50 Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time – Ranked By Fans

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Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time
Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time (Credit: Viz Media)

Fantasy anime is a genre almost everyone loves to watch, whether it be for comfort from a busy day or to enjoy a thrilling, action-packed story with a lot of suspense in it. Fantasy anime sets itself apart from everything else in the anime world, and many releases in the genre make a big name for themselves.

So if you’re wondering what are the best Fantasy animes ranked by the fans, you have come to the right place. This article will list down all the 50 best fantasy anime of all time ranked by the fans themselves. The rankings presented in the article are decided from collective data taken from popular anime websites and forums.

Best Fantasy Anime Ranked By Fans

The fantasy genre in anime has a wide range and covers much anime from different genres such as Shonen, seinen, rom-com, isekai, and harem genres. These feature animes with great and mind-boggling plots to the most simplistic and comforting plots. It will not be fair to compare these anime with each other as every anime on this list is a very good watch and will offer a great experience.

Most of the anime will be a great watch depending on the viewer’s mood and hunger for the type of content they want to consume. Let’s start with the list now. Here are the 50 best fantasy anime of all time, ranked by the fans:

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50. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest 

The very first entry to the list is none other than an anime from the much-beloved fantasy isekai genre. However, the isekai genre is being over-exploited in the anime world right now, with every season having at least two or more releases of isekai anime.

Arifureta is one of the isekai animes that does its job correctly, and it follows the story of a boy named Hajime Nagumo who is transported to another world with the entire class at his school. He is the weakest link among them, as the abilities granted to him are presumed to be far inferior when compared to his other classmates. But it only takes a tragic turn of events and a few life-and-death situations for Hajime to realize that his ability has the power to make him the world’s strongest.

Hajime Nagumo. (Credits: Whitefox Studios)

The anime is more of a comfort anime where the protagonist becomes overpowered after a tragic event and continues his journey. Harem anime elements can also be seen in the anime, with multiple female characters developing feelings for the protagonist after his glow-up.

49. How to not Summon a Demon Lord 

At number forty-nine, another isekai anime enters the list. How to not summon a demon lord can be seen as a much simpler Arifureta with less story depth and more comedic and ecchi elements involved in the plot. The plain story and fanservice in the anime are the factors that have kept the viewers attached to the show.

how to not summon a demon lord
Diablo (Credits: Ajiado)

The story follows Takuma Sakamoto, who was an MMORPG gamer in his previous life and is known by the other players of the game as the “Demon Lord.” He is summoned to another world one day and, on arriving there, finds himself in the avatar of the game he used to play. He then lives his life as a demon lord in the new world with two female characters by his side claiming to be his summoner.

48. High School DxD

High School DxD is an anime that is one of its kind. It is not an isekai but has concepts that can be found in isekai anime very easily. This anime also is a typical ecchi/harem fantasy anime, but the differentiating factor that sets it apart from other similar anime is that the story of High School DxD is good. It can be said to have an above-average story where is show is successful in building suspense and curiosity among the viewers and ending the seasons on cliffhangers.

high school dxd
Rias Gremory. (Credits: TNK)

The story revolves around Issei Hyodo, who is a perverted high school student. He has almost had no luck in his life and dies on his first date. He then later is reincarnated as a devil by his senpai or senior and finds out that angels and devils are living among them. He is unknowingly drawn into the fight between devils and angels and hopes to fulfill his dream of having a harem one day.

47. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Another isekai anime enters the list at number forty-seven. This anime is also an isekai where the protagonist is summoned by another character into their world. This anime has less fanservice when compared to the other two isekai anime mentioned before. This anime is more comedic and will give you a few laughs for sure.

cautious hero
Left: Rista, Right: Seiya. (Credits: Whitefox Studios)

The story revolves around an overpowered hero who is summoned by the goddess Rista to aid her in her super-hard video game-like world. The hero Seiya is very powerful and can defeat anyone, but she has only one major flaw in him. He is overcautious to the point where it seems dumb. He buys three sets of armor, one to wear, one as a spare, and one as a spare for the spare. The over-cautious nature of the overpowered hero that seems stupid in the anime is the main attraction of the show.

