What To Expect From True Beauty Season 2?

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What To Expect From True Beauty Season 2?
Still From True Beauty Season 1

The south-Korean rom-com that shook last year with its beautiful highschool love setup. Despite being a usual setting, True Beauty turned out to be an entertainment pack. Created by Studio Dragon and tvN, True Beauty comes as an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name Yaongyi. The series stars Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-you, and Park Yoo-Na in the lead roles. It originally aired its first season from December 9, 2020, to February 4, 2021. It was applauded for its comedic and cute high school love story and after a successful first season, the fans are looking for a second consecutive follow-up.

True Beauty follows the story of 18-year-old high school girl Lim Ju-Kyung. A girl who suffered from an inferiority complex all her life. Often bullied by her friends and family, she decides to go with a makeover before transferring to a new school. She masters the art of makeup which turns her look all around resulting in fame and popularity in a new school. Now, the only fear she has is being caught without makeup. So as fans are waiting for a second season for True Beauty, here we are with a little insight on when it will be releasing and what we can expect from it.

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Release Date For True Beauty Season 2

So, as of now, there is no exact announcement of any renewal of True Beauty for another season. Even the first season of True Beauty ended on a good note. It kind of served as a good ending to the original story. But yes, the webtoon is still going on releasing new episodes every week. So, there is still some material that would serve as an inspiration for a second overall season of True Beauty.

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What To Expect From True Beauty Season 2?
Still From True Beauty Season 1

The first season of True Beauty as mentioned above debuted on the 9th of December 2020. It wrapped all one-hour sixteen episodes on February 4, 2021. Given the fact that it was pretty successful and still has some material to cover, in no time we could hear a renewal status for True Beauty Season 2 soo. Utmost we are expecting it to come around somewhere in 2022. So even though there is no renewal announcement yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t predict what we can expect from True Beauty Season 2. So below is our analysis of what we can expect from a second consecutive season of True Beauty after watching the very first season.

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Expected Plot – True Beauty Season 2

The last season saw a time jump towards the ending. It’s been two years since Ju-Kyung and Su-ho broke up with Ju-Kyng finally graduating with her friends. Seo-jun on the other hand is gearing for his musical career debut while Ju-Kyung looks forward to a career in makeup. Seon-jun initially confessed his feelings for Ju-Kyung but faced rejection. He somehow accepted the fact that it won’t happen. In the end, we also saw the return of Su-ho from Japan after almost two years. He reunited with Ju-Kyung. In the end, Su-ho helps Seo-jun a bit. He lends him the final version of Se-Yeon’s song and lets him perform it on his debut.

What To Expect From True Beauty Season 2?
Still From True Beauty Season 1

We are expecting the series to continue where it left off. Probably, the high school love story now transforming into an adult story. We might expect a lot of character developments from our main characters. Especially since the fact they are now grown-ups and don’t study in schools anymore. Plus, they will be busy in their own careers which might not give them the time to interact with one another. There might be some cracks in relationships because of that. Plus, will each of them be successful in their careers? Has Seo-jun really closed the chapter of his feelings for Ju-Kyung? Or will Ju-Kyung start feeling towards Seo-jun? All these questions might have an answer in the second season of True Beauty.

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The Returning Cast

What To Expect From True Beauty Season 2?
Still From True Beauty Season 1

So, definitely, our main three are like the heart of the series. So we are expecting Moon Ga-young to return to adore her role as Lim Ju-kyung along with Cha Eun-woo as  Lee Su-ho and Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun. The love triangle is bound to continue one way or another. So other integral parts of the series from the previous season that could return include a number of names. Starting with Park Yoo-na in the role of Kang Su-jin, Kang Min-ah in the role of Choi Soo-ah, and Jang Hye-jin in the role of Hong Hyun-sook. More characters that could return to reprise their roles may include Park Ho-san as Lim Jae-pil, Jung Joon-ho as Lee Joo-heon, Im Se-mi as Lim Hee-kyung, and Kim Min-gi as Lim Ju-young.

We will keep you updating more on True Beauty Season 2, and everything related to entertainment, TV shows, anime, movies, and gaming. So stay tuned to Otakukart.

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