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NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 Explained – A Quick Recap

Recap: NCIS Season 18, Episode 9
Still From NCIS Season 18, Episode 9 "Winter Chills"

Well, get ready to hold your tears. The ninth episode of NCIS Season 18 took us on quite an emotional ride. For years, since NCIS made its original debut in 2003, the show has built up a name in the crime-procedural area of entertainment. Having two spin-offs as in NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles, the show doesn’t look to stop its expansion. Especially due to the fact there is a cue that the creators might be planning in for a new spinoff titled NCIS: Hawaii. Anyway, just like that the series brought a large number of compelling characters that have stayed with us, and that’s the reason the recent ninth episode of NCIS Season 18 was such a heartbreaking one.

NCIS tells the story of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team of agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. They take major and intense criminal cases that lead to secure the city. Here we are taking a look at everything happening in NCIS Season 18, Episode 9 titled, “Winter Chill”. So with no further adieu, let’s begin.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 – What Happened?

NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 is titled, “Winter Chills”, started with a former member saying her goodbyes in her own way. Sloane bid adieu to the team as she decided to stay in Afghanistan. Though she left, she wrote each member a letter and gave them their own unique gift. Toress received a fish which he watched over since Sloane left. He thought it was temporary but now since Sloane left he doesn’t want anything living with him. He tried to trade with other teams but failed to do so. Ultimately he decided he will take good care of Carl the fish and won’t let anything bad happen to it like before.

The New Case

While Toress stressed out, a new case appeared to divert his mind. The body of Naval Petty Officer Martin Delfino was found frozen to death in a food supply truck which was odd. Out of all the places in the world, Delfino was found in a food supply truck which has nothing to do with him. The team asked the driver about Delfino. Well, the driver doesn’t know who he is. But he revealed that he delivered this truck to Killer Korn. It was also revealed the name of Delfino’s truck is Killer Kross.

Recap: NCIS Season 18, Episode 9

Still From NCIS Season 18, Episode 9 “Winter Chills”

The investigation further took the team to acknowledge that the truck is quite popular in the area. Especially for its excellent corn cobb. So, the team dives in deep with the investigation talking and checking all the food delivery people. Bishop and Torres on the other hand look for Delfino’s cousin Shaun Greco and take the bad news to him. While the investigation carries on, a food truck owner gives the officers a lead. He reveals that Delfino had an enemy. Plus, he also gives a name which is Sloppy Joe Sammy.

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The Investigation

The revelation soon leads the officers to take their hands-on Sammy. The interrogation goes well but leads to Sammy being innocent who gives the officers one more lead. Another enemy of Delfino’s is Kosmic Korn. He revealed the further deep down story and the rivalry Killer Korn and Delfino shared. It was further revealed that both of them also had restraining orders which didn’t come up from the mouth of Shaun Greco which was odd.

Recap: NCIS Season 18, Episode 9

Still From NCIS Season 18, Episode 9 “Winter Chills”

The interviews lead the team to investigate this Kosmic Korn. Investigating the truck leads to quite some elements that could make Kosmic Korn suspicious. There was blood and thus, the truck owner of Kosmic Korn named Cannizaro was taken into custody. Upon interrogating, Cannizaro revealed that Delfino attacked him with a vehicle and that blood belongs to him, not Delfino. Cannizaro admitted that they stole the recipes and ideas from Greco but lately they were looking for peace. They tried to make amends and henceforth looked forward to ending this long-ranging rivalry.

The Ending

Well, the team moved on from investigating the rivals of Delfino as there was not much that could prove they are behind this. Amidst the case, Gibbs receives a call from Fornell. He thought it was about Fornell moving to Costa Rica for his retirement. But, seems like that wasn’t the case. The news was quite bad as Gibbs learns his daughter Emily is not well. Thus, Gibbs leaves the investigation to reach his daughter at the hospital.

On this side the investigation carries on, more things about Delfino started uncovering especially the fact he had a girlfriend. It was also revealed that she was harassed by another food supplier named Richard. Interrogating Richard wasn’t fruitful either and provided not much until the team got to closure and quite an unexpected end. They found out that a man who wrote parking tickets was behind Delfino’s murder. He and Delfino got into quite an argument which cost the man losing his temper. He was sick of getting hated every day and thus ended Delfino’s life.

Recap: NCIS Season 18, Episode 9

Still From NCIS Season 18, Episode 9 “Winter Chills”

On the other hand, Fornell was at the hospital waiting for Gibbs to arrive.  Fornell’s daughter Emily is an addict and since his wife is dead he had no one to call. So he turned to his friend Gibbs who arrived at the hospital. He didn’t know what he could do to help. So they waited in the waiting room until the bad news arrived about Emily passing away.

The ninth episode of NCIS Season 18 along with all the previous seasons are available to stream on Paramount+ now. For further updates on the upcoming episode of NCIS Season 18, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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