Who Is Willow Smith’s Boyfriend In 2023? The Coping Mechanism Singer’s Love Interest

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Willow Smith
Willow Smith Credits: Allure

Want to know who Willow Smith’s boyfriend is in 2023? Yes, we are talking about the Coping Mechanism singer who is currently making headlines for slaying at the recent Coachella music festival. Keeping that aside, her fans are showing curiosity about what’s happening in her love life. Willow seems to be taken and is having the best days of her Life. But who is he? Before that, let’s briefly discuss how much prominent Willow Smith is in the world of entertainment. 

Everybody knows that Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Despite belonging to a sound and renowned family, she worked pretty hard and earned success all by herself. She has been doing wonders in the music industry since 2007. When it comes to Willow’s music credits, some of the hit ones are Maybe It’s My Fault, Transparent Soul, Wait a Minute, Lipstick, Hover Like a Goddess, etc. Have you not listened to her 2021 album? Lately, I Feel Everything. It’s incredibly good and became a major hit. 

Besides her music career, Willow Smith has also done a few voice plays. Concerning this, some of her works include- Merry Madagascar and We Baby Bears. 

Willow Smith
Willow Smith Credits: BBC

Coming back to Willow Smith’s personal Life, the singer turned out to be bisexual in 2019. She is very much proud of her, and so we are. What about her relationship status? Well, she is taken, yes! Your assumption isn’t wrong.

Willow is very much open about it, as she often gets spotted with her beau, hanging out together. But who is he? If you are looking for who Willow Smith’s boyfriend is in 2023, here is what we know.

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Meet Willow Smith’s Boyfriend In 2023: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Willow Smith’s boyfriend in 2023 is De’Wayne Jackson. But what’s his identity? Well, De’Wayne is also a music artist who excels in the hip-hop music genre. Not to forget to mention, he also has great rapping skills. In case you are curious about his hit music list, it includes- Greed, I Know Something, Perfume, Top Gun, THANK YOU FOR LYING, Never Changed, Coming Back Home, etc. 

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Moving on to Willow Smith’s romantic relationship with De’Wayne Jackson, both are very much open about it. Both get spotted in public, strolling on the streets hand-in-hand, going out on dates, having fun at the beach, and whatnot. It seems like they are a fun couple! Don’t you think so? 

De'Wayne Jackson
Willow Smith’s boyfriend Credits: Knockturnal

Wait! There is a lot more. Willow Smith has never confirmed dating someone. But who cares? Fans are convinced that De’Wayne Jackson is Willow Smith’s boyfriend, as both have been constantly giving hints on social media and also in real Life. It’s possible, yes! 

Well, Willow Smith’s boyfriend, De’Wayne Jackson, seems to be very much supportive of her. Why? He was spotted with her on her Life Your, following which they seemed to have gotten closer to each other. As mentioned already, the rumored love birds once got spotted bathing in the sun, sharing laughter and kisses on the beach in Miami. Last year, in September, Willow Smith was spotted out in Malibu with her beau and puppy in her arms. 

De'Wayne Jackson and Willow Smith
De’Wayne Jackson and Willow Smith Credits: Getty Image

No doubt! Willow Smith and De’Wayne Jackson look adorable together. There is more beyond friendship, and fans can’t get over them being a perfect match. What’s your say on this? Well, we are eagerly waiting for Willow to make an official statement about her romantic affair with the rapper. Besides that, it’s all good. 

Best Wishes to Willow Smith for the upcoming days of her Life. We are hopeful that her relationship with De’Wayne stays strong like this. You may give Willow a following on her Instagram account for more updates. Don’t you want to witness more of their lovely goofy pictures? 

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