or ‘Visitors.’

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Ghostwire Tokyo release date

Ghostwire Tokyo (Credits: Tango Gameworks)

The player will be controlling a mysterious hooded person who possesses spectral powers. Your job is to rid the street of Tokyo of these Visitors and at the same time find out the reason behind this phenomenon. Furthermore, there are a group of people that are somewhat responsible for this and will most likely be enemies in the game.

There have been any other NPCs revealed that are in the game, but as the release draws near, we might get to see them, and most likely, the surviving 1% population of Tokyo will have the same power as the protagonist, and they might have joined forces to oppress this threat. GhostWire Tokyo will be releasing in 2021 on PS5 as a timed console exclusive and PC.

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