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March 2021: Best Kdrama To Watch on Netflix

Well, Netflix got so popular during the lockdown days that every household in America nearly had a subscription to the streaming platform. All-day and all night, out of boredom, the audience was finishing the shows as well as films that they could not have watched otherwise with their busy schedule. Obviously, Netflix has a huge library of content that will make anyone go mad for the different genres as well as themes that are stored within it all. Now, we think of it, we might have exhausted approximately all the content available on Netflix in 2020. And if you are a person who is looking for more content to watch but not the repeated one, then you have to come to an absolutely correct place. Here we will list down some of the top-notch Korean dramas available on Netflix that you might or might not have missed.

And if you are bored with the usual American sitcom with their normal plots, then this kist is surely going to help you find the right Korean drama because the plot that comes with these shows is very amazing. The only barrier in such shows is the language but obviously, we have the subtitles and if you overcome that, the audience gets welcomed to a vast new world of unique plot twists as well as storylines that are set to blow your mind off. Now, here we have wrapped up the information regarding some of the best Korean dramas that are currently streaming on Netflix. We also have given away a bit of plot information without telling too much so that the curiosity keeps ignited in your minds about the show.

Crash Landing On You

The story has been going super popular in Korea too and has the fans rooting for even more. So, it starts with our main protagonist, that is, Yoon Se Ri. As it turns out, she is the heiress of a South Korean empire. One fine day, she decides to go on a new activity and thus, opts for paragliding. But as Korean shows are pretty famous for sudden plot twists, the same happens in the story of our heiress. Eventually, through the scenes, we witness that Yoon Se Ri gets herself into a paragliding accident and thus is found stranded in North Korea. Now, what is a Korean drama without some love and romance and most importantly, a handsome and dashing male lead? At this point, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok enters the life of Yoon Se Ri as she is in the North Korean region. Surprisingly, he finds her so beautiful and charming, that he immediately falls in love.

The roles of these main protagonists have been done by Hyun Bin as well as Son Ye Jin. As for the plot of this tale, we see it navigating through the twists and the classic elements which are often seen in these romantic comedies. The script has been penned down by writer Park Ji Eun and he truly has worked hard to present the audience with a mind-blowing story of two people and how they can fall in love in strange circumstances. We see as the two characters last even through their tough chemistry and unusual surroundings. The series gives off the vibe that when you love a person with all your heart, nothing is impossible. The show has become the biggest hit internationally and is surely a must-watch if you are diving into Korean dramas.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This show, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, is mostly set in a medical environment and has a very powerful theme. So as long the plot goes, we witness Ko Moon Young. She is very popular among children as her profession is to write books for them. As the episodes go by, we see that Ko Moon comes across Moon Gang Tae. He is a caretaker at a psychiatrist ward. This meet happens at the hospital where Gang Tae works. So, we know that Moon Young writes children’s books, and thus, she comes to this certain hospital to read out stories to the sick children. The story of this tale is pretty charming if you look at it deeply and understand. If you ever want to relax and watch a show with your family and friends, this is really the right choice.

Then in the series, we witness Sang Tae who is the brother of Gang Tae. He is diagnosed with autism and is the biggest fan of Moon Young. But Moon Young is not as friendly as she looks like despite writing stories for little kids. It is because she has an antisocial personality disorder and can get moody or difficult sometimes. So the two lead characters meet each other and after their weird first meet, a strange realization comes to strike them. The two of them find out that their backstories of they lived their past is actually connected and at one point, were destined to meet.

When The Camellia Blooms

This is not just another romantic tale that you watch but is a very special one. Even the plot twists employed in it have a lot of weight and the story even gets dark at one point. As it so happens, this is a story focusing on the life of Dong Baek. She is a single mother and has no one by her side. After going through her own share of hardships, she decides to move away from the city and relocates herself to a small town. Here, she goes on to open a bar named Camellia to earn enough in order to provide for her child. Although, this is not acceptable in society because she is pretty much criticized by every woman. The reason behind the hate which is cast her way is because first of all, she is single. Then second of all, she is working in a bar.

