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365 Days Ending Explained: Will there be a Sequel?

In today’s article, we will get the ending explained of 365 Days. 365 Days fans are becoming crazy day by day. They wanted to know the ending of 365 Days. And also, they want a second movie. But the creators have not yet decided to make part 2. It is not yet confirmed that there will be any continuation. But people are continuously asking about the continuation. 365 Days ending has left the fans more excited for its next part. 365 Days has really helped people during the Covid-19 crisis. People from all over the world have appreciated this movie. This is one of the only few romantic movies that has entertained the people during the Covid-19 first wave.

On the other hand, its story and characters are super amazing. Many great and popular actors have worked in this movie. 365 Days is the only Polish movie that has gained this much fame. People from every corner of the world have enjoyed the movie and loved it. But some people who do not have time, they wanted to know what happened in its end. They wanted to know the ending of 365 days. But neither trailer nor any viewer has posted any single video related to its end. Don’t worry. Here, Otakukart has the best solution to your problems. We will tell you about the ending of 365 Days. In this article, we will explain the ending of 365 Days. And also, we will discuss some interesting points from the cast of the movie.

365 Days Ending

What happened at the ending of 365 Days? So, in this part of the article, we will explain the ending of 365 Days. Firstly, let me tell you that there will be no continuation of this movie. The news is confirmed till now. The movie ends up with the wish of Massimo. Massimo had a wish which he wanted to fulfill anyhow. So, at the end of the movie, he gets his wish. Anyhow, Massimo sent Laura to Poland. He sent her because he wanted to get her away from mob business. And, Laura was not happy with mob business. So, he sent her. After some time, he went to get her back, but she was mad at him. She broke her apartment window. And she told him that she did not need the full 365 days because she loved him.

Massimo proposed to Laura with a ring. Apparently, it was two months before her kidnapping. And Laura accepted. The love bird moved back to Italy. Laura wanted her best friend, Olga, to come to their secret marriage. So, Olga arrived, and she told him about her pregnancy. After this conversation, they went to purchase a wedding gown. On the way, Laura called Massimo. And on the other hand, someone called Massiom’s right hand and said that they were going to kill Laura. Then, he tried to call Massimo, but he was busy with Laura. When they reached, they found Laura’s car in a tunnel. That was the point where Massimo understood that something had gone wrong.

365 Days Ending Explain

Kidnapping scene from the movie.

What’s the movie about?

So, 365 Days is a romantic movie. It is based on a novel. 365 Days is an interesting movie of 2020. Its genre is romance and drama. It was released on 7th February 2020. Tomasz Mandes & Barbara Bialowas had directed this movie. Michal Sarapata & Mateusz Sarapata has given amazing music in this movie. Many popular actors have worked in this movie. Its story is so overwhelming and exciting too. The story is about a kidnapper and a director. The director girl, Laura, gets kidnapped by Massimo, a mafia member. He kept her for 365 days to make her fall for him.

365 Days Cast

Actors like Anna-Maria, Michele, and many others are a huge part of this movie. So, without wasting time, let’s start with the cast of the movie. The first is Michelle Morrone. Michele Morrone is an Italian actor. He has played the character of Don Massimo. The next is Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Anna-Maria is a beautiful Polish actress. She has portrayed the character of Laura Biel. The drama also has Blanka Lipinska as Bride, Bronislaw as Mario, Magdalena Lamparsaka as Olga & many popular faces.

365 Days Ending Explain

One of the scenes.

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