What Happened To Nutsa On American Idol? Explained

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Nutza Buzaladze in Top 12 of the American Idol show
Nutza Buzaladze in Top 12 of the American Idol show (Credits: YouTube/@American Idol)

Are you witnessing a lot of news headlines about Nutsa Buzaladze, a star contestant on the famous show The American Idol? If you are a person who watches an American idol show, then you must probably be aware of how much of a versatile singer Nusta Buzaladze is, but recently something that was disappointing happened to Nutsa in the show, and if you are someone who is pondering about what could have occurred to one of the star performers of the show then this is the right place for you to search for the answers.

Yes, today we will be discussing in detail what happened to Nutsa Buzaladze, with a few more insights into the singer’s prominence inside the music industry, just in case you do not have much knowledge about Nutsa. Now without making your curious minds wait any longer, we shall begin with our article for the day.

Nutsa Buzaladze is a citizen of Georgia by birth but resided in Dubai, UAE, before relocating to the place she is currently residing to participate in this show. Nutsa celebrates her birthday every year on 28 January. She started her career in music at the age of three and rose to her own stardom after having participated in several singing competitions such as ” Georgian Pop Idol” and ” Georgian Idol.” Before she appeared in the famous show “X Factor Georgia.” In 2015, Nutsa also won the reality show X Factor, which paved the way for more openings in her career.

Applying for American Idol has been a dream for Nutsa since her childhood days. The moment she made her entrance to the show as the third contestant, she grasped the attention of the viewers and judges with her captivating performance. Eventually, Nutsa became one of the popular singers with a significant fanbase who had high hopes that she is will secure a spot for herself among the top 10 and will possibly win the contest.

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Nutsa Buzaladze
Nutsa Buzaladze (Credits: The US Sun)

Shooting back to our primary concern for this article about what happened to the Georgian singer in the American idol singing competition that has disappointed her and her fans, are you also seeking to find the answers for the following? Then what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get them.

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What Happened To Nutsa On American Idol? Explained

The Georgian singer, Nutsa Buzaladze, who once wished to step her feet into the popular ABC show “American Idol,” has now come a step closer to winning the title. Yes, Nutsa, the 26 years old Dubai resident, gained a place for her in the top 12 in the latest round before the elimination round. But unfortunately, when it came to the top 10, Lucy could not make it and got eliminated because of the low vote she received from the audience. The elimination consists of a few other contestants that, include Lucy Love.

Previously secured herself a spot for her Top 20 with her exceptional performance. However, the singer was at the point of being kicked off of the American Idol show on Monday night after a live voting given by the viewers but was saved by the judges (who are the prominent singers Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan). In fact, Bryan and Katy Perry even said that they are nuts for Nutsa in unison and made Nutsa the final contestant to be earning a spot in the top 12.

Nutsa Buzaladze
Nutsa Buzaladze (Credits: Soaps)

Now even though her journey in American Idol has come to an end, the singer has gained a huge fan base and supporters through her dynamic and unique performances. With the recognization and followers she has made throughout the show, the singer is expected to shine in her own way, and the fans are anticipating her next move eagerly.

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Not forgetting to mention that Nutsa won the New Wave International singing competition in 2013, which encourages the growing talents of young singers. The signer is estimated to be a whopping around $5 million net worth as of 2023. She has also been featured in a few television shows that include her appearance as a Judge in the “Ranina,” a Georgian singing show.

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