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Dandadan Chapter 83 Release Date & Spoilers: Ken Vs. The Flying Lizard Alien

Dandadan Chapter 83
Dandadan Chapter 83

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Dandadan Chapter 83 begins after the arrival of the Octopus Alien that brought destruction to the human world. Enjoji and Aira faced a horde of dangerous Aliens that gave them the hardest battle of their life. Aira was confident that Evil Eye would deal with the new world threat, but Enjoji failed to deliver. However, Enjoji played his best part until he was KO’d, and the Octopus Alien believed that humans would get erased from existence. But Aira interfered since the Octopus Alien had ordered the entire area to be destroyed by bombs.

Before the bombs were activated, Aira fled the scene and appeared on the other side with Enjonji. She used her hair to protect Enjoji and to carry him on her back. After Aira and Enjoji appeared, the human world was filled with chaos as we see Ken sending the message to the earth protector to come to his aid. Momo, Vamola, and Dodaria had received messages signaling them to join the battle. Ken has told them that the world’s deadliest creature has arrived.

Dandadan Chapter 83


However, Ken transforms into fighting mode as he faces the army of Aliens singlehandedly. After a long fight, Ken was joined by reinforcement that arrived and began to smash Aliens. Dodaria also transforms, and Momo follows behind as they defeat the enemies in front of them. Momo, Dodaria, and Vamola took the front line from the other side while Ken blocked the aliens, trying to destroy the human world. But all four are making a huge success as the battle continues. Enjoji and Aira are yet to join the battle since Enjoji is still recovering and caring for him. The giant robot Alien and flying Alien lizard blocks Ken’s path and exchange massive barrages.

Previously on Dandadan Chapter 82

Dodaria noticed that Ken’s hands were full and decided to help him after flying over buildings. Ken notices that the giant robot Alien is weakening and leaves it for Dodaria. Dodaria manages to cling to the shoulders of the robot Alien and begins to punish it for causing chaos. Ken is glad after noting that Dodaria is dominating the robot Alien and decides to finish the flying lizard Alien in time before another army of Aliens joins the battle. The flying lizard Alien flies backward after realizing that Ken is keeping up with his pace and if Ken lands a massive blow. 

It begins to attack Ken so that the distance between them will increase. But Ken jumps from one attack to another and leaves the explosion behind. The flying lizard Alien notices his attacks are not working, and all the bombs explode after Ken jumps above them. Vamola, Momo, and Dodaria are busy with the Aliens on their side and realize that once Ken defeats the flying lizard Alien, they will face the Octopus Alien and end the reign of the Aliens. Dodaria was distracted and almost knocked out by the mysterious Alien that attacked from the blind spot.

Dandadan Chapter 83


But she dogged in time and managed to jump behind after doing a backflip. The scary Alien that attacked Dodaria was impressed by the way Dodaria dodged attacks and realized that humans have nice moves. Ken vs. the flying lizard Alien intensifies as Ken attempt to knock out the lizard Alien The lizard flying Alien decides not to run from human and has hand-to-hand combat with Ken. Ken and the flying lizard Alien received massive uppercuts, hooks, and jabs that almost made them puke. 

Dandadan Chapter 83 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 83 will be released on 21 November 2022. The Aliens believe that when the day they started a battle with humans was the end of humankind. Ken and other humans believe that they will stop human a war between humans and Aliens and bring peace no matter even though they have to welcome Alien-like Vamola into the human world since she poses no threat to humans. Check out Dandadan Chapter 83 official latest updates below. 

Read Dandadan Chapter 83 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dandadan Chapter 83 online on Mangaplus and Viz. After transforming and pinning Ken to the ground, the flying lizard Alien defeats Ken. He took a laser gun to finish helpless Ken on the ground, but Ken was saved by a mysterious guy who commented that it was all about business. Let’s meet after Dandadan Chapter 83 is released.  

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