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Who is Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend? The Swimmer’s Personal Life in 2022

Ellie Simmonds' Boyfriend

Here, we shall discuss who Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend is. What do we know about the swimmer’s love interest? Eleanor May Simmonds is a former professional swimmer who has competed in the S6 events. She excelled in para-swimming. Ellie has won gold medals several times in Paralympic Games and World Championships, respectively. It was in 2014 when she made it, winning a couple of silver medals at the European Championships in 50 m freestyle S6 and 100 m freestyle S6, respectively. Also, in 2010, she won a gold medal at the Paralympic World Cup held in Manchester, at the 200 m individual medley SM6.

Knowing her versatility in the swimming sport, fans are lately curious to know how much happening is in Ellie Simmonds’ personal life. Well, she has always been very much secretive about it and stayed tight-lipped whenever asked in the interviews. This makes her fans wonder more if someone has stolen Ellie’s heart. What do you think? Let’s dive into this piece to learn who Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend is.

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Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend: Who is He?

Talking about her love interest, Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend appears to be no one. By this, we mean that she is possibly single and not dating anyone at present. In the recent days of her life, she has not been spotted with anyone suspicious. Also, on her social media, she is not found posting pictures with anyone whom her followers can suspect to be her boyfriend.

Ellie Simmonds' Boyfriend

Ellie Simmonds

On the other hand, to date, Ellie Simmonds,  when asked about her interest, has only talked about her training partner, Susie Rodgers. Both were spotted together training for the Paralympic. In case you aren’t aware, Susie Rodgers served as the technical advisor at FCDO. They also carried their friendship outside the swimming arena, attending parties together. Ellie addresses Susie as her partner-in-crime.

As mentioned earlier, how private Ellie Simmonds is about her love life, it is also unknown if she dated anyone earlier. Are u aware if someone has ever stolen her heart? Well, it seems like it’s not easy to steal Ellie’s heart. Based on her social media posts, even on Valentine’s Day of 2020, she was found practicing hard. Who does that when romantically related to someone? No one, right? There is enough evidence that showcases Ellie Simmonds’ enjoying her singlehood.

However, everyone deserves to be loved, and so does she. Best Wishes to Ellie Simmonds for the upcoming days of her career. Hoping Ellie finds her soul mate real soon. You may give Ellie a following on her Instagram account in case she updates her fans anything about her personal life, anytime soon.

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