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TV Series Similar To Euphoria You Can Watch This February

Series similar to Euphoria

Euphoria is about Rue, a teen who returns from rehab and then again purchases drugs from her friend Fezco. Jules is a beautiful new lady in the town. Her classmate sends her an invitation to the party hosted by famous footballers. Jules declines because she wants to meet an old guy from the hookup app. Rue gets late, and she is forced to take the drug test. Rue asks her childhood friend to take a test for her. While Cassie and McKay are dating. The man whom Rue meets is Nate’s father. They both ended in an intimate relationship. At the party, Maddy dumps Nate and has an affair with Tyler so to make Nate jealous. Jule attacks Nate after he harasses him continually. If you like the tale of Euphoria, then we have a list of TV series similar to Euphoria.

1. Greenhouse Academy


“The Greenhouse House” is a drama tv series that originated in Israel. Later it got adapted in English format called Greenhouse Academy on Netflix in 2017. The show unfolds about two kids Ellali and Alfie Reshef, who lost their mother, an astronaut, in an explosion. After death, these two kids decide to enroll in a boarding school where they will learn about leadership.

Alfie and Ellali are in two distinct groups called Eagles and Ravens. Throughout the story, they both battles against each other in creating teams and leadership challenges throughout their semesters. Later most members of the Ravens and Eagles detect strange events going around in their school and are compelled to join forces to save the world.

2. The O.C

The O.C

The series focuses on Ryan Atwood, a gifted and bothered young man from a shattered family, and is later adopted by a rich Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. Sandy accepts Ryan as he is a lawyer and had taken a stand for Ryan for his own misdeeds in the court. But Kristen is aware of Ryan’s criminal history and is stressed about his stay in her house.

The son of the couple, Seth, bonds quickly with Ryan and tells him about the community. At the same time, Ryan becomes a love guru for him in exchange. Ryan develops a crush on the neighborhood girl, and the girl’s best friend, Summer, is jealous of the feelings that he has built for her best friend.

3. The A-List

The A list

The A list sets in a beautiful island summer camp, but a place where dark mysteries will change the “holiday of a lifetime” into the worst nightmare. Mia is wondering that she is all set for a sunny day, romance, and social pressure, but the arrival of a lady Amber disrupts everything. Mia strolls over the camp as she is the queen of the camp. She is confident, humorous, and effortlessly delighting.

Mia develops a feeling of hatred towards her, and slowly all the formers under Mia’s turns on the side of Amber. Further, Mia is suspicious that there are many things to handle other than her popularity. She sees something different in her eyes, which none can see. It seems To Mia that she is cold, hungry, and cataloging. Amber is not an ordinary girl. She has vulnerable powers, and they are dangerous, which keeps on growing. The heightened allows the show to visit universal adolescent concerns of loyalty, friendship, drama, and betrayal.

4. The End OF Fuc**** World

The End Of Fuc**** World

The series is a British dark comedy and is based on Charle’s Forsman’s mini-comics “The End Of Fu***** World”. James is a 17-year-old teen who believes that he is a psychopath. He hunts animals as a hobby, but later boredom struck him for this practice. Also, he decides that he should try to kill human beings. He then Finds Alyssa, a 17-year-old classmate who faces an issue of her own.

She proposes, and they flee away, thinking of an adventure away from her troubled house-life. James agrees to this as he finds an opportunity to hunt humans. They went on a road trip across England and started to face a series of mishaps. However, in season 2, they part their ways, and we see Alyssa proposes to another man. But another individual is thirsty for revenge for what they did, and they hunt them down. Later the revenge brings them together.

5. Never Have I ever

Never Have I Ever is a new age American comedy-drama series aired on Netflix. The story talks about Davy Vishwakumar who is a 15-year-old teenager from Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. After a disastrous freshman year, Devi wants to change her social status, but her pals, family members make it hard for her.

After the death of Devi’s father, Devi is unable to lose her legs for three months. The next year she deals with her sorrow, her Indian identity, and her school life. He struggles with her mother, her cousin, her two best friends Eleanor and Fabiola, and her high school crush Paxton. The series is narrated by a professional tennis player, with one of the episodes narrated by Andy Samberg.

6. Riverdale

As the new school year begins, the city of Riverdale is spinning from the recent tragic death of a popular student in high school, Jason Blossom. Archie Andrews, an American teen but the events of summer made him understand that he should follow his dreams rather than walk in the footsteps of his father. Despite the end of his relationship with his music professor, Ms. Grundy, Archie has lost his mentor.

Singer Josie McCoy focuses on her band and will be the next popular Pussycats. Jughead Jones is a writer and his classmate, and he doesn’t share a good bond with him. Betty Copper is later hitched with Jughead. The other mates and Archie explore the struggle of his daily lives and therefore looks for the mystery behind Jason’s death.

7. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

The story is an American supernatural drama for teens. It is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, a town with a history of the supernatural. It centers on the life of Elena Gilbert, who had recently lost her parents in a tragic car accident. Soon, she falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, who is a 162-year-old vampire. Their relationship gets messier with the sudden return of his older brother. And on top of that, he brings his past love life, whom Steffan loves.

Katherine is also a vampire whose facial features match that of Elena. Although Damon hated Stefan as he forced him to become a vampire, soon they fix up things between them. Damon also falls in love with Elena in the later episodes, and therefore there is a love triangle between them. Both Damon and Salvon protect Elena and get rid of the threats to their town.

8. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Scott McCall and his best pal Stiles Stilinski go into the forest to find a body. Stiles’s father sends his son back to his home, leaving Scott in the woods. Scott is bitten by a werewolf, and he becomes one with double the strength, popularity, and a team member of the lacrosse team.

Scott must find a path to control these changes as it may hurt his closed ones. Stile assists him until they meet Dereck, whose family died in the fire. Dereck is also a werewolf and, therefore, a coach for Scott. Will his girlfriend be able to find his truth? Will Alison’s dad, who hunts werewolf will hunt him?

9. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is based on the New York best seller book written by Jay Asher. The series follows Clay Jensen, who returns to his house from school and finds a mysterious box with his name labeled on it. He finds a series of cassette recordings recorded by Hannah Baker.

Hannah is her classmate and a crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier.  On recordings, Hannah speaks in an emotional audio diary where she tells all the thirteen reasons why she decided to kill herself. The story has a dark path of a girl where she faces the nasty behavior of her school peers.



The series speaks about three young people who have received a scholarship to educate themselves in Las Encinas. Las Encinas is the most exclusive school in Spain. After the collapse suffered in the school by an earthquake, the three students went to start their journey in a brand new school. The clash is between everything and nothing.

In short, the three people Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, are from a middle-class family, and the students studying from Las Encinas have a rich background. But the journey of these three people will not that be easy. The question arises that will they be able to fit in this environment?

11. You

The series is based on the best selling novel written by Caroline Kepnes. You are a recent generational story that queries, “What can you do for love?”.  Joe Goldberg develops is infatuated with Guinevere. She desires to become a writer in her future. His answer to the question becomes very specific that is anything for love. Using all the social platforms, he finds all the minute details and gets close to her. Later, her beautiful and adorable crush becomes an obsession as he very steadily removes all the obstacles and all those people who come in his path.

12. This Is Us

TV series Similar to Euphoria

This Is Us

Rebecca Pearson gave birth to triplets, and the births happened on the same day on her husband’s thirty-sixth birthday. The lives of Jack, Rebecca, and the triplets called Kevin, Kate, and Randall, are portrayed at different points in time. The Rebecca and Jack stories are shown during the early phase of their marriage and the three children at different phases, which was not the smooth procedure of the five.

Distinct tales about Kevin, Kate, and Randall are also shown in their adulthood, each has their respective burden from that upbringing. Randal is a successful businessman and finds information about his own parents. Kate finds her love and battles with obesity. Kevin pursues a life that has some difficult risks associated with it.

13. Chambers

The series is set in Arizona and is aired on Netflix. Sasha Yazzie is a high school student and lives with her uncle. Sasha faced a devastating heart attack when she was in the middle of an intimate relationship with her boyfriend, TJ. She gets an emergency heart transplant from an aristocrat girl called Becky Lefevre, who died on the same night. Later she finds the cause of her donor’s death.

14. The Order

The Order follows a college student, Jack Morton. He joins the Order of the Blue Rose, a mysterious society that educates and practices magic. As he delves deeper into the organization’s history. He then uncovers the dark secrets of his family and fights an underground war between magical wolves and evil forces.

15. I Am Not Okay With This

TV series Similar to Euphoria

I Am Not Okay With This

The comedy series depicts the story of Sydney, a boring 17-year-old teenage girl. But Sidney also deals with friendship with Dina, a bubbly lady, and Stanley. She has never dealt with the trauma of her father’s death by suicide a year before.  Sydney is just waiting for a chance so that she can use her supernatural strength.  And this brings her to the surprise.

16. My So-Called Life

TV series Similar to Euphoria

My So-Called Life

The series is an American drama TV series aired on ABC. The story sets in a fictional school called Liberty High School in a fictional suburb called Three Rivers. It follows the emotions of many teenagers. The series tackles major issues like child abuse, alcoholism, adulthood, school violence, drugs, and homophobia. So it’s about a 15-year-old girl and her trials of being a teenager and deals with friendship, boys, parents, and school.

17. Girls

TV series Similar to Euphoria


The series is an American comedy-drama produced by  Judd Apatow. The series follows the lives of four young ladies who live in the city of New York. Hannah wants to be a writer and is shocked when her parents declare that they would not support her financially anymore. As they have done enough for her graduation from Oberlin College two years before. Left disappointed, Hannah follows her twenties. Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, and Alex Karpovsky are the friends of Hannah.

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