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How is Nicolas Cage’s Wife Much Younger Than Him?

Nicholas Cage’s wife is much younger than him. How did they meet, and how did the love story begin? This is something that the fans are very much showing concern about. Before getting into that, let’s learn what he is popular for. Nicholas Kim Coppola is a versatile actor.

Some of his famous movies include Kiss Of Death, Bringing Out The Dead, The Frozen Ground, Color Out Of Space, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, etc. Considering you being his fan, you will be happy to know that Nicholas Cage is set to release his next projects- Butcher’s Crossing, The Retirement Plan, The Old Way, and Renfield this year. However, at present, the actor is busy shooting his film, Sympathy for the Devil, which is likely to release in 2023. Besides all of these, Nicholas also hosted History Of Swear Words, last year. 

Knowing his versatility in the entertainment industry, fans are lately curious to learn about Nicholas’ personal life. Well, the actor was previously married to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, Alice Kim, and Erica Koike. None of these marriages were well for him, and he thus ended up in divorce.

However, now, it seems like he has gotten his true love and appears to be very much happy with his wife. Last year, Nicholas tied the knot with her, and she is reported to be very young if compared to him. Who is she, and what sparked the romance between the duo? Here is what we know about Nicholas Cage’s Wife. 

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Nicholas Cage’s Wife Is Much Younger Than Him: Who Is She? 

Nicholas Cage’s Wife is named Riko Shibata, who is just 27 years old. Whereas, the actor is now 58 years old. So, there lies a high age between the two, more specifically, 31 years of difference. But when in love, who cares about the age? Initially, a few controversies surfaced because of their age gap. But, the love birds have ignored and are leading a blissfully happy life together.

Who is Nicholas Cage's Wife

Nicholas Cage with his wife, Riko Shibata

On the other hand, you will be surprised to know that Riko is also younger than Nicholas’ oldest son, Weston. Many of you are still not aware of Nicholas Cage’s Wife. Well, Riko hails from Kyoto, Japan. Nothing much about her is known. But, she appears to be very much supportive of her husband and is often seen by his side, be it casually strolling on the street or at his movies’ promotional events. 

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How Did Nicholas Cage And His Wife Meet? Revisiting the Early Days Of Their Relationship

Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata met each other through their mutual friends, in her hometown, Japan. Particularly in Shiga, where the actor went to shoot his film, Prisoners of the Ghostland. You never know when you will fall in love and with whom. That’s what happened between Nicholas and Cage. Soon the duo realized that they were made for each other. However, we aren’t aware of when it was the first time they met. 

Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata made their first public appearance in February 2020, while holding hands with each other. Where were they going? They were heading toward New Orleans to visit the actor’s nine feet tomb. 


Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata got engaged to each other virtually. When and how? It was in August 2020 that the actor made appearances on his brother, Marc’s radio show. He shared that they hadn’t seen each other for six months and he misses her already. He ended up confessing, “Look, I wanna marry you,’ and we got engaged on FaceTime.” How cute! Since Riko’s favorite color is black, Nicholas sends her a black diamond ring to Kyoto after the virtual proposal. Isn’t that very unique? 

Who is Nicholas Cage's Wife

Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata


Finally, it was on 16 February 2021, Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata tied the knot at the Wynn Hotel. It is located in Las Vegas. On this note, he shared, “I know five is a lot, but I think I got it right this time.” Sounds so good! 

Recently, on 7 September 2022, Nicholas and Riko welcomed their first child. They named him August Francesca Coppola Cage. Sending loads of love to him! Best Wishes to both for their new parenthood journey! Also, we are eagerly waiting for the fall of Nicholas Cage’s upcoming works! 

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