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The Promised Neverland Controversy: Fans Call For Show’s Cancellation

Promised Neverland 2

The Promised Neverland is an anime about orphans living disconnected from the outside world who soon find out that they are being raised to end up as food for demons. The three main characters, Emma, Norman, and Ray are brilliant kids who are the first to find out about the harsh realities awaiting them. They decide to escape from the Grace Field House orphanage, away from the hands of their evil caretaker Isabella.

Spoilers Alert

The anime started airing in January 2019. The first season received a stellar response and equal applause from viewers. The characters were amazingly smart, the plot as interesting as it could be, and the animation by CloverWorks also known for series like Darling In The Franxx and Fairy Tale was also top-notch. And because of all of this, the first season went smoothly and impressively. However, with the second season finally airing, fans have been aggravated about the producers’ new decision. So what’s going on? Let’s find out.

Promised Neverland season 2

Mujika and Emma

Season 2

Season 2 had massive hype associated with it as a lot of fans were awaiting the show’s return. However, when it started, something felt off. Almost as if things were going uncomfortably fast and abruptly. And then everything became clear. The producers announced that they might be moving or entirely skipping an entire arc. You read that right, it seems that the Goldy Pond arc will not show up anytime soon. In the manga, this arc follows immediately after the orphans escape from The Grace Field House.

In the manga, Goldy Pond is a safe haven built by William Minerva aka James Ratri, to give shelter to children who had escaped the demons. However, the area has been taken over by demons, and children just like our escapees from Grace Field are being tortured and eaten by a species of demons called Poachers.

Emma and Ray meet a member of the Goldy Pond resistance named Lucas, and when they see the horrors of the place they decide to help the resistance to free themselves and run away to a safe place. What comes next? A fearsome battle between the humans and Poachers. The children use all means of fighting available to them. Electricity ambushes as well as a super pistol to annihilate the demons and destroy Goldy Pond. As anyone can tell, this one is a very dark but very important arc of the story and it is completely erased from the anime’s storyline so far makes things difficult.

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Same as Tokyo Ghoul?

Fans have not forgotten what happened with Tokyo Ghoul. The same ordeal where the makers decided to skip an entire portion of the original story and add a whole new storyline for the second season with a very few things cannon to the manga. After which, they rebooted the whole anime with characters no viewer was familiar with. Anyone who’s watched Tokyo Ghoul can easily relate to how disturbing it was to see new characters inhibiting Ken Kaneki and other ghouls from the original show. The sheer confusion alone turned every viewer off and no one wanted to watch it any longer.

Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki

So, the question is, will The Promised Neverland meet the same fate? Fans think so, which is why many have been calling for the anime to be canceled after season 2 itself. No one wants to see their favorite show get mauled and disrupted by difficult production decisions.

The Story So Far

So far in the show, we have seen the children come across demons Sonju and Mujika who saved them from the demons hunting them down from the House. Emma and Ray learn about their world’s history from Sonju as he explains to them about the deal between humans and demons years ago which maintained peace in their world. They also learn that Sonju and Mujika don’t eat humans for religious reasons, however, later in the show, we learn that Sonju does want to eat them.

Fast forward two episodes and we see the children running away from Minerva’s shelter and colliding into Norman and his allies who were disguised as demons. Now, this part wasn’t supposed to happen so quickly but it has and so, everyone’s unease regarding the anime is quite reasonable.

With that said and done, there have been no decisions about the show’s official cancellation as of yet. What do you think, should it really be canceled? Or does it deserve a chance? Let us know in the comments.

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