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Ranger Reject Chapter 81: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch

Dragon Keepers | Credits: Twitter

Power rangers are one of the most famous shows of all time. They have a significant part in our childhoods, and they are the heroes we all grew up watching. So you may feel like there’s nothing new about one more ranger manga, but you will be wrong.

‘Sentai Daishikkaku’ is the Japanese name for the Ranger Reject.’ This series does not have the typical good and evil plotline; when you will start reading it, you will realize that it is way more complex and mind-boggling than a normal power ranger franchise.

In Ranger Reject, we have the Dragon keepers or the Power rangers of the series who fight the invaders who the supposed to be the bad guys. What we come to know later is that the Keepers are the ones who are evil and are abusing the invaders for their interests.

For instance, the Dragon keepers force invaders to attack so that they can beat them up to gain popularity, and their merchandise can make more money for them. You may think that there is nothing new in the series except for the fact that the stereotypical roles of the heroes and the villains are interchanged.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. As you continue through the series, you get to know that all the characters have their separate motives and reason with different ideals; they do not just play pretend heroes while being truly evil.

The same goes for the Invaders. It may feel like they are the ones being oppressed which may be true in some sense but choosing sides based on this will be difficult because if you look apart from this aspect, the invaders are still pretty evil beings.

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Ranger Reject chapter 80: Recap 

Chapter 80 is called the ‘Monster Zoo.’ The chapter starts with the executive on a live broadcast telling the world that the Invaders are innocent. He also mentions that the heroic so-called ‘Sunday Battles’ are nothing but a facade created by the keepers.

We further see some people From the Invaders Rights Association trying to interview a person about his thoughts on the recent video. The person is then revealed to be the Retired member of the Blue Battalion- Keisuke Souma. 


Invader Executive

We are then shifted to the place where the Green Battalion is. They are informed about a monster and are requested to leave immediately for the mission site. Their Destination for the mission is the Milky Way City Central Wildlife Park.

Upon reaching the mission site, the green battalion realizes that the Red Battalion Second Class Yamato Beni is also present at the scene. Yamato briefs them on the incidents that happened in the park. All of the animals in the zoo are eaten, and everything is destroyed. 

An employee of the zoo told the keepers that a large white creature appeared out of nowhere and started attacking everyone. As the wildlife park is enormous, the Keepers decided to split up and search for the monsters.

Suddenly we are introduced to a scene of a battlefield where the Second Class Yamato Beni is fighting the Monsters, and he is covered in blood. Though he is outnumbered by the monsters, he seems to be enjoying the battle.

We shift back to Sakurama and Shion. The Red Battalion thinks that either Sakurama or Usukubo is a traitor. Shion was set to spy on both of them, and even after weeks, he was unable to get any leads. 

Shion confronts Sakurama directly about who the traitor is, and without any hesitation, Sakurama says that Usukubo is the one who is betraying them. 


Sakurama | Shion

Ranger Reject Chapter 81: Release Date & Time 

Ranger Reject is a weekly manga with new issues every Thursday. However, Since chapter 78, the manga issues have been delayed by two weeks, and this is the same case for Chapter 81.

As of writing this article, Ranger Reject Chapter 81 is expected to be issued on 26th January 2023 at 00:00 hrs Japanese standard time (JST)

Where to Read Ranger Reject?

Ranger Reject does not have any official website publishing the chapters, but you can read the Japanese version on Pocket Shounen Magazine after buying their subscription. To buy the volumes of this series, you can go to the Kodansha website. You can also read the latest English scans on Kodansha.

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