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DC’s Young Justice Season 4: What To Expect?

Young Justice Featured

Young Justice Season 4 is coming to our screens real soon, and let’s get ready for some teenage superhero action. The first 3 seasons have been a massive hit among fans, and they can’t wait for the next. With the news season coming real soon, let’s take a quick look at the show. Brandon Wietti and Greg Wiesman are the one’s behind this amazing show on Cartoon Network. Keep in mind this is not the direct adaptation of the comic series with the same name that is present on the DC Universe. It is, in fact, a slight adaptation of the complete of the DC Universe with the main superheroes being teenagers or young adults.

We got a taste for the show on November 26th, 2010, with an hour-long special that featured the first 2 episodes of Independence Day and Fireworks.

Young Justice

People were lead to sadness when it was announced that the show would be canceled right after its second season. But this sadness was short-lived as Warner bros. Animation revealed a little later that the show would return for a third season.


The series follows some teenage and young adult superhero sidekicks that want to make a name for themselves in this villain-infested world. They want to show the world that they are capable of standing up for themselves.

But even though they are superheroes, them being teenagers is a fact that can’t be ignored. So while being a person that saves the world on one side, they also have to deal with some personal issues every day that comes with being a teenager.

Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy are invited to a meeting of the Justice League by their mentors. But at the last moment, just before the meeting was about to start, the teenagers are called away, this angers Speedy, and he storms away.

The other three make their way to solve an issue where a fire has broken out. The fire is at Cadmus labs, and what they find it is shocking. They find a clone of Superman, who they call SuperBoy. They help him escape, and by doing that, they reveal illegal stuff going down at the lab.

By uncovering these things that weren’t known to the Justice League, Batman and the other mentors are impressed and decide to make a team of these teenage superheroes naming them Young Justice. They are given a base, and Batman gives them missions from time to time where other mentors also are present to watch over them.

Later, Speedy also makes his way back to the group with the new name Red Arrow. They are also joined by several other superhero sidekicks. The main antagonist group of the show is Light, a group consisting of some major villains. It is later revealed that Red Arrow is part of Light and helps the villains take over the Justice league and young Justice.

Young Justice 2

But everyone is able to break away from this trap, but for some reason, by the end of the season, many of the members find themselves very far away from where they previously were.

The second season takes place 5 years after what has gone down. Under the spell of Light, some heroes from the Justice League and attacked a peaceful alien planet which causes a lot of problems. Now a ton of alien races is trying to invade earth, and our heroes have to stop them.

During this season, we also see members of the Justice league leaving earth to clear their names. We also see several members join and several other leave the Young Justice. Aqualad, who left the group at the start, is later revealed to be a double-agent.

Now our super-group has to deal with Reach and the problems created by Light, who now has many more villains in their roster. Season 3 has gotten a lot tougher for the heroes, making it one of the most action-packed seasons.

Release Date

The HBO Max channel has revealed that the new fourth season will be out on August 24th, 2021.

Ever since the show came into existence, it has mainly received positive reviews. Everyone praised the show for having a great storyline that featured very mature characters. Each and every character was well-written and had a very deep story to themselves. This led to people picking favorites and the entire show getting a huge fan following.

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