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Son of a Critch Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Son of a Critch Season 2 Episode 2 release date
Main Cast from Fox and Mark from Son of a Critch (From left - 1. Claire Rankin as Mary Critch 2. Mark Critch as Mike Critch 3. Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Mark Critch 4. Colton Gobbo as Mike Critch Jr. & 5 Malcolm McDowell as Patrick)

The newest episode of Son Of A Critch Season 2 will soon air. As you have already anticipated the release date, read till the end to know exactly when the second episode is going to release. Also, know everything about the last episode and what to expect from the next episode here.

But before we begin, here’s a bit about Son Of A Critch season 2. Since 4th January 2022, Son Of The Critch has made a special place in fans’ hearts. If you want to experience the perfect combination of lots of humor and tonnes of inspiration, you should definitely watch this amazing Canadian drama series.

Son Of A Critch, the semi-autobiographical television series by Mark Critch, perfectly encircles the life of adolescent Mark Critch when he was 11 years old, living in a small province of Canada, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

The first season of the show debuted on 4th January 2022, comprising a total of 13 episodes, which ended in the month of April 2022. This year too, Son Of A Critch renewed for its second season on 3rd January 2023 and is expected to end in early April.

As the first episode of the show has already been released, fans are very excited and eagerly waiting for the second episode to release soon. So here we are to keep you updated with the upcoming episode of Son Of A Critch Season 2.

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

As we have seen in the last season, Fox finally develops feelings for Mark, and when Mark gets to know about the same, his happiness cannot be described in words. He spends the whole summer thinking about her and waits for the summer break to end so that he can finally get to see her.

 Son of a Critch - Fox and Mark

Fox and Mark from Son of a Critch (Credit: CBC Comedy)

One of the main reasons why all the fans were waiting for one whole year for Season 2 is they had a hope that they would finally be able to see the romance between Mark and Fox in the new season.

However, the beginning of season 2 is a bit disappointing for viewers and heart-rending for Mark. Because when he gets back to school with a broad smile and happy heart, he gets to know that Fox has a new boyfriend, which is totally unexpected.

What is even more unexpected is Fox denies that she had any romantic connection with Mark. In the end, we see that even though Fox clearly denies dating Mark, she is guilty from the inside and her guilt leads her to break up with her new boyfriend.

Talking about Mike Jr. dropping out of college to work at a radio station. As he has always seen his father as an inspiration, he is no more interested in college but is intrigued by radio stations instead. After struggling to tell his father the reality about his college, he finally reveals the truth to his family.

Mark from Son of a Critch

A still from Son of a Critch Season 2 – Mark ( Credit: CBC Comedy)

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 of Son Of A Critch Season 2 is already set to release, and we are as excited as you are to let you know when the episode is going to release in your region. So, check in advance the details on the day, date, and time given below so that you will never miss watching your favorite television series. Episode 2 of Son Of A Critch Season 2 is going to release on Tuesday, 10th January 2023 at 8.30 PM on the CBC television network in Canada.

  • Eastern Time: 10th January 2023, Tuesday, 8.30 PM
  • Pacific Time: 10th January 2023, Tuesday, 5.30 PM
  • British Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 1.30 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 7.00 AM
  • Australian Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 12.30 PM
  • Philippines Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 09.30 AM

Each episode of Son Of A Critch Season 2 will release every Tuesday. However, make sure to check in advance if there is any kind of delay because of unforeseen circumstances.

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 2 – Streaming Guide

The best platform that we suggest to watch Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 2 is the official platform of CBC, which is CBC Gem, because the show is not available on any other OTT platforms.

Also, CBC Gem is also not available for viewers outside of Canada, so we suggest you use Express VPN to watch the episode. We will keep you updated on the streaming guide of Son Of A Critch season 2. Until then, enjoy this wholesome series that will surely inspire you.

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