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Pentagon Net Worth: How Much Does The Boy Group Earn?

Net Worth of Pentagon

Pentagon might be one of the most successful groups in Cube Entertainment. Naturally, fans are curious about the net worth of Pentagon. The nine-member group debuted in 2016 and has since then seen some changes in the lineup too. But nonetheless, the group has managed to retain its popularity and keeps giving out great music. The group is highly popular in Japan and internationally, so that explains its global popularity.

Pentagon was first introduced through the survival reality show Pentagon Maker. In fact, three members didn’t even make the cut. But eventually, they were revealed to be the final members of the Pentagon. Apart from their amazing music career, the boys are also symbols of social change. They were appointed as ambassadors of the Korea Youth Red Cross in 2020. We’ll have a look at some of their career achievements too going ahead. Now, without any further ado, let’s check out the net worth of Pentagon.

Pentagon Net Worth

The net worth of Pentagon is estimated to be between $3-$5 million. The major income of the group comes from its promotional activities as the group. They have held concerts globally and locally, so it’s not surprising the boys have made some big bucks over the last six years. The group’s annual income as a group has managed to be consistent over the years, despite some controversies. Hence, the net worth of Pentagon has also managed to hold out.

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Apart from their musical jobs, the group also had some endorsement deals as a group. In 2016, the boys were chosen as models to endorse Econeko & Sausando’s Organic Ice Cream Bubble Cleanser. In the same year, the boys were also announced to have a collaboration with school uniform brand Elite. From 2017-19, the group also endorsed for D’Live+ OTT set-top box.

Net Worth Pentagon

Pentagon for Elite uniform

In April 2021, Pentagon started endorsing a Thai juice brand, Tipco. It is evident the boys are pretty busy and taken by many brands. In fact, their label Cube was one of the top 5 richest entertainment companies in South Korea in the year 2021.

The group is also known for their philanthropy acts, which is very impressive since their popularity helps gain attention to some important issues.

Notable Works And Achievements

Apart from their impressive net worth of Pentagon members, they are also an impressive group of musicians. All the members of Pentagon were involved in something before becoming a group. Many of them were participating in survival shows, while some performed with their seniors on stage as background dancers as trainees. Finally, in 2015 it was announced that a new group, Pentagon, would be debuting.

The members were made to participate in a survival show, wherein the groups were divided into categories of vocal or rap, dance, talent, mind, and teamwork. Initially, only seven members were finalized to debut. However, their debut got postponed. Finally, in October 2016, the group debuted with 10 members. The eliminated three contestants were given a chance to join the final lineup. There are nine members of the Pentagon now, namely Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok. Member E’Dawn had left the group in 2018. Currently, members, Hui and Hongseok are serving their mandatory military duty.

The group debuted with their debut EP titled Pentagon. Not just in Korea, but the boys have managed to spread their popularity worldwide. Like most K-pop groups, Pentagon has a strong fanbase in Japan. The group releases Japanese music from time to time. All their showcases in Japan have been successful, with thousands attending the events. Additionally, the group made it to Billboard’s list of top 10 debuts K-pop groups of 2016.

Pentagon net worth

Members of Pentagon

In 2019, the group held its first world tour, which covered 23 cities worldwide.

Pentagon also participated in the much-talked-about survival show, Road to Kingdom. They didn’t win the show but truly gained some new fans with their amazing performances. One of their most iconic songs is Shine. If you are a K-pop fan, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Shine. In 2020 itself, the group also hosted their own podcast show, Pentagon’s Jack Pod.

The group has, until now, released 12 EPs in Korean and 4 Japanese EPs. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most successful acts in K-pop right now!

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