46. Dragon Ball

One of the classic anime of all time, Dragon Ball, will never get old. This show still can win the hearts of people even after thirty-five years of its release. Almost everyone who has watched anime and many who haven’t watched has heard about Dragon Ball or Goku. Though many remember the grown-up Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball is the original story where the journey and adventures of Goku started as a kid.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball (Credits: Toei Animation)

The show is old in animation and might not be for some people who are used to good animation in anime nowadays. But the show is very good and still gives you many laughs and is successful and making you root for the cute and overly pure protagonist kid Goku. The show is considered to be an all-time classic and arguably the greatest of all time by many fans of the series.

45. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Chivalry of a Failed Knight or Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry is a high school action fantasy and romance anime that was quite popular on its release. The show has a unique concept of high school competitiveness being the driving factor for the show.

rakudai kishi
Left: Ikki, Right: Stella. (Credits: Silver Link)

The show’s story revolves around and focuses on the concept of magic knights. Magic knights are warriors/modern magic users who use magic weapons converted from their souls to fight in battles. Our hero in the story Ikki Kurogane is the failed magic knight or the worst one, as he has no magic power. Our protagonist is then challenged to a duel by the top student at his school “Stella” with the condition that the “loser must be obedient for life.”

44. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a unique anime as it combines Arabian nights with modern anime storytelling. The story of the anime is not that of Arabian Nights but a crossover instead. The protagonist of the anime is Aladdin, who has a djinn named Ugo who lives in a flute instead of a lamp. Aladdin realizes he is a mage or magi who has the responsibility of choosing kings. The kings he chooses will follow the righteous path.

magi the labyrinth of magic
Aladdin. (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

The anime shows his adventures and battles against those who want to destroy fate. In his journey, he meets up with other characters from the Arabian Nights, like Sindbad and Alibaba, and continues to maintain the balance in the world.

43. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Also known as Mahoutsukai no Yome is a fantasy drama, romance, and slice-of-life anime. The anime got applauded by the audience and critics alike as it dealt with some topics not commonly talked about in anime. The story revolves around Chise Hatori, who had lived a life full of neglect, abuse, and devoid of love. She ends up in a slave auction, and just as she loses all hope and thinks of giving up a fateful encounter changes her life forever.

ancient magus bride
Left: Chise, Right: Elias. (Credits: WIT Studios)

42. The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is an action-fantasy anime filled with lots of hype moments and tidbits of comedy. The story of this anime is addictive in some sense. Anos, who is the demon king of tyranny, decides to reincarnate himself after he has defeated every single being and achieved everything there is to achieve as a demon king.

misfit of demon king academy
Anos Voldigoad (Credits: SilverLink)

He wishes for a more peaceful life and reincarnates 2000 years later to find that world has become much more peaceful than required and magic is going extinct. He enrolls in the Demon King academy to reclaim his throne as the Demon King.

41. Date A Live

If you’re looking for a harem anime with action-packed fights among female characters with some romance sprinkled in it, then this anime is for you. Date a Live goes beyond the imagination of many people when it comes to fantasy concepts that can be applied to anime.

date a live
Left: Tooka, Middld: Shidou, Right: Origami (Credits: AIC Plus+)

Catastrophic events are happening around the world called “space quakes,” and they are caused by spirits who are astronomical female beings. Our protagonist has been tasked with a job that only he can do, seal the powers of the spirit and stop the space quakes, but the process of doing that is one of a kind. Shido, our protagonist, has to make the spirit fall in love with him to seal their powers.

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40. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Most of the fans of the Naruto franchise think of Boruto as a sequel to Naruto Shippuden that was produced in the hopes of keeping the franchise alive. It will not be correct to call it a proper sequel as it has its original storyline and new characters. It is based on the world of Naruto and continues the story shifting the focus of the storytelling from Naruto to his son Boruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

The show has divided fans of the Naruto franchise where one half thinks of Boruto as a subpar average bearable show, and the other half considers it should not exist. All the criticism the show receives is because of its comparison to the previous hit series Naruto. If looked at as an original and taken lightly without expectations, Boruto is a good anime and is fun to watch. Just skip the filler episodes.

