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LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date: The Ultimate Prize

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2: Ultimate Prize

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 reveals Team LEGO as they continue with their work of supplying LEGO bricks. Season 3 of this series was announced a few weeks ago, and we will discuss the latest updates of upcoming episode 2. Team LEGO has now realized that supplying LEGO bricks has become an infinite job since they run out of them, and they must also avoid slacking since this might affect the LEGO City. Everyone in the LEGO City enjoys different activities, and nothing troubles them since the City has found the long-awaited peace, which makes the citizens happy. 

However, since there is nothing to fight for, two different teams compete to see which team is the best in the brick challenges. NASA is also part of this challenge; the members of the different teams enjoy LEGO dog shows and tree house challenges with many other challenges that await them. LEGO City has become like an amusement park where everyone enjoys themselves and never gets bored by anything stopping them from having fun. Arnet continues to host different shows and competitions, and LEGO employees Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, with the expert Brickmasters, help Aarnet to encourage the builders.

The builders are introduced to a new challenge and work hard to test their skills, creativity, and courage. Arnet announces that only two people can help each other during completion, which means they work in pairs. The perfect duo that will steal the judges’ hearts will earn a place in the next round until they reach the final round. The final two teams will battle for a hundred thousand dollars, the LEGO trophy, and become the LEGO Masters. However, this motivated the builders to hone their skills as they got ready to win the completion and become the Lego Masters. 

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

The day of the competition is nearing, and the builders collect more bricks to use during the completion. They know that becoming LEGO Masters is every citizen’s dream in this City since the one who earns that title is treated like a king or queen, and losing is not an option. However, there is a great rivalry, and only two people will become the LEGO Masters. Arnet announces the day of the competition. Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard convince many builders to be part of this competition since it will change their life once they win the final round. 

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2: Ultimate Prize

LEGO Masters Season 3

The builders know that even though many of them enter this competition, many will lose and be disappointed. Still, losing while trying is better than not doing anything, which encourages them to accept. They realize that whoever wins must celebrate with them and wait for another completion to be hosted. The pro builders enjoy this since some of them have entered to show their building skills since it is the most important thing for this City, and it helps them build a beautiful city.

Later the day of the competition was revealed, and everyone prepared for new adventures. The first completion in the morning began, and the prize was the Platinum Brick. Sarah & Fleur use their Geisha Temple to win the ultimate prize. During the completion, each team has received a landscape with a LEGO train, and they must complete it within 17 hours. Their mission was to build anything that came from their mind and must be amazing. Let’s look at the season 3 update below. 

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 will be released on 21 September 2022. This might be surprising that episode 2 is taking too long, but it is due to the premiering of episode 1, which is yet to premiere in countries like the USA. In some countries, LEGO Master has premiered the first episode, and they are waiting to continue it on the date above so that other countries will catch up. Let’s look at LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 streaming details. 

LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2: Ultimate Prize

LEGO Masters Season 3

Watch LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 online on Youtube. LEGO Masters Season 3 is yet to announce the official websites where you can watch the upcoming episode that will begin at the end of September 2022. However, you can enjoy watching episode 1 while you wait for episode 2 to be released. Let’s meet when LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode 2 is released. 

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