Who Is Charlie Gooch? Florence Pugh’s New Partner

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who is charlie gooch
Charlie Gooch and Florence Pugh, Credits: People

Florence Pugh‘s dating life is something that always remains under question, her recent spilt with her long-time boyfriend and actor plus filmmaker Zach Braff has made people question the next guy the actress might be dating, and therefore that has come to a huge question that fans wanted to know.

This article will therefore take a look at Florence’s recent boyfriend, whom she has been seeing a lot Charlie Gooch and therefore all the details regarding Florence’s past relationships and some of Florence’s new work that she will be doing.

But first of all, for those of you who don’t know who Florence Pugh is, she is an English actress, she is greatly known for some of the works she has done so far including The Little Drummer Girl, The Falling, Black Widow, Hawkeye. She has, therefore, so far also received major awards and accolades, including a BAFTA Award and some other major accolades and awards.

But her recent love life has been hugely under question with her recent spilt with her boyfriend Zach Braff; let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater insights.

who is charlie gooch
Charlie Gooch and Florence Pugh, Credits: Elle

Who is Florence Pugh’s boyfriend, Charlie Gooch?

Florence Pugh’s recent relationship has been put in a greater question regarding who the actress has been dating so far. Her recent picture with a guy has raised many questions among his fans regarding who that guy is.

And therefore, on February 14, 2023, the Black Widow star was recently spotted hanging with photographer Charlie Gooch, and therefore the two were spotted hanging out and getting cozy with one another, holding each and everyone’s hand. 

Therefore as per sources, Charlie Gooch is a photographer, and therefore he is known to click pictures mostly for products and other professional things. Therefore in 2021, he clicked pictures for Saluabis and has previously also worked for various big brands and companies, including Frank Lebon Studios and Canvas Represents. 

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However, he is also an experienced film director and therefore has written a lot of many professional film projects; therefore, some of his films have even been chosen for screenings at major film festivals such as London Super Shorts Film Festival, Athens Digital Art Festival, and Sydney World Film Festival. 

But it looks like both of them are very much in love, and therefore Florence it looks like hugely enjoying both their relationships.

florence pugh and zach braff
Florence Pugh and Zach Braff, Credits: People

Florence Pugh’s Past Relationships Explored

Florence Pugh’s relationships have been hugely popularised, but her famous relationship was with actor and filmmaker Zach Braff, and therefore the fact both of them have spilled crashed most of the aspirations that their fans actually shared who loved both of their relationships.

But now, since both of them have now broken up, his relationship with him was one of the most long-lasting ones, with three years of flourishing relationship shared.

However, Florence and Zach’s relationship started off when the filmmaker commented on Florence’s performance as Lady Macbeth, and thereafter, their relationship took a major turn when they both were seen getting pretty close to one another.

And then thereafter, from 2018, when they both met, and from there to 2022, they dated one another for three straight years, but their recent break up shocked many of their fans, who loved this duo.

However, the real reason behind their break up was not that much out, but they parted their ways and therefore spilt with one another. Now it looks like Florence has moved on and is therefore loving her new relationship with Charlie Gooch.

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield to star in a New Romantic Drama

It looked like the British actors Florence, and Andrew Garfield might be coming together for a new romantic drama, and fans loved the duo coming close together to star in a movie. 

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And therefore, the love story had been described as a funny, deeply loving, and immersive love story that would be based on the two characters that would be played by Andrew and Florence.

If everything turns out really well, then it might be possible that the drama and romantic film will go on floors in 2024, which can be a really big thing for the Florence and Andrew fans as they have never paired together, and fans would also want them to pair really well.

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