Who Is Liv Tyler’s Partner? The 9-1-1 Actress’ Love Interest

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Who Is Liv Tyler's Partner
Liv Tyler (CC: IMDb)

Do you know who Liv Tyler’s partner is? Probably not, because that’s what has brought you here. Well, the 9-1-1 star has been making headlines for various reasons, be it her children, friendship with Kate Hudson, etc. None of these are our today’s concern. Fans are lately showing their interest in Liv Tyler’s personal life. Is she romantically related to anyone, at present? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Liv Tyler’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Liv Tyler is a versatile actress who has been doing numerous works, since 1991. Some of Liv’s notable works The Lord of the Rings, Jamie Marks Is Dead, Wilding, Ad Astra, The Leftovers, Gunpowder, Harlots, etc. As mentioned already her incredibility in 9-1-1, we saw her playing the leading role of Michelle Blake. Did you know that Liv Tyler also provided her voice for a video game? It was The Incredible Hulk and the character was Betty Ross. Well, she is also a great model, pursuing it since the age of 14. 

Coming back to Liv Tyler’s personal life, the actress was previously hitched to Royston William Langdon. In case you dont know, he is the lead vocalist of the glam rock band, Spacehog. With him, she shares one son. Years passed and later Liv met the love of her life. Yes! That’s the person with whom she is living the best days of her life. If you are looking for who Liv Tyler’s partner is, here are the details. 

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Meet Liv Tyler’s Partner: Who Is He?

Talking about his love interest, Liv Tyler’s partner is David Gardner. What does he do? In case you are wondering about his identity, David is a professional British sports and entertainment manager.

Who Is Liv Tyler's Partner
Liv Tyler and David Gardner seem to be a happy couple now (CC: Hello Magazine)

It was in 2014 when Liv Tyler met David Gardner for the very first time. There was a quick spark between the two and soon they got engaged. To be more precise, David proposed Liv in July 2015, which was in the following year. Liv Tyler and David Gardner are blessed with a couple of children- Sailor Gene (son- 2015), and Lula Rose (daughter- 2016). After that, it was also reported that the actress relocated to Los Angeles for quite some time. Whereas, he continued to stay in London. 

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This sparked their separation rumors. Yes, it’s true! Liv Tyler and David Gardner broke up after seven years of togetherness.  But, they again got back to each other, which we address as reconciliation. The major reason behind separation seemed to focus more on their respective careers. 

When asked about Liv Tyler’s relationship with David Gardner, the actress said, “We both wanted to have a family and children and a partnership and love.” As the news of their sudden split after so many years came out to the public, fans started worrying mainly about the children. But, that didn’t work that bad as the couple reunited. Now, things seem to be going great, between Liv Tyler and David Gardner.

Who Is Liv Tyler's PartnerLiv Tyler: 9-1-1 Star (CC: Hello Magazine)

Well, Liv Tyler and David Gardner are together for many years. Still, they have not tied the knot yet. Looking at them, it doesn’t seem like Liv and David are making any plans. Besides their career, the only thing they always have taken proper care of has been their children. Even at the time of parting ways, Liv Tyler reportedly went out for a vacation with her fiance, for their sake. Following this, marriage doesn’t appear to be on their priority list, at present. 

Best wishes to Liv Tyler for the upcoming days of their life. Make sure you follow Liv, on her Instagram account for more updates. We hope that her relationship with David Gardner stays strong forever like this. Everything seems to be good! Sending loads of love and kisses to her three cute children! 

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