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My Hero Academia Announces When The Heroes: Rising Movie Takes Place


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is just around the corner now and the movie has been hyped up to be incredibly wonderful. Those who have watched the movie already claim that it’s sensational in every way and almost feels like the end of the My Hero Academia series itself. For those of you who don’t know, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is set to come out in Japan on December 20, 2019. The movie is arguably canon to the events of the anime and the manga with the story being set in a rather surprising time.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Release Date

The previous My Hero Academia movie, titled My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was set before the Bakugo Abduction arc, and this one, it seems will take place during Volume 25 of the My Hero Academia manga. For those of you who don’t read the manga, Volume 25 recently wrapped up and the story is currently in Volume 26.

The ongoing My Hero Academia Season 4 is adaptating the Overhaul arc, which spans over 3-4 volumes from Volume 14-18. As such, those of you who are strictly anime-only fans won’t be able to watch this movie for quite a while. If you do want to watch it without getting spoiled, you’ll have to catch up to almost the entirety of the My Hero Academia manga.

Volume 25 of My Hero Academia focuses solely on the activity of the League of Villains as they go up against the Meta Liberation Army at Deika City. While Shigaraki fights the war against them, Midoriya and the Heroes fight a battle against Nine, one of the worst criminals in My Hero Academia history in Heroes Rising.

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