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Cheat Episode 5 to 8: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Cheat UK trailer
Cheat Episode 5 to 8 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Cheat Episode 5 to 8’s release date is here. The fans of this brand-new show are excited to binge all the next episodes together. They want to know everything about the show and its streaming guide. Before we reveal the release date of Cheat episodes 5–8 and the streaming guide, here is what we would like you to know about the premise of the show.

The show will also be led by Ellie Taylor. She was last seen on Strictly Come Dancing. She said that the 12-part quiz show Cheat sees competitors take on quiz questions with the goal of winning up to £50,000, but they “can in reality cheat their way to a massive fortune… as long as they do not get caught!” Danny Dyer will also make a comeback to host the program.

The makers haven’t revealed a lot about the gameplay of the show, but based on the teaser video for the quiz, we do know that Danny Dyer frequently uses his worst puns. Jamie Rea and Jonno Richards are the executive producers of Cheat, while Jim Connolly is the series director. Giles Boden, Charlie Bennett, and Laura Gibson were responsible for the show’s creation, and Talkgroup is a Fremantle label.

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What is the format of the show?

The capacity to tell outright lies is a necessary skill in the game of cheating. Each episode begins with four courageous players, whose knowledge is put to the greatest challenge as they fake and blag their way through three rounds to stay in the game and increase their chances of winning the over £50,000 jackpot. Yet, there is only one important guideline. Avoid getting caught!

What should I expect from the show?

EastEnders actor Danny Dyer and Strictly Come Dancing’s Ellie Taylor are the hosts of the new game show. Danny Dyer has presented The Wall and Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, although he is best recognized for his performances in Human Traffic, The Soccer Factory, Mean Machines, and EastEnders.

Cheat UK trailer

A still from the show. (Cr: Netflix)

“This is a terrific new season, and there’s no game show better suited for me,” Dyer stated upon joining the program. The fans can anticipate huge victories. But they can also witness a ton of dishonest people. They will also have fun with the cutest Ellie Taylor.

In addition to 8 Out of 10 Cats, Sweat the Little Things, Mock the Week, The Mash Report, and Pointless Stars, comedian and actor Ellie Taylor has also appeared on these programs. She has also acted in Ted Lasso, but also in Plebs, and presented The Great Pottery Throw Down.

What do the co-hosts say about joining the show?

Danny Dyer shared some of his hilarious comments on hosting Cheat with Ellie Taylor on Instagram. The premiere of Emily Jane Taylor in March was “a great little thing I did; she’s a true genius, and I anticipate you’re all gonna to like it,” Danny stated in a post.

It’s a reality competition show where crafty liars try to con their way to substantial wealth. See Danny’s Instagram image below, and read what the EastEnders actor recently told us as well: This is how people behave. Are you adept at lying, and can you make tons of money by not knowing anything?

The genius of this game show is that everyone can participate; it’s not only for nerds. It resembles a luxurious round of poker. “Several of the winners were quite skilled at cheating while avoiding detection, allowing them to go undetected while exposing others’ cheating.

We discovered that women are amazingly brilliant at lying, whereas men are terrible at it.” Ellie Taylor described the regulations for playing Cheat to us: “The questions for each player appear on the screen in front of them. They can use their hidden “Cheat” button if they don’t know an answer, but right answers add £1,000 to the reward pool.

Nonetheless, they need to maintain composure because their adversaries may accuse them of lying after each question. Only the top “Cheat Hunter” is assured a spot in the next round and gets to get rid of a competitor.”

When will Cheat episodes 5–8 be released?

Cheat Episodes 5–8 release date is March 8, 2023. Cheat Episodes 5 to 8 will premiere on Netflix in the US at 3 a.m. The fans from across the region can also stream Cheat episodes 5–8 at:

  • For the viewers in India: 1:30 pm IST
  • For the viewers in Australia: 7:00 pm AEST
  • For the viewers of the Philippines: 4:00 p.m. PHT
  • For the viewers in Japan: 5:00 pm JST
  • For the viewers in South Korea: 5:00 pm KST

Cheat episodes 5–8: How to watch

Cheat episodes 5 to 8 will premiere on Netflix at the hours we listed here. The fans of the show are paying around eight dollars.

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