But well, what does love care about relationship status or profession? Dong Baek is very pretty and a police officer named Hwang Yong Sik starts liking her. After giving friction to him because she was now unsure of any sort of commitment, Dong Baek finally accepts the emotions from Hwang Yong Sik’s side. But not everything is perfect because there is a potential serial killer on the loose and he/she is trying to harm the innocent people living in this small village. The next victim that this killer is chasing after is Dong Baek. This obviously alarms Hwang Yong Sik, a police officer, as he is trying to protect the woman he loves as well as her son from the wrath of this criminal. As the story goes by, Yong Sik employs his own set of skills and is trying all that he can to catch the serial killer.

Mr. Sunshine

As for this new Korean drama present on Netflix, it shows a very different theme. The timeline of the series is set in the historical era during the Joseon Era. The main protagonist is Eugene Choi who goes to the United States as he was born into a slave family. As the plot goes by, we see a lot of twists and turns but finally, Choi comes back again to Josean while he is on a mission. At this time, he comes across the female lead of this story, that is, Go Ae Shin. She is an aristocratic woman who is doing all that is in her power in order to liberate Korea from the dominance of Japan. Now everything has become pretty difficult for these two in Korea because their country is in chaos and they have to fight for it. Eventually, as the characters get to know each other, they fall in love.

Choi and Ae Shin, despite having differences between them, develop true feelings and want to be with each other. But the only thing which is standing in their way is their different status. I mean, Choi is born into a slave family and thus belongs to a low status that Ae Shin. All this while, another problem that comes their way is that Ae Shin’s family has fixed her hand for marriage with a nobleman named Kim Hee Sung. Another main difficulty that comes in between their love story is the situation of their country and how they have to fight for it. Now, the main question is will they be able to stay together after all these differences?

Hospital Playlist

I must say that this series has a blend of comedy as well as tragedy in perfect proportions and it makes the shoe even more fun to watch. So, the main focus of the series is laid on five friends who are together since they were in medical school. If we deeply look into the plot of the series, it gives us the vibe of Grey’s Anatomy as well as Friends and together this makes a very perfect match for a relaxing time. These five friends who are the main protagonists in the series, go through all the thick and thins, all the life and death situations together, and thus, this makes their bond even stronger.

They are all currently working at Yulje Medical Center together. You guys should all know that the series has become one of the highest-rated series to ever air on Korean cable and thus, you can make out how amazing the plot would be. Also, the audience has a lot of time to catch up with the plot included in the first season of the show because its second installment is going to release in 2021. So all you need to do is open Netflix and start watching Korean drama for a good time.

Boys Over Flowers

When I say that this is literally your classic teenage drama show that Netflix is very famous for, trust me. It has all of those elements that make up for a great soap opera. Handsome boys? Check. Pretty Girls? Check. Full drama, romance, and high school? Check. No one literally needs to search for anything more Korean than this. So, as for the main protagonist in this series, we have Geum Jan Di. She is a very normal and nerdy high school teenager who likes to study a lot. Because of her intelligence, she gets a scholarship to a very elite high school that is attended by rich people generally. All the people and classmates surrounding her belong to higher-class families where having fun is pretty normal.

This is why she falls into the trap of the popular boys in her high school which is a group of F4. Although, she stands up against their leader bravely. The leader, known as Gu Jun Pyo is very impressed by her spirit and how she is confident of herself despite being in the middle of a chaotic surrounding. This factor makes him fall in love with Jan Di. As the story evolves through the episodes, we witness that this show has left no spaces for boredom as it involves a love triangle as well as those crazy high school parties that everyone wakes up with a hangover and then surely we have a lot of family drama too.

Record of Youth

This series showcases how hard the entertainment industry can get. I mean, the characters are put through constant toil and pressure while they are trying to pursue their dream. So, the lead characters in the series are Sa Hye Joon well as Won Hae Hyo. They both are fashion moguls as well as good friends from the start and even share the same dreams of becoming successful Korean actors and make it big into the world. Later in the scenes, they come across a new character named An Jung Ha and make her their friend. This new role is being reprised by actress Park So Dam.

So, a bit of the backstory as she quits her job in order to follow her passion in the form of a makeup artist. As the episodes go by, we see that these three characters struggling hard and doing everything in their power to be successful. Also, there are romantic elements too in the show and honestly, it adds to the spice and the twists that are employed. So, Hye Joon and An Jung ha know how they feel for each other and this is what brings them closer. You all can watch the complete series on Netflix with its full episodes.

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