39. Log Horizon

If you have ever thought about what would happen if you were to get pulled into the online fantasy game you play, then Log Horizon is the answer to that question. This action and adventure fantasy anime has a concept where players of an online fantasy game get pulled into it after an update to the game.

log horizon
Shiroe. (Credits: Satelight)

The NPCs in the game become alive, and the players have to survive in the game with actual skills instead of the keyboard and mouse ones they used.

38. Dragon Ball Z

The infamous sequel to the classic Dragon Ball anime, Dragon Ball Z, is arguably the most popular anime of its time and probably the most known anime on the planet after Pokemon. Dragon Ball Z continues the story of Goku as the protector of the earth and follows his adventures and the challenges he faces.

Dragon Ball Z
Goku (Credits: Toei Animation)

The anime is considered one of the greatest animes ever released and has a massive fanbase. The anime has some of the most iconic moments in all of anime history, which will make the heart of a viewer race. This anime is a no-brainer to watch if you haven’t watched it yet.

37. Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki, also known as Saga of Tanya the Evil, is an action-fantasy anime with a military theme to its story. This anime is pretty serious and thrilling to watch as it follows a young girl who is a fighter on the front lines of a war.

youjo senki
Tanya Degurechaff (Credits: NUT)

The girl’s name is Tanya Degurechaff, and she used to be an elite Japanese office worker. But due to the wrath of God, she was reborn as a little girl. She is a hard worker who prioritizes advancement above everything and aims to become the most dangerous person among the imperial army’s sorcerers.

36. Kuroshitsuji

Black Butler, also known as Kuroshitsuji, is a Supernatural fantasy mystery anime with comedic surprises in it. Based on Victorian-era Europe, the story revolves around Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel lost everything dear to him, and to take revenge, he made a deal with the devil in exchange for his soul.

black butler
Ciel Phantomhive. (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

The devil then takes the form of his butler Sebastian and helps him unravel the mystery of the death of his parents. The supernatural butler and the mystery-solving elements in the story make it a memorable watch.

35. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is an action fantasy anime that is not for the weak of the heart. It deals with some major dark elements in its story in the manga, and the anime does well to encapsulate it in the anime. The story starts with a priestess forming her first adventuring party, but she is met with a disaster.

goblin slayer
Goblin Slayer (Credits: Whitefox)

A mysterious man comes to her rescue, and that man is the rumored goblin slayer who has dedicated his life to exterminating goblins. The anime is filled with action and gory scenes, so if you are an otaku who enjoys dark anime, this one is for you.

34. Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary is also popularly known as Kyoukai No Kanata by many anime fans. This anime is among some of the most beautifully animated anime out there. Given that the production house that produced this anime is Kyoto Animation, this is no surprise. The anime is full of beautifully animated scenes and powerful storytelling in those scenes.

beyond the boundary
Left: Akhito, Right: Mirai (Credits: Kyoto Animation)

The story is based on a supernatural phenomenon and includes fantasy and slice-of-life aspects within it. This is an anime that will feel beautiful and eye-pleasing. The story is also quite good but not excellent, and it follows a girl who can manipulate blood and is the last survivor of the clan of people who can do so. She meets a boy who is half-human with incredible healing powers, to the point that he is almost invulnerable. The story of these two together is good to watch, with the beautiful animation enhancing the experience.

33. Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority is another anime that falls into the previous category of anime with beautiful animations. Animated by Cloverworks, the show is very beautiful, and the story will make you glued to your screen. The story reveals the adventures of a young girl named Ai after she receives a mysterious wonder egg.

wonder egg priority
Ai Ooto (Credits: Cloverworks)

She finds the egg in a deserted arcade, and her fate changes ever since. Her dreams start to become a reality, and she finds herself in a new world. She meets other girls in that world who also receive a wonder egg and makes friends, which she always wanted to do. The show is beautiful and thrilling at the same time, as it shows young girls facing life-and-death challenges in that new world.

32. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity is one of those anime that will make you go through pain and suffering if you are a viewer who connects with the main character. The Mysterious element in the story of To Your Eternity is very high, which will make you want to watch it more and more.

to your eternity
Fushi (Credits: Brain’s Base)

The story follows an Orb cast onto the earth by a mysterious entity. It is not human but alive and can take the form of anything. It takes the orb a huge time to get a human form. The storytelling is excellent, showing the struggles and pain of the main character, which can be felt from the screen. Saying more will spoil the story, so overall, it’s a great show which is worth the time.

31. Tower of God

Adapted from the popular Manhwa by SIU, Tower of God leaves no room for major criticism. The show has a good opening to a banger story (although not much of it is shown in the first season) to a very good cliffhanger ending, which will leave you wanting for a second season badly.

tower of god
Bam (Credits: Telecom Animation Feel)

The character and animation style all remain close to the manhwa, which gives it an authentic feel. A major plot twist will leave you standing in front of the screen, wondering what just happened. Overall the show is quite exciting and very fun to watch with the concepts it has resembling common Shonen anime.

30. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a magical girl anime with the classic magical girl anime traits and good action packed with it. The story follows Madoka Kaname, who has a dream where she sees a girl fighting a girl, a creature.

puella magi
Madoka Kaname (Credits: Shaft)

She meets a cat-like being in that dream and, later on, thinks of it as a dream. But her dreams are turned into reality when she meets the same cat-like being named Kyubey in the real world and gets to know that magical girls are real, and she can also be one if she makes a contract with Kyubey.

29. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign is an Action-Fantasy and Supernatural anime with a great story. The world in this anime is ruled by vampires after a virus mysteriously eradicated humanity leaving only children under 13 years of age alive. The vampires keep the children as livestock, and it is a dreadful experience.

owari no seraph
Left: Shinoa, Right: Yuuichro (Credits: WIT Studios)

Our main protagonist Yuuichiro Hyakuya escapes the facility where the children are kept. He goes on to meet survivors of the apocalypse and vows to become stronger to defeat all the vampires. The characters in the anime are very interesting, creating a unique experience of the anime that feels original to it. The storytelling is good but not exceptional, and the presence of Shonen’s traits makes it a bit predictable.

28. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a comedy fantasy anime that excels at what it is meant to do. The slice-of-life and comedy factors in the anime give it a very comforting vibe and make it more of a comfort anime. Though there are action scenes involved, the comforting nature of the anime makes it a relaxing watch.

miss kobayashi dragon maid
Left: Tohru, Right: Kobayashi (Credits: Kyoto Animation)

27. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

This anime can be considered to have the best approach to the isekai genre of anime. Mushoku Tensei follows the story of Rudeus Greyrat, who was a jobless person in his previous life. Rudeus, in his previous life, was a shut-in person who died in an accident in his world. He gets reincarnated in a new world but with all his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences from his past life intact.

mushoku tensei
Rudeus Greyrat (Credits: Studio Bind)

This advantage makes Rudeus very intelligent from an early age. The adventures and challenges faced by Rudeus as well as the comedy of the show, made it a hit and popular anime when it was released.

26. Fate/Zero

Fate/Zero is a prequel to the infamous Fate trilogy series. Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heavens Feel make up the Fate Trilogy. The series is super popular and has a huge fan following and community.

Gilgamesh (Credits: Ufotable)

Fate/Zero serves as the much-wanted prequel for the series and is sure an awesome one. The animation has always been exceptional in the Fate series anime, and Fate/Zero is no exception. The beautiful animation, paired with the good story and brilliant characters, makes this anime special.

25. Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an anime filled with action, and if you’re a person who loves some good action-packed scenes, this anime is for you. Soul Eater revolves around a group of boys and girls who fight monsters and still maintain their school life. But there is more to the story than what it seems from the outside.

soul eater
Left: Crona, Right: Death the Kid (Credits: Bones)

24. Overlord

This anime explores the concept of virtual reality gaming and does quite well at it. Overlord is set in the year 2138, and the virtual gaming business is booming there. A specific game called Yggdrasil was a popular online game at that time, but unfortunately, it shut down.

Momonga (Credits: Madhouse)

Our protagonist Momonga decides not to log out and founds himself trapped inside the game as the world’s most powerful magician. The NPCs in the game start to feel emotions and become more human-like. Momonga having no relations in the real world, decides to conquer the new game world.

23. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a shonen anime that went toe to toe with big anime in the same genre, like Naruto, One-Piece, Hunter Hunter, and many more. It gathered its fan following and community and thrived for a long time.

fairy tail
Natsu Dragneel (Credits: Satelight)

Fairy Tail lives the fantasy anime dream with its story. Where there are dragons and dragon slayers, magic and wizards, and much more. The anime is action and comedy filled as well. It may be long for an average otaku, but it is worth the watch.

22. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a wonderful anime that has been applauded by the anime world many times. It follows the story of a girl named Riko, who wants to be a Cave Raided just like her mother.

made in abyss
Left: Reg, Right: Riko (Credits: Kinema Citrus)

Cave Raiders are people who explore the caves or the Abyss. The Abyss is the last unexplored place on the planet, and the people who explore them are up for adventures and unknowns. The anime is Fantasy Drama and action anime that has a really good story.

21. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Also known as Danmachi for short, this anime has a very fun concept where gods descend into the human realm as they are bored. The world now has adventures and dungeons where monsters dwell, and gods form their families to run the world.

Left: Bell, Right: Hestia (Credits: J.C.Staff)

Every God has its own family, and humans that are part of that family bear the seal of that God on their body. The show has multiple seasons, and the story has not been completed. This means there are more seasons to come in the future. The story follows Bell Cranel, who is the only member of the family of the goddess Hestia. The anime shows Bell’s adventures and how Hestia’s family grows from one member to many.

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20. That Time, I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 

Also known as Tensura, this anime can be considered the best anime in the fantasy isekai genre. Most of the fans that watch Isekai anime consider Tensura to be the best of the best in the genre. It is a comforting anime with an overpowered main character.

Still from tensura.(Credits: 8-Bit)

Satoru Mikami does at the hands of a robber and is reincarnated in another world as a slime, a lowly creature. But he gains abilities that soon make him the most powerful creature in that new world. He also gets a new name and is known worldwide as Rimuru Tempest, the slime.

19. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

A comedy, romance fantasy anime by white fox studios, The Devil is a Part-Timer! is one of those anime that fulfills the role of a stress reliever. The story is simple and enjoyable. Devil King Sadao gets beaten by a hero and is forced to go to another world. The new world is modern-day Tokyo, and the devil king does not know anything else but conquering the world, which is unnecessary in this world. So he decides to work a part-time job to cover his living expenses.

devil is a part timer
Satan Jacob (Credits: White Fox Studios)

18. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The shield hero is considered the weakest among all the summoned heroes. This belief leads to a miserable experience for our protagonist Naofumi Iwatani who is summoned to a parallel universe as a legendary weapon hero. Along with three other people, Naofumi is summoned as a hero who wields one of the legendary weapons.

shield hero
Naofumi (Credits: Kinema Citrus)

He is selected to be the shield hero and has a horrible experience as soon as he enters this new world. He is left betrayed and on his own, where he learns he has to get his revenge and become the legendary shield hero to rise to the top.

17. Blue Exorcist 

In the world of blue exorcists, there are two dimensions, one being the Assiah, the dimension of humans, and one being the Gehenna, the dimension of the demons. Blue exorcist is the story of Rin Okumura, who is the son of Satan. The king of demons created Rin to come into the human world by using him as a vessel.

blue exorcist
Rin Okumura (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

The story follows Rin as he comes to know the truth about his existence and how he chooses to live in the future. Will he allow his father to come into the human world, or will he live his life the way he wants?

16. KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world!

Konosuba is the anime that can be called the epitome of comedy fantasy anime. It also uses the same isekai concept but, from the very beginning of the story, starts to entertain the viewers in a comedic sense.

Konosuba title (Credits: Studio DEEN)

Kazuma Satou, upon dying, meets a God named Aqua, who offers him a second chance at life in another world since he died pointlessly. He agrees to add a bonus to make his life easy, but Kazuma asks for Aqua as a bonus, and so they both are sent to the human world. Now Kazuma must defeat the devil king with Aqua, who proved to be good for nothing goddess.

15. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a fantasy slice-of-life anime produced by Kyoto Animation. This is a beautiful anime with stunning animation sequences all over the whole series. It is set in a fictional world in the medieval period.

violet evergarden
Violet Evergarden. (Credits: Kyoto Animation)

The anime deals with how a girl named Violet, who once was a weapon in war, explores and discovers human feelings and emotions. She starts to work as an auto-memory doll (people who write letters for others) after the war. This anime has a deep message and would touch anyone’s heart with its beautiful animation and stunning storytelling.

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14. Black Clover

Black Clover is the Shonen of the new generation. After a long time of dominance by shonen anime like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, two of them reached their ends. Bleach ended in the manga, while Naruto ended in both anime and manga. The people were craving for a new shonen which had the same potential as the ones mentioned before.

black clover
Asta (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Black Clover is the anime that met those expectations and gave Shonen anime fans an action and comedy-filled fantasy anime with all the Shonen traits they want. Black Clover follows the story of a boy named Asta who is magicless in a world dominated by magic users. He dreams of being the next wizard king, and the adventures and challenges he faces to achieve that dream are the souls of the anime.

13. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! is a battle royale survival-type anime. The battles are fought between a rebelling party and the corrupt governing body. The anime is filled with action and a bit of comedy here and there. There are heartbreaking moments as well which have the potential to make many viewers cry.

akame ga kill
Akame (Credits: WhiteFox Studios)

It is set in a fantasy world where people use legendary weapons called imperial arms, and very few can wield them. A battle between arms users is destructive, and very few survive the battle. There are many epic fight scenes and moments that make this anime worth the popularity it has gained.

12. The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins is the title given to the seven most notorious soldiers of the kingdom of the fantasy world in which the anime is set in. They were charged with the crime of trying to overthrow the monarchy, and we were sent into exile. After many years the seven deadly sins reunite and take on the biggest threat they have ever faced and protect the kingdom they were once declared a criminal in.

seven deadly sins
Ban, the fox sin of greed (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

The anime garnered a huge amount of fans as soon as it was released because of the characters and fights. The action and comedy are on point in this anime, and the characters are overpowered and have good character development throughout the series. It was a very good anime in the first season, at least as the later seasons got criticized because of bad animation issues, but this didn’t let the popularity of the first season fall.

11. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life is an anime with arguably the most amount of requests ans petitions to receive a second season. The anime has only one season, and it became very popular over time. It is adapted from a light novel that has the same name, No Game No Life follows the story of two sibling shut-ins named Sora and Shiro.

no game no life
Left: Stephanie, Right: Sora and Shiro (Credits: Madhouse)

They are top-level gamers in a fantasy game and are bored with their life when they are unknowingly summoned to a different world by a kid who introduces himself as God. They are then informed that the fate of humanity rests on their shoulders as these gaming geniuses face some of the most challenging games of their lives.

10. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Re:Zero is another isekai anime, but it is quite good in differentiating itself from the rest of the genre. Unlike other isekai anime, where the main characters are usually overpowered, the main character in Re:Zero, Subaru Natsuki, is almost powerless. Subaru has no special abilities or secret tricks which will give him an upper hand in battle or combat.

Emilia and Puck-on her head (Credits: WhiteFox Studios)

He just has a single ability that can be considered overpowered, which is the ability to start over if he dies. Well, that sounds like a very overpowered ability, but Subaru has to undergo the pain and suffering of death every time he wishes or is forced to restart. This adds very gory and intense scenes to the anime, making it a bit dark.

9. Naruto: Shippuden

The famous continuation or sequel to the original Naruto anime. Naruto: Shippuden tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki after the end of events in the Naruto anime. The anime opens with a 2-and-a-half-year time skip where all the characters have grown in age, which makes the anime feel different from the original Naruto.

naruto shippuden
Naruto Uzumaki (Credits: Studio Peirrot)

The sequel also revolves around Naruto and his adventures to achieve his dream of becoming the Hokage. This anime also features the end of the famous story of Naruto Uzumaki, bringing it to completion, as seen in the manga.

