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Twice's Jeongyeon (Source: @jy_piece/Instagram)

Jeongyeon, originally Yoo Jeong-Yeon, is a member of the well-known and popular 3rd generation K-pop Girl Group Twice. Jeongyeon also became part of Twice, like the rest of the members, through a survival show called “Sixteen” by JYP. It can be said JYP was the pioneer in forming the group Twice and introducing such talented artists to the world. Twice since its debut has been ruling over K-pop. They are often regarded as queens of 3rd generation K-pop.

Jeongyeon took aerobic classes when she was young and became interested in dancing and singing. As a child, she failed the audition at JYP Entertainment but eventually joined the same agency by passing an open audition in March 2010. She took almost five years of dancing and singing training as a trainee under JYP Entertainment. 

In 2015, Jeongyeon also participated in the reality show “Sixteen,” organized by Mnet and JYP Entertainment. In the final episode, she was selected as one of the group’s nine members. The group “Twice” finally debuted on October 20, 2015, with EP “The Story Begins.” In Twice, Jeongyeon is the main vocalist.

She is often praised by ONCEs ( Twice’s Fandom name) for her beautiful vocals. She also wrote lyrics for a few of the Twice songs. She was credited as a lyricist for Twice’s songs such as “Love Line, Sweet Talker, 21:29, Celebrate and many more. 

Twice’s members having fun (Source: @jy_piece/Instagram)

Even tho Twice’s leader is Jihyo, Jeongyeon is often regarded as Twice’s mother. It was said during Twice’s leader voting Jeongyeon came in second place. She is sort of the mom of Twice’s home, as she is seen cleaning and cooking most of the time. She is also one to scold other members as a mom when they do something mischievous or for being messy. 

Jeongyeon was quite an active part of Twice till 2019, when they released their second Japanese studio album, “&Twice.” On October 17, 2020, JYP Entertainment announced that Jeongyeon would take a break due to psychological anxiety, due to which Jeongyeon couldn’t participate in promotional activities for Twice’s second Korean album, “Eyes Wide Open.” She resumed her activities on 9 July 2021 for the promotion of Twice’s tenth EP, “Taste Of Love,” but on August 19, 2021, it was JYP Entertainment announced she would go on hiatus again due to panic and psychological anxiety, giving priority to idol’s health. 

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Twice’s Jeongyeon (Source: @jy_piece/Instagram)

Twice Jeongyeon Net Worth 

Twice enjoys the 35 million worth net worth as a group. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon owns a USD 2 million net worth. Despite of hiatus, she was able to maintain such net worth because she was credited as the lyricist of a few of Twice’s songs. The group has been a great success as a whole for JYP Entertainment since its debut. Twice’s founder and maker, the one and only J.Y. Park’s new Twice, would be a great investment.

He invested around USD 429,000 for its debut, and the investment immediately paid off after the debut. The group members got an offer to be models for 20 different brands, and their music crossed all charts. The group earned USD 1.54 million in just their first year. Since then, Twice has been regarded as one of the most successful 3rd generation girl groups. 

Jeongyeon Other Works and Achievements 

Jeongyeon and her sister Gong Seung-yeon hosted the South Korean Music Program “Inkigayo” from July 2016 to January 2017. Both sisters were also awarded this Newcomer Award at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards.

Twice’s Jeongyeon (Source: @jy_piece/Instagram)

After coming back from her first hiatus, Jeongyeon shocked netizens with sudden weight gain, but ONCEs didn’t criticize6 and took it positively. She was getting fame for her cute chubby look instead. But after her second hiatus, she shocked fans again with sudden weight loss. It was said she lost almost 8 kgs for the “The Feels” promotion.

Twice’s fans Once were a little worried if she was taking care of her health, but after assuring herself in Live, fans feel at ease. Since then, Jeongyeon has been an active part of Twice again. Rest members of Twice also take care of Jeongyeon during promotions, and she is again getting back on track.

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