The New Employee Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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where to watch The New Employee
The New Employee Episode 4: Release Date,

 The New Employee episode 4 release date is here. The Korean business is working extremely hard to stay up with Thai boys’ love shows and introduce them one by one. The new employee is the final item on the list. Before releasing the premiere date for the third episode of the new employee series and explaining how to watch the fourth episode online, we will provide our new readers with an overview of the plot and actors.

The blossoming relationship between the CEO of an advertising business and an apprentice is the focus of the Broadway drama “The New Employee.” The popular 2016 webtoon adaption of the web books “The New Employee” and “The New Recruit,” which has been made by Moscareto and Zec, served as the basis for this black-and-white drama.

Seung Hyun cannot control the feelings that arise within him as he remembers their first encounter, and he strives to prevent making the same mistakes twice. He tries his hardest to avoid Jong Chan, but to no avail.

where to watch The New Employee
The main cast.

Can each of these men avoid the fate that seems to be drawn to them, bringing them together in such a way by an unknown force? There will be many more melodrama translations in the year; this is only one of them. You can keep a tab on our site to learn about similar adaptations.

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What’s The webcomic’s story that served as the show’s inspiration?

The New Employee, aka “The New Recruit” (The title in South Korean), is an online book written by Moscareto and drawn by Zecc. Seung Hyun, a man in his 20s who is reportedly virginal, appears on the scene.

where to watch The New Employee
The webtoon with the same name.

Will the pair be able to refrain from making physical contact with the job? Manta, an offering by Ridi Books, is one of the comics available in both English and Korean. For this webcomic to be enjoyed, viewers must be  18 years old.

What is the New employee’s working premise?

Late-20s man Seung Hyun (Mun Ji Yong) isn’t accustomed to leading an “adult” lifestyle. Seung Hyun is a late starter with roughly the same amount of experience in his interpersonal and professional relations. To put it differently, he lacks experience in either.

But it all shifts when he finally lands the job of his dreams. As Seung Hyun meets an incredibly gorgeous but chilly man during his first day of work, his initial delight about being an intern at such a renowned advertising firm is immediately diminished.

The first week of Seung Hyun is exceptional, but it becomes even more astounding when he finds the person he ran into, none other than Kim Jong Chan, his boss. He needs to be more specific about his interactions with this cold Adonis or Kwon Hyuk.

The comic of the same title by Moscareto inspired the late 2022 South Korean romance drama “The New Employee,” directed by K. Jo Kwang.

Who Will Be Starring in episode 4 of The New Employee?

Kwon Hyuk recognized Kim Jong Chan’s part. President of a well-known advertising firm and extreme workaholic, Jong Chan. Moon JiYong portrays Woo SeungHyun in the movie. SeungHyun appears to be a recent intern at this well-known advertising agency, as we shall learn.

where to watch The New Employee

Choi SiHun will portray Na YooSeong. As Seung Hyun’s first love, Na Yoo Seong will appear on the screen. Kim Tae Young will portray Lee Beom. She performs a supporting role. Kim Kwang Soo is the director of the program I mentioned.

The New Employee Episode 4 Release Date?

The New Employee Episode 4 release date is Jan 11, 2023. Watcha will broadcast The New Employee Episode 4 at 1:00 pm EST. The New Employee Episode 4 will be available for streaming simultaneously at 5 am AEDT (Jan 12), 11.30 pm IST, and 6 pm GMT for supporters in other countries.

The New Employee Episode 4: Where To Watch

Outside Korea, you may watch The New Employee Episode 4 on Viki at the hours noted above, while South Korean viewers can view it through the Watcha streaming service. Viki will run a viewer for $6 for the most basic package. The fans from other nations must check their local times and match them with e one listed here above.

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