Rabbit Hole Ending Explained: What Happened With Crowley?

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Rabbit Hole Ending Explained (Credit: Paramount Plus)
Rabbit Hole Ending Explained (Credit: Paramount Plus)

Let’s know about Rabbit Hole Ending Explained. As you know that season 1 of rabbit hole has ended and most of us don’t you know clearly what happened in the end so in this article, you will get to know about the ending and what were the possible reasons for that ending, and what can be the plot for the next season if they announce that so read below.

The show started with a narrative that grip the audience to watch the show in one go but they ended down to the generic fear of the show with some twists and turns. Added in the show to give some spice and change the narrative and give some surprises to the audience and that made the audience realize that nothing was at stake.

One example like that is the woman whom the audience thought was the wife of John was not instead she was a person that John has kept for some situations like the one she was right now. Just consider turning to be a decoy into a profession. After the joke about wanting to be a trophy wife, that might be the internet’s next best joke.

Another character was Haley who was not even important to the show but the only thing she did was to fill the diversity quota. But at the end of season 1 episode 8 which promises the release of the next season describes that discussion of Crowley and what was his intentions and the death of Crowley whether he was the real person or not and that you will get to know about in this article.

Still From Rabbit Hole (Credit: Paramount Plus)
Still From Rabbit Hole (Credit: Paramount Plus)

Rabbit Hole Ending Explained

In the opening scene of Rabbit Hole’s first season finale, Crowley sets up the murders of federal judges, apparently so that they can be replaced with puppets of his choice, using the Nora Evers Protection Act, which gives him access to every American’s private information.

Following the news of the murders, Ben explains his former colleague’s reasoning, saying Crowley wants to go back in time and create a caste system so that everyone in America knows their place. Weir and the others quickly understand that there is no going back if they don’t take action right away.

At the end of season 1 of Rabbit Hole, we saw how Ben shoots Crowley and it was not sure whether Crowley was hit or not. After all, he only thinks that he is Crowley because he has a listening device in his ear and it is been conspired that someone was informing him what to do or what he has to say.

It is already known that Ben and Crowley nose each other for many years as they have worked together. And that is the only reason why we can expect that they both know each other by their faces but due to that earpiece that was in his year we can get two different possibilities that the person who was killed was not the real Crowley and we also considered that the kingpin was not even Crowley.

Still From Rabbit Hole (Credit: Paramount Plus)
Still From Rabbit Hole (Credit: Paramount Plus)

If you look at the first scene and think that he didn’t even recognize who he is going to kill as faces change a lot. Decades like Phil Burke who ages into Charles Dance the two actors who played the role of Ben Weir when he was a child and as an old respectively. 

Crowley might have wanted to create a phony version of himself, just as John had done with his ex-wife. When Ben takes the earphone device and asks who is on the other end of it, his expression suggests that he is acquainted with the person. In one of the statements, he said how could he have missed this.

Alternatively, it could have been an expression of anger over the ongoing fight. And by this weekend also stay that the person was actually Crowley’s Boss instead of Crowley but we will know about that in the second season of the show we also had a suspicion that Kyle was also in contact with the real Boss and not with the dead person that clearly explains why he is smile when he was leaving the newsroom.

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