8. One Piece

One Piece has been argued to be the best anime of all time by its fans. This anime can be considered to be the definition of Fantasy. The world-building in the series done by the author is so vast and detailed that one would immerse itself in it.

one piece
Monkey D. Luffy (Credits: Toei Animation)

One Piece has been the best-selling manga and has a staggering 1050+ episodes in the anime and still running. The anime is a bit slow starting and would not suit the tastes of many people. It is long and would take time to catch up to, but it is worth the time and effort once you catch up to the latest episodes.

7. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is an anime that taps into the dark subject matter. The anime starts at an orphanage where the characters who are children are shown to live a common and happy life. The woman taking care of them is referred to as Mama by all the children in the orphanage.

promised neverland
Left: Norman, Right: Emma (Credits: Cloverworks)

But a very dark truth looms in the shadows of the orphanage. When Emma and Norman go out of the orphanage to deliver their favorite toy to their fellow orphan who is getting adopted, they learn the dark secret of the orphanage and the world. They then make a plan to escape the orange along with all the children in it.

6. Naruto

The original Naruto anime is one of the most popular anime around the globe. Almost every anime fan has watched or knows about Naruto. The anime is a classic shonen anime where the main protagonist is lonely and weak. He dreams a big dream and tries to achieve it.

Naruto (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

The anime showcases the journey of Naruto on how he became the Hokage and the friends he cherishes. The story does not complete in the original anime and is continued in the sequel Naruto: Shippuden.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the most accepted anime by most of the fans in the anime world for the title of the best anime of all time. FMAB has a story that is almost complete in all regards, and it has a good plot, good characters, happy moments, moments that will make you angry, heart-wrenching moments, and everything else that you can think of.

fullmetal alchemist
Left: Edward, Right: Alphonse (Credits: Bones)

It is an action-fantasy thriller that is applauded by all. The anime shows the journey of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, in their search for the philosophers Stone to get the body of Alphonse back. Edward lost an arm, and Alphonse lost his entire body when they tried to do forbidden alchemist as kids, which is not allowed.

4. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online makes the dream of every gamer come true when not thinking of the consequences. Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito in-game, tried a new game called Sword Art Online using his VR headset, which lets the user dwell on the game itself and connect their consciousness.

sword art online
Kirito (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

But a tragedy strikes, and they are trapped in the game by the developer Akihiko Kayaba. He then informs the players that if they lose in the game, that means if they die, they will lose their life in real life, too, as the VR headset would fry their brains using electromagnetic waves. The only way to get yourself out of this messy situation was to clear the game, and this started the journey of Kirito trying to clear the game.

3. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

HunterXHunter is one of those anime that had the potential of becoming a very big title in the anime world. The anime was very well received and remains one of the best shonen anime in the anime world.

Killua (Credit: Madhouse)

The characters, the world-building, and the fights in the anime are very good. The story is a typical shonen story, but it successfully makes an identity for itself in the wide ocean of shonen anime. The story follows Gon, a boy who wants to become a hunter, and his journey to achieve that.

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer has been the current hot topic in the anime world for the last few years. It has gained a huge fan base because of its plain shonen-style story and incredible animation with the combination of music in the fight scenes. The anime of capable of making people hype up for a fight and even root for the characters because of the incredible amount of production quality and hard work put into making it.

demon slayer
Tanjiro Kamado (Credits: Ufotable)

The story is simple. It follows Tanjiro Kamado, who is a human in a world where demons also exist. One day he goes out for work and returns to find out that his entire family has been killed by a demon, and the only survivor, her sister, has been turned into one. This sets Tanjiro on a journey to find a cure for her sister to turn her back into a human and eliminate demons on the way.

1. Attack on Titan

The Anime creating the most buzz in the anime world is none other than Attack on Titan. The story of the anime has blown many fans out of their minds, and they regard this anime to be the best of all time. Attack on Titan is the story of a boy named Eren Yeager and his wish to eliminate all the Titans from the world. Titans are gigantic human-like creatures who don’t think twice before eating a human.

attack on titan
Eren Yeager (Credits: WaiT Studio)

Soon the story takes multiple twists and turns, leaving the viewer in awe. The anime is a blend of everything nearly perfectly, whether it be animation, sound, music, or dialogue delivery by the voice actors. Attack on Titan is a very good anime that will always be a show remembered by fans as being a great one.

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