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Solar Opposites Episode 8 ‘Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer’: The Simpsons and Space Jam Crossover Review

After a glorious peek into the Wall, episode 8 comes with a full-blown crescendo/carnage/dramatic climax. And with this, we bid goodbye to Solar Opposites, Season 1. From what we hear, HULU has a two-season deal with Justin and McMahan. We are pretty sure Solar Opposites is going to come back again next season. The previous episode was full of how community and lives are organized within this Wall of shrunken humans. There’s everything from jibes on AT&T CEO milkman-mouse, Christina Hendricks, and Kramer with his yada, yada, yada drop. Of all the shrunken humans, we weren’t surprised to find Kramer there. Since he was one of the insolent members of the community and so are the others who are trapped inside the wall.

Now that we’ve come to an end of the brilliant Solar Opposites, we felt a little insight into the origins of the Wall won’t go to waste. The Wall is inspired by Roiland’s idea, back when he was working on SolaR Opposites with McMahan. Roiland said that the break between seasons 1 and 2 gave him the time to think about his upcoming project. And the inclusion of the wall as a central part of the story was derived from looking into kids’ wall, which sort of looked like a shelter. And that’s when Justin decided to incorporate it as Jesse and Yumyulack’s wall. While some of us took it for a sub-plot not so important, it soon turned into the most important of all plots in the series. And the brilliant 7th episode was all about it. The wall has been wrapped up in the previous episode, it did get its finale ending. The unfinished business of season 1 was dealt in this finale episode, ‘Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer’.

So, what happened to Terry, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumyulack? A little disappointed there, to be very honest. Not much happened in the name of their character arcs, except tiny bit plot alterations did some things to their stories. The season, however, was conspicuous by character arc developments. Maybe the whole idea is to show the aliens developed later in the future, by which we mean season 2 of Solar Opposites. It’s only their first season on the Earth, so let’s just cut them some slack in the name of character development, everybody. All four of the aliens are seen in the same shape as they were seen before. The shirker, the goof, the jerk, and the human-trapping jerk. Yeah, the topics touched were brilliant such as the one around gender, one around Nazism and racism, and some really fantastic pop culture education/teaching gags. Such as teaching and Robbin Williams from Dead Poets Society and as Michelle Pfieffer from Dangerous Minds.

The end of the season bid us goodbye with Jesse, Yumyulack, Korvo, and Terry looking like the same stupid who rested on their sci-fi hijinks more than anything. This sci-fi/alien technology is their last (and first) resort. They have no resorts at all. So far this post may look like it is a review of Solar Opposites as a show on the whole and not just season 1. The reason behind it is that ‘Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer’ does very little to look like a season finale. Last time we criticized an episode that much was when we reviewed the fifth episode. This one’s no different.

Solar Opposites Episode 8 Screenshot

The brilliance of episode 7 is completely overshadowed by the dumbness of this episode. And we are sad to call it the finale. If it were an interactive series, we’d have wished for the outcome of episode 7 to be the outcome of episode 8. But that wasn’t up to us, so yeah.

In the season finale, Terry and Korvo traveled back in time to save an alien Vanbo (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas). This was the time when Terry and Korvo met for the first time, to tweak events so Vanbo ends safely on Earth. It’s not an easy task, it is Terry and Korvo, after all. They bicker like no other and eventually they make up for their stupidities. It is a mellow throwback to Terry and Korvo’s past when they recall all the amazing times they had and the brilliant things that they did. One of these is teaming up with the yellow-skinned cartoons, The Simpsons to defeat basketball Monsters.

The finale is sandwiched somewhere between The Simpsons and Space Jam. In the finale, the family of aliens teamed up with the Simpsons to defeat the Monstars from the 1996 Michael Jordan movie Space Jam. What did we tell you about the lovable pop-culture gags in this one! This was a flashback though, in which Terry, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumyulack ganged up against the Space Jam villains. With that, we can proudly say that Solar Opposites now shares the universe with Space Jam and The Simpsons.

As epic as that crossover was, the finale yet again was about green-blue aliens cracking dumb jokes. So obviously we see Vanbo as a part of their history. But here’s where the plot twist takes place. It is revealed that all of these matches and the crossovers never really took place because everything happened on Pretend-O-Deck–the equivalent of Star Trek‘s Holodeck ship. Therefore the crossover and the rest are not a part of the show either.

Solar Opposites finale: a crossover with The Simpsons and Space Jam

For those of you living under a rock, who haven’t had the chance to go throughout whole Solar Opposites coverage, we shall end this marathon with a brief review of what HULU’s top-streaming series was all about. Well, there’s a family of asexual aliens who have replicant children. They crash-landed on Earth after their home planet, Shlorp, blew up. The show is majorly violent and crass, there are necrophilia jokes, nazi jokes, genitalia jokes. But most of the humor is derived not from gagging pop culture or making dumb jokes but by wreaking havoc on Earth by their sci-fi hijinks. This affects their surroundings and sometimes the whole area. It’s not always inadvertent, sometimes it is deliberate as well.

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