This Stranger Things Star Is Down To Play Halsey In A Possible Biopic!

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It seems like Halsey is down for a possible biopic made on her life and achievement in the music industry! While talking about the creative idea in her newest appearance on The Tonight Show, Halsey discussed it all with host Jimmy Fallon, with a Stranger Things star seemingly interested in playing the role.

When asked about who should play her in the biopic, Halsey admitted that she knows the answer. The singer further joked that the best casting would be Fallon himself after he shared a photograph of the songstress dressed as Eleven, the popular Stranger Things character that is currently being played by Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown Might Be Interested In the Part!

While loving the idea suggested by Jimmy Fallon, Halsey admitted that Stranger Things star Millie would be great for the role. She further added that she thinks she is not famous enough to cast Millie but pointed out how it is kind of uncanny how much they look alike. Halsey also said that the two look like sisters. Take a look at the conversation in the short video clip given below.

The Stranger Things star soon heard about the casting chat and went on to share it on her Instagram story while giving the caption that she is so down to play Halsey if a biopic happens in the near future. The singer has further contributed to the contribution by adding on social media, as she tweeted earlier, “When are Millie Bobby Brown and I gonna play sisters in something this is getting out of hand.”

Halsey and Millie Bobby Brown

The Without Me hitmaker recently spoke to Fallon about returning to the road for her much-awaited current Love and Power Tour, which is running through July. Apart from talking about the tour, Halsey and the host played a fun game and took on the “Best Friends Challenge,” where the two had to guess information about each other!

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