SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour New Information Coming Out On 28 August 

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SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour New Information Coming Out On 28 August 

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour is also known as SPY x FAMILY Part 2, revealing new information on 28 August 2022. This upcoming anime update was announced after the end of SPY x FAMILY’s first season, which began early in 2022. This might be surprising since SPY x FAMILY is one of the few animes that released two seasons in the same year. But this is because the anime wants to keep up with the manga pace. There are tons of latest updates regarding Spy X Family 2nd Cour that we will discuss, and a few months are left before the premiering of the 2nd season.

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour’s new information began trending around August, but the latest news that will be revealed on 28 August will be about the plot of the upcoming season, new trailers, and PVs. Other news related to SPY x Family will also be released, and new information will keep getting updated until the beginning of the 2nd season at the end of this year. In the first season of SPY x Family, Twilight was tasked with “Operation Strix,” which continues in the upcoming season since there were things that Twilight and his family had to deal with before completing the mission. 

Let’s learn what SPY x Family is all about before we continue to other latest updates. In the previous season, Twilight was hired by the WISE to handle the top-secret mission while investigating the movements of Donovan Desmond. He is a threat to maintaining peace between two nations. Twilight realizes that he has to have a child and wife to complete this mission and that no one should suspect him. This was not an easy task for Twilight, but he found his target, Desmond’s son, and decided to use his new adopted daughter to complete his mission.

SPY x FAMILY Highlights

Operation Strix’s mission continues after Twilight has adopted a new daughter name Anna and realizes that he has to get a wife. One day when he was at the store, he met with Yor Briar, who noticed Twilight was looking at her. She asks him why he was looking at her, and Twilight reveals how her beauty has caught his eyes. Anya arrives and reads the mind of the two. Anya realizes that her father is looking for a wife to be her mother, and Yor is also looking for a guy to pretend to be her husband. She reveals that Yor is a new mother, and Twilight lies that Anya’s mother died. 


Twilight’s story touched Yor, but she hid that she was an assassin, and Twilight also hid that he works as a spy. The two agreed to be husband and wife to achieve their goals. But Twilight shows up late at the party where Yor has to show everyone that she has a husband, but people are shocked to find that she is married. Twilight arrived messed up at the party since he was dealing with enemies before arriving and left the party with Yor. However, the two fought with enemies on their way and defeated them. They move to a new house and realize that they must practice living as a perfect family.

Twilight and Yor look for a new school for Anya, and he realizes that she has to pass the entrance exam and befriend Desmond’s son. The mission was successful, and Anya attended Desmond’s son’s school, but she fought with Desmond’s son, and Twilight helped her fix the issues. Anya and Desmond’s son also work together during the dodge ball game, even though Desmon’s son didn’t swallow his pride. Twilight also meets with Yor’s brother and proves he is the perfect husband, but he later goes on vacation with his family, where Anya helps him find a microfilm-carrying penguin. After vacation, Twilight and Yor cheer Anya as the mission continues. 

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour Release Date

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour will be released in October 2022. The first episode of the 2nd season release date will be announced a month before October. But we look forward to the latest updates that will be revealed in a few days. Look at SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour updates and the latest news below. 

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour New Information Coming Out On 28 August 
SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour

Watch SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour Online – Streaming Details

You can watch SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour online on Chrunchyroll. Chrunchyroll has also announced the news about 2nd season of this anime. Two teasers are revealing the spoilers of the upcoming episodes of SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour. But the visuals are yet to be announced. You can also visit SPY x FAMILY’s official website and gets the latest news. 

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